Chemical Exposure and CFS

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    I was just diagnosed with CFS. No great supruise. I had pretty much figured it out with the help of my laptop and WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON MY HANDS!!

    A little history. For two years I sat at a job at a desk that had an open sewer line two feet from my desk. Unknown to me, the air system had no clean air intake. Dirty air was just recirculated. (Methane, Hydrogen sulfide) Then, someone left an acetylene tank open (small appliance repair store front. no work done on at the store) So we add acetylene and it's contaminants (phosphine, arsine, hydrogen sulfine) to the equation. On occasion, the boss would air refrigerant reclamation bags in the office (costs to do it legally).

    I suffered from headaches (that I thought might be allergies), loss of smell, (thought it was allergies), and a feeling of malaise during the afternoons.

    I suffered a horrendous breakdown that sent me to the hospital with burning leg pains, inability to deal with light and sound and thinking that I was going to die. I finally figured out that it was from work and got out of there. I had OSHA in. Before they came, the boss "found" the open sewer line that the A/C was draining into and stuffed a sock in it. Osha found the acetylene and the fact that there is no open air intake. I had some sort of nerve problem that lasted for about a month of major twitching and a mental fog that is impossible to describe. During that time I recovered my sense of smell and ability to cope with light.

    I had been on workers comp until there Doc decided that he could see anything so I must be fine and said I should go back to work (I wish I could work). I was sent to an independent medical examiner who diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome.

    Does anyone have information on the corolation of chemical exposure and CFS?? I am furious (then I get weak and shaky from the effort) and then tired and depressed from the frustration.

    I would be grateful for ANY help I can get.
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    I think this is an example of why we need to request to the medical community that the diagnosis of "CFS" be subcategorized.

    It sounds like your problem is not classic fibromyalgia.

    It also sounds like your problem is not the classic cluster of cognitive/hormonal/immune problems that has recently been shown to be inherited.

    Nonetheless, you probably fit the vague criteria of CFS that is currently used for diagnostic purposes. It thus seems to me that these criteria are too broad and need to be changed.

    Chemical Toxicity should, in my opinion, be classified as its own disease.

    Some of the treatments used for fibromyalgia or "ND" (Neuroendocrineimmune Disorder) may be helpful to you. For example, candida is a problem with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Chemical Toxicity, I've read.

    Nonetheless, probably a overall different treatment plan will be needed if you are to truly get better.

    I don't know a whole lot about detoxification, but I would guess that's one thing you need to be looking into.

    The book "Optimal Wellness" by Ralph Golan, M.D., has a chapter on "Chemical Hypersensitivity and Environmental Illness" that you might want to explore.

    Let us know how you are doing and what works for you. I'd like to know more about this area.

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  3. woofmom

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    I have MCS. Before it was full blown I had CFS, but not as extreme as most. I guess the chemicals were kinda' simmering and waiting for just the right thing to put me over the edge. In my case it was aspartame (nutra sweet, diet coke, etc.) followed by air freshener.

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