Chemical exposure and CFIDS related?

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    Does anyone know if being exposed to toxic chemicals while enduring large amounts of stress can lead to chronic fatigue? I'm still trying to get some insight on what has happened to me, everyday I think about it because its hard for me to live without having the chance to enjoy it. I know that stress can do alot to a individual but what happens when you are exposed to something harmful? Anyways, I undoubtedly have a form of chronic fatigue and I have had it for awhile but its just hard to understand what really brought it on, I'm thinking that it could be this or that or possibly that but still I am very unsure. If any of you have have chronic fatigue while being exposed to some really bad chemicals or something else remotely close and also some large amount of stress I'd like to hear from you.


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    I don't know what caused my CFIDS, but I know that in the year before it started I painted my entire house, got a new wall to wall (smelly) carpet in the room I spent up to 14 hours every day, had the whole house treated for woodworm with dubious pesticides, and in all rooms except above only floor boards with gaps between, also several large amalgam fillings replaced (with amalgam fillings). I also was under a lot of stress. Especially if you take the Martin Pall theory (see article this site), these sort of things taken together may be sufficient to get CFIDS going, and then opportunistic infections set in, and it gets out of hand.
    (But my CFIDS may also have been triggered by a flu, or by a general anasthetic, also had around that time.)
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    I still wear colognes and being around perfumes and other items don't really affect me now all that much. Paint, thinners and other items will make me light headed easily (I don't know if thats related to CFIDS much though). What I'm feeling the symptoms are almost identical to the major symptoms of CFIDS to a T. Stress was definitely a culprit to this so thats one to blame but being real sensitive to a toxic chemical that I didn't know how to use properly, whos to say. Well I'm in good counseling now and hopefully the medication will help me to get some good rest and so I can start feeling better, I hope. If I don't get to feeling any better I'll know that there is something seriously wrong with me. I don't want to blame any chemicals here but this sort of sounds like the Gulf War Syndrome but I hope that it is not. I truly believe that I have CFIDS and its a certain stress relation there but is working with a toxic chemical while unprotected another factor, that I plan soon to find out.

    Best of Luck To You All,

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    Kurt. I have CFS and Fibro, and I think it all started for me when I moved to Fresno California to run college track. A year in I had HORRIBLE headaches, 2 years in I had a horrible lung infection - my system, I think, was slowly breaking down from daily workouts in the 'valley' that collects all the agricultural sprays (crop-dusting,etc). Anywho, then 2 years later as my health seemed to be better - although I did feel that I never fully recovered from the lung infection - I got a flu shot - became paralyzed from the waist down for 3 months - not completely unable to move - just not complete control, messed up nerve sensation, and difficulty walking more than a few steps due to fatigue. Anywho - I dropped grad school, dropped my last year of track and field, dropped personal training moved home and became a bed warmer for years - literally. I am much better now - but still struggle daily with fatigue and pain. I am doing a detox program now which I believe is helping. I've started my Ph.D. now and may do my dissertation on this subject, so please feel free to write me!
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    I would highly advise seeing a Doctor who specializes in environmental medicine. Better yet, would be to see a Doc who specializes in FMS/CFS/MCS.

    The D.O I see specializes in these three, and it makes such a huge difference, in the overall treatment plan. The Multiple Chemical Sensitiviy is a large part of illness in some of us with these syndromes.
    I have Fibro, Chronic Fatigue, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

    I grew up in the hometown of Dow Chemical during the 50's and 60's before any regulation took place. There were multiple spills, constant air and water pollution, of some of the worlds most toxic compounds. Dioxins and Polyvinylchlorides are prolific in the environment there.

    I feel this has been a significant contributor to my illnesses. My younger sister has CFID's as well. We lost our mother when she was 48, and had CFID symptoms with other health issues, (cancer, in my belief due to the carcinogens).

    Stress is what seemed to set this off in me---

    As I type this, I have currently gotten a reaction from some chemical or fragrance I have been around. I have what looks like a chemical burn, bright red,
    raised, and painful, as if I have been scalded, (sorry for being graphic) from my anus, across the perineum, up the pubis to just under my belly button, around my hips, and down the inside of my legs to my calfs. I also have hand size raised and red areas under each breast, and a bit on my back, too. Trying to figure out what has caused this is as usual perplexing----I have had it for three days now, and it has finally lightened a bit today.

    Best wishes on your quest to wellness---I would definitely see someone who is highly experienced in CFIDs and Chemical Sensitivities. I have gone from completely bedridden to a much better quality of life.

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    kind of detox you are doing, in fairly specific terms.
    Thanks, I think a lot of us would like to know.
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    my illness is long, but, i went from chronically ill to disabled when i was repeatedly exposed to a few different toxic chemicals while under severe stress back in 1990 and 1991.
    i have not recovered.
    so i am very interested if there is any info or advice on how to detox the stuff back out.
    i have read it must be down to the liver, and i take milk thistle but its clearly not enough.
    i recently posted about losing access to a supp called lipo-gen which has helped me digest fats again. I think there is a connection in that the lipogen worked on my liver, rather than as a fat enzyme, but i can't work out what to do next.
    i hope this makes some sense