Chemical Inbalance? Panic attacks

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by GirlRacer, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. GirlRacer

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    I'm 19 i have really bad anxiety idon't know whether it is to do with a chemical inbalance Doctors are rubish, the panic attacks are starting to interact with my social life im scared to go out drinking incase i collapse, i have loads of strange feelings in my head, i don't know hat is going on!!! i wanted to know if there is anyone out there who is going through the same motions????
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    What type of DR have you seen for your problem? I would recommend staying away from alcohol until you can get your problem resolved. Do you have any underlying stress issues, problems with school, home, that you are overly concerned with? Try slowing down a little, talking to a DR. & going from there.

  3. GirlRacer

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    I wouldn't have these anxiety attacks if i didn't have all these strange feelings inside my head!!! Ive been to see countless numbers of GPs there rubbish, i just need to speak with someone who is going through the same thing, i am weak all the time and have tension problems in my head
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    Have you had any big traumas that could have triggered these panic attacks ? I've been there, and looking back I know what caused my panics. Don't let them get you down and face them up. I started fighting the awful panic feeling and beat (most)

    The doctors were no good to me but that was 20 years ago, so things may have changed.

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    Hi i am so sorry to hear your having panics. i have had them since about age 12, my mom has them and my sis, and my moms dad,
    i was put on imipramine, prozac, and they tried to give me xanax, i didnt take the xanax. i weaned off the imipramine 2 years ago. i still take the prozac. i also went to relaxation classes. i know your prolly scared right now but you just need to know that these are real feelings. they will not hurt you!
    it is not easy but hang in there and you can get thru it. i am now 36 and i still get anxiouse, but i can control the actual attacs. take care and if you need to you can talk to me about it. im here. friends kris
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    First, you should know that you will eventually get past these. Just like the others on here, I used to have panic attacks (in college). Dr's wanted to put me on meds but I come from a family that works to establish a solution through diet and nutrition (THANK GOODNESS) b/c I am med-free and I don't have panic attacks.

    During that time I was also hypoglycemic. Growing up, I had issues with weight (anorexia) and I also grew up taking antibiotics all the time for strep throat and tonsilitis (however you spell it). I share this for a reason...certain research has made links between these types of backgrounds and panic attacks. I also had a good therapist who taught me about deep breathing when I get stressed b/c I had a tendency to hold my breath (although I didn't think I had this tendency until she had me close my eyes, go to a stressful place and sure enough, I held my breath).

    Anyway, this might be too much information. My whole point is that I started eating a very concentrated source of whole food nourishment and it changed my life - issues like OCD and panic attacks were addressed and those are things that most people think you have to be on meds for. Anyway, if you're interested, check out

    Good luck!!!
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    Thanx very much for that i thought i was the only one going through things like this!!!!, i wish people who don't take panic attacks could realise how upsetting and stressful it is....... But thankyou!!!!!
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    Hey girl this is steve the hillbilly from west virgina. I am very very social and would like to give you soom advice belive in your self and the rest will happen Sounds easy right .Start of slow develope your own interest and golds. One thing I can say I am dieing and live every day to the fullest. God loves us and he will be there for us. Love Steve......
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    Listen, I'm 43 and get them just as you do. This is far more common then you are aware of. Two things Girlracer. 1: There may be some lousy doctors out there but there are many good ones as well. You need to go to a psychiatrist, not a general doc or APRN. 2: Stay off the alcohol and any drugs until you find out what your up against. There are many good medications to help you cope with your anxiety. A psychiatrist knows these meds better than a reg. doc. Over 19 million people in this country alone have anxiety and learn ways to relieve it. Keep posting, we are here for you. Your not alone and there definately is help. Peace to you and good luck. Feel free to contact me if you need to talk.