Cheney/Lapp My Lab Report. Polio Vaccine?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spacee, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    In 1991 while a patient of DR LAPP at the CHENEY CLINIC (they were partners at the time).
    I tested positive to:

    4505 Chronic Fatigue Assoc. Retrovirus Assay

    I mailed a copy of the lab to both docs. Dr. Cheney because HIS NAME was on the
    lab report.

    These are the answers I got:

    Cheney: This is HTLV II which might recross in the lab with XMRV

    Lapp: This was a virus identified by Dr. John Martin. The last I heard, Dr.
    Martin was working with Dr. Garth Nicholson in Calif. but I have no contact
    information. The test was performed by Oncore Labs which is no longer in
    existance. There is NO reason to believe that this virus is related to the XMRV.

    Any ideas, my dear friends?

    Thanks so much,

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  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    It does say Oncore Labs.

    I found Dr. Martin online and sent him an email. His site
    says to treat these "stealth" pathogens with doxycycline.

  3. heapsreal

    heapsreal New Member

    Have u been tested for xmrv? sorry i know u probably have put it in another post. What else have you been tested for, if my memory serves me right u did have ebv. Did u have any abnormal immune tests like lymphocytes, nk cells, cytokines. You were also on doxycyline(myco or chlym pn) long term?

    As u have had cfs a long time, do u think it is progressive illness or do u think your stable at a crappy level and or pick up more co-infections as u go. Transfer factor, i know u were a big fan of this product, are u still using these.

    I think in cfs our immune system is dysfunctional and leaves us open to many other co-infections. Im starting to find that the antivials help me the most but antibiotics(doxy) with nilstat have helped with ibs so i think i have some sort of gut infection as well, abx also help my red inflammed eyes(another infectious part)lol.

    I think they need to make a multi cfs pill that has an antiviral, abx and antifungal all in

  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    I'm going to be tested for XMRV at the end of this month when the new test comes out.

    I was in a study at the NIH from 1991-1995 for t-cell depletion in the HIV Clinic. They
    had 25 of us who were identical to HIV+ ppl. They wanted to see what we died of. But
    no one died. So they never published anything about it.

    The disputed lab test I mentioned...well, if Lapp is right, then I have mycoplamas which
    kinda fits my reaction to the Marshall Protocol and would explain why the targeted
    transfer factor #9 which included mycos, helped me a lot.

    But I do have elevated ebv and, right, does one kind of infection allow
    others to take over. Looking that way. I don't know about my NK's the lab wanted
    them tested cause of the low tcell count but my insurance said it was too expensive
    a test for them to cover.

    You may well be right about the AV, ABX and antifungal.

    I have gotten off everything that might skew the XMRV test so feeling like I am sliding
    down a slope. Right now, looking forward to getting back on TF's and artensuate that
    Cheney is using right now. Have a bottle of it that I haven't opened yet.

    Appreciate your input.

  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    Seems he found a Simian (?) monkey molecule in a CFS patient.
    That would link some of us with CFS to the polio vaccine.

    Looks like that was found in my blood.

    Hmmm. Hope that Artensuate that Dr. Cheney is using
    "hits" this too.

  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    I think the report I was reading about Martin was published in 1995 0r 96. When
    he mentions the monkey and the polio vaccine.

    Several of us kids who received the vaccine at the same time have gotten CFS.
    If it is what caused it, it seemed to lie dormant for some years before activating.
    Some recovered. Some were disabled permanently and some wax and wane.

    I did figure Dr. Martin thought it was in the DNA because he asked how my children's
    health was...but not my DH.

    Dazzling progress 1991. My positive test was in July.

    And I will say that one of my first symptoms was that I could not read a book but
    I was so sick that I never mentioned that to a doc.

    Thanks so much. Your info does help.
  7. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    wow you should try to get a hold of him, he is a writer and believes that aids related o polio vax and that there is a cover up, i would love to interview him too
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    The vaccines.

    Thanks for the link! I have a son who researches science in Nijmegan Netherlands.
    His is in another field but he will find it interesting. Especially since he doesn't have
    a whole lot to do at times :)

    It IS Groundhog Day. Sheesh.

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    thanks Outofstep!
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have read that today (not by Hooper) but I am a believer that HIV was
    caused when they were trying to make vaccines.

    Sad but true.

