Chemical poisoning

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    Roughtly 2 week ago, i accidentally inhaled odors from car finishing touch up paint, you can check the type on the following website :

    I suppose it must have been rather concentrated because i inhaled right from the tube.

    Since then i've been feeling somewhat out of touch with things, my thoughts have been slightly foggy, as well as my memory and even my hearing.

    I haven't felt any other physical disconfort besides this general dumpening.

    It's so subtle i can't tell if it's just my imagination.

    I just read that inhaling vapors from this stuff can even be fatal, so i'm assuming it must be very concentrated.

    After 2 weeks things haven't changed at all and now i'm starting to worry.

    Is there a chance my nervous system could have been damaged by the vapors ?!?

    Any possibility of permanent damage ?!?

    The problem is i've been afflicted by depression, social anxiety and stress. I haven't been eating well and i haven't get ANY excercise in this past few years, so perhaps this could be cause by extra added stress resulting from my inherent paranoia, i wouldn't know :)
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    Hi, I have MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities) disorder and it can be caused by one good-sized chemical exposure or a combination of other things and I do believe it uses a nervous system pathway. I hope you dont have this, but check out internet info for "Chemical Injury" "Multiple Chemical Sensitivities" "MCS" "Chemical Sensivity" or even "Gulf War Syndrome" Good Luck