chelated magnesium confused on when to take it???

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    I have read on here to take 4 pills at bedtime to help sleep but then I also read to take it during the day for aches and pains. My pain has really subsided so now I am back to fighting the sleep issue. If I take the Magnesium during the day will it make me more tired? If I take it night do I take it right before I go to bed with my lunesta or at dinnertime? The bottle says to take with food.I am just confused-thanks!
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    I'm not sure although my doctor told me to take the Chelated type because it works faster. He also told me that I can't get enough and to take it throughout the day.

    My chronic fatigue book says for Pain and Inflammation to take 400-800mg of magnesium citrate or oxide. For those that need Brain Power it says to take Mag. citrate or glycinate 100-200mg. For powering Immunity and Preventing Fatigue you need mag. malate 400-800mg. And of course it lists other supplements that should be taken along with the mag. for each of these "symptoms" your trying to make better.

    Hope this helps and glad your pain is better. Are you still taking the T3?

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    so should I not take Lunesta with it at night?

    Sherick...yes the pain has stopped-thanks goodness I was so scared it was a new symptom. I actually think it had to do with my typing...I had books to keep me level with my keyboard and so far so good-fingers crossed! thanks for asking.
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    thanks I take it every night and I can't give it up yet. I just increased my dose to help me. I think I will try it at dinner first and see what happens!