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    Hope this might be interesting or helpful. This is from one of Dr. Cheney's patients on increasing oxygen without expensive medical equipement or prescription oxygen. Could help cognitive issues, pain and fatigue. But I think it could also help with other things like killing beasties (oxygen is a power oxidizer). Please note that while it is an older article, the theory applies to us today.
    While I haven't done this one yet, Starting today, I have done other breathing exercises similar and felt remarkable effects. It is not a cure but it can help deal with issues.


    Written by Carol Sieverling, this issue's articles are based on tapes of her October 2000 visit. Dr. Cheney gave permission to share this information, but has not reviewed or edited it. Articles on other topics will be in the April 2001 newsletter and will soon be available on our website in the section on Dr. Cheney. These articles likely apply also to FMs patients experience cognitive difficulties in addition to pain and fatigue, since Dr. Cheney believes they may also have CFIDS. Dr. Cheney plans to speak in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area on October 20, 2001. Contact Carol for information, particularly about the videos that will be available of the seminar.

    A year ago Dr. Cheney was prescribing oxygen (with a partial rebreather mask) to increase oxygen transport from the blood into the cells. The benefits were many, but most people found it expensive and difficult to arrange. Dr. Cheney also discovered that the treatment had one flaw: it didn't address the underlying problem of low 2,3 DPG.

    2,3 DPG triggers the release of oxygen from the hemoglobin and allows it to enter our tissues. Without enough 2,3 DPG the oxygen cannot release from the hemoglobin into the cells. This oxygen deprivation causes the body to switch over to anaerobic metabolism, which produces tissue acidosis, which is painful. If 2,3 DPG levels can be increased, then more oxygen is transported from the blood into the tissues.

    What are the benefits of increased oxygen? They include more energy at the cellular level, suppression of yeast and other pathogens, and prevention of the swelling of the brain due to decreased oxygen.

    Dr. Cheney says this swelling of the brain is somewhat common and is the connection between Chiari I and CFIDS. He stated, "Chiari I is a compression phenomenon due to lack of sufficient space at the base of the skull, while CFIDS is a compression phenomenon due to anoxic cerebral edema." (Brain swelling due to lack of oxygen.)

    Dr. Cheny asked, "Do you know why Kenyans always win the Boston marathon? They live and train at a high altitude. They run like fiends at 12,000 feet. To compensate for the lack of oxygen at higher altitudes, their bodies make a physiological adjustment—raising 2,3 DPG levels so more oxygen is released. Then the Kenyans go to Boston, which is at sea level, and run their race. However, their bodies are still set for high altitude, so they end up with more oxygen transported into their tissues than other runners. They are super-oxygenated."

    Dr. Cheney's goal is to trick our bodies into thinking that we live at a higher altitude, thus raising our 2,3 DPG levels, thereby transporting more oxygen. How? By Dr. Andrew Weil's favorite breathing technique—regulated breath holding.

    Inhale through your nose for four seconds,
    Hold your breath for seven seconds,
    Exhale through tightly pursed lips, creating "back pressure," for eight seconds.
    Do this eight times, twice a day, everyday.
    That's all it takes to make your body think it lives in Denver instead of Dallas.

    You must do this regularly for it to work, and it takes weeks for the body to adjust the 2,3 DPG levels. But your oxygen transport will get better and better over time. This method is 3,000 years old, and has 30 years of clinical experience behind it. Dr. Weil believes it is the most powerful way to treat chronic illness. Compared to the rebreather, this is easier, cheaper, more effective, and you cannot overcorrect and get too much O2.

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    I just started doing these a few days ago. I remember reading about this a few times over the past few years, mainly due to postings by Mikie, but I never followed through, but am now.

    Yesterday afternoon I was in a very bad mood because I was sick, and then so tired of being tired and feeling sick, and I lay down and remembered to do the breathing. At least I had energy to do that. And when I was done, my mood had improved a lot. It was rather impressive, so I know this has to be good for us on so many levels.

    I am feeling better today, also started the Lugol's iodine a few days ago and think that is helping.

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    thanks. i have started Qi Gong exercises via CD. i do 2 or three at a time. all exercises are coordinated with breathing, breath control- which i am bad at so far, but i'm improving.

    i noticed inrush of energy and an unkinking of some of the many kinks in my body- even at the low level i am doing it. the breath part is crucial. i can feel how it helps.

    the exercise you describe could be done in the car at stoplights. greatidea. see if i can incorporate it. Sascha
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    I would love it if you could find this out.

    I will try to do research on the negative effects of 2,3 DPG. I can't see how that would be harmful if that is what the body does for people who live at high altitudes but then we aren't normal.

    I will ask on another board to see if Cheney still recommends this.

    This is from a very active group of Cheney patients and they have noted where Cheney has changed his mind due to new research. There were no additional notes to the effect so I think this is still his current mindset. They are very careful to keep all of his stuff updated. I do not have the 2006 CDS but it looked as if I could view them online (not sure since they used to charge).

    But please let us know.
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    I read through it - will need to read through it again several times!

    Isn't Rich such a valuable resource! He is such a great person.

    Thanks for bumping that post - it is an excellent thread.

    Did you guys come to a conclusion on the breathing.

    I think the breathing is helping me - (I have a bowel movement about 10 minutes after doing the exercises). I had read before somewhere about 9 years ago, that the bowel requires a particular ph for peristatlsis (sp?) so fixing the oxygen/CO2 levels, corrected that for me (on a daily basis, not permanently).

    Anyway, I posted a question on another board that has some cheney patients on it.

    Thanks for posting,
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    I think the breath holding is

    1. not the same as the forced oxygen creating toxicity that Cheney is now researching/discussing. (oxygen mask, hyperbaric chambers, etc).

    2. It is increasing CO2 which is like using a rebreather mask.

    3. It is utilizing oxygen that is already in our system, stuck on our RBC.

    I did Theresa Hale's breathing exercises years ago. And her book discussed the chemistry of these gases in our blood.

    Now, I need to verify the above and then find out about excess 2,3 DPG. My first thought is we're safe.

    Still looking,

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