Chemo... Prayers appreciated...

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  1. My dad starts chemo on Thursday, even though all his scans came back clear, as a precaution because his kidney cancer is such a rare and agressive type.

    I am so concerned for him! He is 72 yrs old and hasn't been in the greatest health. So the thought of them putting poison in his veins really scares me.

    I know that some folks don't survive the chemo, so this really has me concerned. Unfortunately, my parents ALWAYS follow their traditional docs' advice and never question anything. That is so dangerous IMO!

    I asked my dad if they gave him any dietary guidlelines and of course they didn't... I shouldn't be surprised. On his recent trip to MD Anderson to consult with experts there (per his local docs' advice), my dad even asked this cancer doc if he should cut out sugar since he heard that sugar makes cancer grow, and this guy said "absolutely not"! Unbelievable to me! And of course, my dad takes their word as gospel :-\

    In my research online on kidney cancer, it said that kidney cancer is more prevalent among men who eat high fat diets. And my dad has always eaten like that... his diet has concerned me for years! Yet even though he has only one kidney left, none of these docs even suggested a low fat diet for him! Again, UNBELIEVABLE!!

    So please pray for my dad and this situation... I have no idea how his body will react to the chemo... I'm so concerned...

    Your prayers are appreciated so much!

  2. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'll keep him up in prayer. You stress to him....NO matter what the doctor says. Give him links to it online and MAKE him read them.

    And NO worrying for you. Remember that God is in control, so trust him, since he knows already the outcome of everything.
  3. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    I will pray for you and for your dad. I hope the chemo is not too much for him. I know you're concerned. I am the same age as your dad and I would hesitate at chemo, but mostly because I have CFS/FM and chemical sensitivities.

    If you research most any disease these days if says things about our diets. Always, low fat, low sugar, eat lots of fruits and veggies and whole grains.

    That is supposed to be the answer for everything! It may help, but it doesn't always prevent.

    He will probably do fine. Hugs and prayers, GB66
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  4. MicheleK

    MicheleK Member

    Hi Shel, Thinking of you and your father at this difficult time. Hugs, Michele
  5. ... I appreciate the prayers so much!

    Sunflowergirl, I will TRY to stress the NO SUGAR to my dad, but he is very stubborn and set in his ways... But that's a good idea about the links... I think I'll print it off myself and give it to him and read some of it out loud to him... MAYBE he will listen... I hope...

    But thank you all again... I am praying and trying to just give it all over to The Lord... I know my Dad is in His Hands...

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,

    P.S. Michele, I've been wondering how you are doing... Hope you're doing better these days...
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  6. ... I appreciate you prayers and kind words of support more than you know!

    Thank you too for the suggestions... Sounds like a good approach!

    Praying for God"s guidance and strength in all of this.

    Unfortunately my dad has had a recurrence of a large cyst that is infected and that he has to go to the doctor daily for treatment (he had to go to urgent care yesterday when he discovered it... it is very infected)...He's on an antibiotic too...

    Just hate that he has this blow to his system when he starts chemo Thursday... I just keep praying for God's mercy and strength and healing for him...

    Thanks again so much for the prayers and support... God bless you!

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  7. mbofov

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    Will keep you and your dad in my prayers - take care -

  8. ...Thanks so much for your prayers and support... It means more than I can say...

    His chemo has to be postponed till next week, until the wound from this cyst that has popped up has a chance to heal...

    My poor dad is so worn out... He had to fly to Houston a little over a week ago to be seen at M.D. Anderson, and was there for a few days of appts.... And now has been having to go to a different appointment every day due to multiple issues and getting ready for the chemo...

    So thank you for your continued prayers! They are such a blessing!

    God bless you!

  9. ... I tried to post a couple of times over the last few days, but something went wrong and my post never showed...

    I've been struggling physically, so haven't felt up to being online as much as usual.

    My dad will start chemo next week, so your continued prayers are appreciated...

    His wound seems to be healing... So thank you for your prayers...

    I will post more when I'm able...

    God bless you..

  10. ..thank you so much for your kind words and prayers...

    I continue to pray for you...

    Hope you're getting better sleep and feeling a little (or much) better...

    Thanks again for your support..


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