  11. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    The injected one or the oral one? Not that it matters in my case; I received both.
  12. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    The National CFIDS Foundation (ncf-net dot org) has a ton of information about Dr.
    Martin, and they claim that his "stealth virus" is testable by using Dr. Hokama's
    assays for the ciguatera toxin...which 95% of patients tested positive to, but with
    a minor difference in the findings, so it is deemed an "epitope"

    The NCF also says XMRV is the wrong trail to be following, that they feel
    ciguatera is a "subgroup" and "is identified as having an environmental
    cause since marine toxins are involved". (NCF's newletter, The National
    Forum, Summer 2010)

    Just to add to the discussion...have no opinion one way or another about
    whether XMRV of marine toxins (in our "foamy" polluted lakes, rivers,
    etc.?) are a cause of CFIDS, or CFS or M.E. I'm waiting on the

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  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    In my small town, lake and river swimming wasn't done....but people got CFS.
    Course, I don't know what they did after they left high school. It was very popular
    to go the the Gulf of Mexico. I only went once when I was 12. Vacations in my
    house were to educational battlefields and big cities.

    But thanks for your input. I do remember reading about the ciguatera.

    I don't know which polio vaccine they are suspicious of. I had both also.


  14. slammed

    slammed Member

    every time I call it "CFS", my blood pressure rises from CDC anger...

    dear spacee, short version today: contagious. this stuff is contagious, and it's going from person to person easily. i just don't understand why WPI or the others don't see this; maybe patients haven't pressed hard enough about it.

    sorry, this is all i have for now. but it's a lot really.
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    If you are able to find the article that Simeon wrote might help us to all
    understand why the WPI isn't talking about transmission .....yet.

    The article was about the oral polio vaccine and how it may have started HIV in Africa.

    It seems as soon as 'transmission' is mentioned....the Feds (CDC, NIH, FDA) really
    clamp down on denial of any such thing.

    One thing we all have to know. If it isn't being transmitted, then why do so many
    ppl have it? And new ones every year.

    Extremely frustrating.

    Thanks for posting.

  16. u&iraok

    u&iraok New Member

    Right now, I believe CFS is caused by vaccines. (not set in stone--subject to change with more info). And that other factors must be present which is why not everyone has vaccine damage. Inability to detox properly, poor nutrition, weakened immune system, stress, trauma, etc. etc.

    Based on information by Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, vaccines can damage the brain because of the excitotoxins and immune cytokines produced, then, if the brain might be able to recover from the vaccine damage on its own, the mercury and aluminum in the vaccines prevent that.

    As to live viruses and dead viruses because the vaccines are made with animal tissue, is that the cause or part of it? And anytime monkey tissue is involved it gets more weird. (BTW, they decided growing H1N1 on eggs was too slow so they're going to be growing it on animal tissue, including monkeys. Great idea!!)

    I just started researching polio including the vaccines and the possible CFS outbreaks earlier in the 20th century--in L.A. both a polio outbreak and a polio-like outbreak (CFS?) occured at the same time. This was before the polio vaccine. So, could CFS be caused by post-polio syndrome, maybe a changed form of polio which is transmitted from person to person? Could it be activated by vaccines or other damage then or now? A secret test of the vaccine on patients in the hospital?

    I'm sure someone on this forum is more knowledgeable about polio's possible tie to CFS. I have so many questions, I'll keep researching. I'm scared to dig too deeply, though.
  17. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    hey regarding martins ideas on cause of cfs, do you know why that wasnt apparently followed up on? do some people go to him for testing and treatment now? did he suffer any of the injustices defreitas did?
  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    regarding disclosures by scientists they funded, including Dr. Martin. One wonders, when one sees the record of patents on intellectual knowledge. I think I remember hearing the NCF or similar foundation was upset with another doctor/researcher who received funds and patented intellectual knowledge that they thought was found with their funds, but not sure what happened.

    The interesting thing mentioned in the Phoenix Rising article about DeFreitas was how the methods apparently were not always replicated on replication research... sounds a bit familiar.

    Is DeFreitas still alive? The above report said she was totally disabled by RSD/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, another 'mysterious disease' that IMHO is caused by a stealth pathogen or 2 or more...

    My DH was dx'd with that, altho he has gotten better; he was a psychologist who worked with chronic pain pts, a certain percentage were dx'd with RSD before he 'got it'. I have to wonder! We are pretty sure he also has Lyme and/or other tick infection due to other symptoms as well.... but which comes first????

    to me it just gets curiouser and curiouser.
  19. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    do you know anyone who ever got better working with him? maybe taking epione?

    his site is kickass, some googling is intriguing but i see the natl cfids pans him, do you know the real story, yay or nay on doc martin?
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    But google Test for SV40. Oh, the NIH KNOWs about this one. It is bad polio vaccine.
    They know the states that received it and list them. They estimate 93 million people
    got the vaccine.

    Oddly, I wasn't living in any of those states listed. But IF I tested positive once.
    Maybe I will the 2nd time. Have emailed Dr.Martin on his recommendations
    for getting tested.

    This bit of info I will give. Dr. Lapp does not think that the SV40 polio problem
    is the same as XMRV.

    Good, golly, could I be so lucky as to have both? Time will tell. Pretty soon.


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