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    I am 49 years old an have type 2 diabetes,been haveing pain in chest burning feeling,shortness of breath,weakness,
    glucose has been fine no spikes in sugar.but felt like a mack truck was parked on my chest..headaches that would just
    put you down noise,was the worst..has anyone had this done ?
    will it tell them anything ? I'M STILL HAVING A BURNING IN MY CHEST very uncomfortable...
  2. redmustanggt89

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    I had one when I was having chest pain. It turned out to be blisters in my stomach caused by too much motrin! They have to rule out the life threatening things and work their way backwards to get the proper diagnosis. Hang in there.
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    My husband came back from walking the dog one morning He said he felt hot and a bit nausius. I asked if he had pain in his arm? No, he did not but went to the ER anyhow One day later he had tripple bypass. Have a nuclear stress test Regular strees test does not indicate blocking of the arteries.
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    Hi Sue
    I know just what you are saying I hated ever minute of that test I have had both kinds with the Chemical and the none Chemical and the other was with the nuclar meds stress test but the chemical was worse by far and I could not do that again and told them that.I also had the burning and like I had a mack truck.Hope ever thing was ok and let me know. they said
    mind was ok still have to have EKG done.