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    Paul Cheney, MD, PhD, will speak from 6 to 9 pm on Saturday, April 25th at the Fairfax Board Auditorium of the Government Center in Fairfax, VA (just outside Washington, DC, east of Dulles Airport).

    His three-hour presentation to the International IFM (Institute of Functional Medicine) conference in May of this year received a five-minute standing ovation, and he has made several conceptual and treatment breakthroughs since then, so this April seminar should be an exciting, groundbreaking event.

    Title: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Is Oxygen the Problem and Why? A Four-Part Treatment Protocol

    In addition to presenting a broad overview of CFS (important principles, case definition, clinical findings, objective data, key medical literature), Dr. Cheney will present information on his latest four-part treatment protocol. His presentation will include in depth information on the following two topics:

    Oxygen Toxicity as a Controlling Factor in CFS

    This section of the presentation will focus on the research finding of nearly 100% toxicity in CFS patients when oxygen is administered. (96% @ 4 lpm nasal cannula and 100% at 40% mask.) Dr. Cheney will present evidence that patients categorized according to increasingly powerful treatment protocols were transformed to an increasingly oxygen tolerant state. The most powerful treatment protocol was also associated with significant overall clinical improvement (p<0.006). The conclusion: CFS is an oxygen toxic state and oxygen toxicity status appears to determine
    outcome in therapeutic trials. Therefore, oxygen toxicity is a locus of control in this illness. These findings appear to force a narrowing of potential causes of CFS because whatever pathophysiology one puts forth must explain universal oxygen toxicity in CFS. Dr. Cheney will also
    present recent evidence of the likely cause of this oxygen toxicity.

    Cell Associated Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Is this the Next Frontier?

    Dr. Cheney will discuss the use of low molecular weight (LMW), mammalian tissue derived peptides as therapeutic agents when applied to the skin using novel transdermal gels. These LMW peptides are known to control gene expression and can shift organ function toward normal. Data will be presented from a one-year prospective trial in CFS using these LMW peptides which produced significant improvement in function (KPS>10,
    p<0.006, N=18). Therapy with LMW peptides from cell associated, mammalian tissue homogenates appear to offer a significant benefit in CFS, especially where it counts the most, namely, the functioning of the patient.

    This event is being co-sponsored by the Northern Virginia CFS/ME, FMS, OI Support Group and the CFS/FM Support Group of Dallas - Fort Worth.

    A 2-disc DVD master will be produced by a firm in Washington, and orders will be taken, duplicated and mailed out by a DVD fulfillment company in New York. DVDs will be available in both NTSC and PAL formats, making them compatible with DVD players around the world. No pre-orders will be taken. Ordering information will be posted as soon as it is available, which will be some time after the seminar.

    (Thanks to the Dallas-Fort Worth CFS/FM Support Group for posting this on Co-Cure!)

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    thanks for posting! I haven't heard of the oxygen theory before.

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    I remember years ago, Cher, who said she had CFS did some form of Oxygen therapy. Apparently, she was better after doing so and went on to do her last concert. Maybe there is something to it?

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