Cheney Planning Echocardiogram Study Next Year

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 18yrpwc, Nov 22, 2005.

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    I talked to Dr. Cheney , the wizard of Asheville, almost 3 weeks ago. He is planning a 6 month Study involving echocardiograms of CFIDS patients and controls starting in January. By my understanding all the patients and controls are picked and the protocol is pretty much set. It should be published near the end of next year. I hope it will make a powerful impact.

    He did an echo on me and my heart is struggling bigime, just as expected. This is still something most cardiologists would not test or recognize though. It is DIASTOLIC cardiomypathy, which was only first recognized in 1995 and is still not on most cardiologist's radar. Diastolic Cardiomyopathy involves trouble filling the heart, whereas the known and progressive Systolic Cardiomyopathy which causes transplants like Dr. Cheney had, involves trouble pumping blood out ouf the heart. Cardiologists only do echos on supine patients because lying down is when systolic cardiomyopathy is bad. Conversely, standing up , which cardiologists do not even test with echos, and for which Cheney will be the first, is when Diastolic cardiomyopathy is bad.

    I am tired and sometimes I wonder how long my body will last, especially after seeing that my heart is truly struggling and has been for 19 years.

    scooterhoo (18yrpwc)

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    Thank you Scooterhoo, I find this fascinating. I will watch for the results of this study.
    Hang in there. Did Dr. Cheney give you any advice?

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    He has me on a protocol of injections and supplements to see if he can improve my heart function any. One thing you can order from CFS Nutrceuaticals at his office (828) 274-6665, is magnesium sulfate in an oil base. Just rub a little into you arms and it will temporarily ease the struggle of your heart (if it is struggling) for maybe an hour or 2. We rubbed some on my arm during my echocardiogram and my heart responded positively, albeit temporarily.

    18yrpwc (scooterhoo)

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