chem sensitivity and baclofen question

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    hi i am experimenting with doc again to try to find dif med approach to deal with pain flareups.
    just got baclofen after doxepin (in a very small amount) gave me panic attacks and insomnia but it did help pain---i get very paradoxical reactions sometimes from meds.
    i also can respond to incredibly small doses sometimes too, like a crumb of provigil, or ssris or the tricyclics, those sort of psychoactive drugs i have to be real careful of the dose. when i used to take darvon i could tolerate a normal tablet, 60 or 100m although i usually only needed half of one several times a day.

    my doc is being cautious because of my past sensitivities with trying the baclofen so its a liquid and just supposed to take 1-2mg, i was researching it and that is a very low dose. i took .5mg and can't tell if feel anything a couple hours later which is unusual for me, i thought it might make me sleepy. is it more like darvon than an ssri in that if i had a normal tolerance to that sort of a med would i have a more normal one perhaps to baclofen and need a higher dose perhaps than 1 mg? I guess time will tell, but was wondering if any other really chemically sensitive people have had experience with using it and success on a low dose to help with spine pain and sleep?
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    ive been taking baclofen for a few months i worked my way up to a full pill 10mg no side effects good luck charlene
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    I'm a chemically sensitive person and have drug allergies and have found some meds that are helping me a LOT. I take,
    Provigil 100mg at 9am
    Miralax 1/2 a dose for the IBS
    Nexium to protect my stomach from all the meds
    Neurontin 600mg 3 times a day (I'm mostly on this for shingle pain)
    Amitriptyline 25mg at bedtime
    Restoril 7.5mg at bedtime
    Meclizine for nausea, dizziness (if needed)
    Flexeril 10mg 3 times a day
    Oxycodone 15mg 3 times a day

    The Amitriptyline & Restoril (both at a low dose) together works better and any other sleeping pill (I have tried them all), I sleep well and wake up feeling good, not groggy. The Amitriptyline is suppose to help with pain also.

    I had awful back pain until I got on these meds.

    My Dr said that Flexeril was way better than Baclofen for fibro, I had asked about getting Baclofen because it was cheaper for me to get.

    I also have 24/7 headaches for years and have about 3 migraines a month and now my headaches are better and have not had any migraines yet.
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    hey thanks for the responses.
    i spoke too soon, within an hour of writing that I got a bit sleepier and was able to go to bed at 1am instead of 3 or 5am so thats good. so maybe if i take a full 2mg instead of .5 i will fall asleep earlier, but i slept pretty good, probly 145am to 1030am.

    mom2many you may be chem sensitive but it seems you have an excellent tolerance to medicine chemicals. girlfirend i would be in the er on those meds, a dustsize piece of provigil gave me double/halo vision for 2 weeks (i experimented with it and am sure it was the provigil because did it a few times after recovered from it the first time to make sure) but it was helpful for pain and energy at the time but the side fx just too much, miralax made me feel weird, zantac had to call 911 cus thought my respiration and heart were shutting down, i never tried oxycodone but that class of med i might be able to tolerate a little bit of it better than the other ones as i had good luck with darvon. darvon actually is one of the few medicines i know of that doesnt go thru the p450 system the way most meds nowadays do.

    anyway, i will give the baclofen a little time and see if it helps well enough with pain and sleep but day one ok. the doxepin helped with pain but it was weird how it made me so anxious and insomnia.
    god, i wish i didnt need to experiment with any of this crap and just be back in the health club listening to music getting my frustrations out ya know........

    have a good one!
  5. mindblower

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    My response to baclofen is it produced in a painful seizure with aura, paradoxical indeed. Doxepin makes me depressed and adderal(legal "speed", "crank" or "ice"), which my doc resisted hard in prescribing me because he thought it wasn't indicated for ME/CFS, worked well, after he caved and let me try it.

    It calmed-destressed my tired-wired brain down a bit, also a paradoxical response. Both activated secondary infections and the post infectious(or alternative biological stressor) brain injury/central sensitization can be effectively dealt with in ME/CFS.

    Trying different brain meds. can sometimes reduce or ameliorate both issues entirely.

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  6. simonedb

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    1)meds like ssris, tricyclics and stimulants are very potent for me and tiny pieces can have huge effects
    2)meds like anti-inflammatories, and pain killers or muscle relaxers (soma) i can tend to handle more normal doses

    so what i didnt make clear in my question is which category would baclofen fall more into? i am not sure what distinguishes the meds above from eachother since both groups include differnt types of meds, but maybe group one acts more on neurotransmittors than group 2 or something.
    i feel like i should know the answer better but i dont.

    so mindblower, how much baclofen did u take though? did you note how small my dose is? also, have you ever taken any opiate type of drug and what sort of response if so?
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  7. mindblower

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    Baclofen seems to be a GABAb receptor agonist, if I recall correctly. I had the bad side effect I mentioned from only a very small dose of baclofen, don't recall the specific dose.

    Also regarding opiates, I've tried several over the years to no avail, at least not sustainably-the type of benefit I'm looking for, for my worst ME/CFS symptoms.

  8. simonedb

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    so i google GABAb receptor agonist and below is one of the things i found, it reminds me that one of my theories is that fm/cfs folks have further brain damage from ssris etc---someone just posted on here about not recognizing people as a problem, which relates to the study below, i would bet big money on some of that being related to the prozac etc the docs give patients trying to fix their pain and fatigue.

    Arai S, Takuma K, Mizoguchi H, Ibi D, Nagai T, Kamei H, Kim HC, Yamada K.
    Laboratory of Neuropsychopharmacology, Division of Life Sciences, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Kanazawa University, Kanazawa 920-1192, Japan.
    In this study, we investigated the effects of GABA(A) and GABA(B) receptor agonists on the methamphetamine-induced impairment of recognition memory in mice. Repeated treatment with methamphetamine at a dose of 1 mg/kg for 7 days induced an impairment of recognition memory. Baclofen, a GABA(B) receptor agonist, ameliorated the repeated methamphetamine-induced cognitive impairment, although gaboxadol, a GABA(A) receptor agonist, had no significant effect. GABA(B) receptors may constitute a putative new target in treating cognitive deficits in patients suffering from schizophrenia, as well as methamphetamine psychosis.