Chemical Pregnancy

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by painterZ, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Ever heard of a chemical pregnancy? Apparently it's a super early miscarriage. I was told that possibly up to 75% of all women have had one and never knew it because they either had their periods on time or we're just a little late. I had to take a pregnancy test during some screening work being done for severe abdominal and gyn pain (its usually due to my polycystic ovaries or endometriosis) came back positive. The chance of my even getting pregnant is astronomical and maintaining a pregnancy would surely never happen. By the time the positive result came back and they re-drew blood it was negative and I had started my period. They told me it was a "chemical pregnancy" and no big deal. NO BIG DEAL? It is to me. I know that the "pregnancy" was simply dividing cells and really had no chance of surviving, but after years of infertility, fertility treatments, difficulty with my PCOS and endometriosis, adopting my daughter and simply not functioning like a "normal female" I got a little excited for a second there. I'm sad now but how do you mourn for something that never was? I was just curious if anyone else had heard of what I told is "new terminiology". Apparently the term "chemical pregnancy" was dubbed because the new pregnancy tests are so acurate that more women are finding out they are pregnant earlier than ever and what would once be dismissed is now being realized by more women. I'm not so sure advances in science are always to our benefit.

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    I'm so sorry! I went through infertility. I had a laperoscopy that found my fallopian tubes never formed correctly and I have endo too. I had to do IVF. My 1st time I had a pg that went to 7 wks then m/c. Then I had IVF again and had a chemical pg. I remember the dr calling me to tell me my beta numbers went down. I felt like all the blood rushed from my body. It was heartbreaking.

    So I guess you can be "a little bit pregnant".

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    thanks for your responses. Its almost like I feel a loss but that I'm not supposed to. Friends say "its better that it happened so early" which is true but it sort of feels like they don't understand. I am feeling better than I was.

    Kina...I think, like you, I need to mourn not only the loss but the loss of having the ability to bear children. Of course, if I had given birth to my own, I never would have adopted my incredible daughter!

    Thanks so much...