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    I had my first viewing of this tape over the past 2 days. It is long and some aspects are fairly technical. Chemistry is not my forte so I missed someof those points. Anyhow, I noticed that he never mentions treating the cardiomyopathy with anti-virals. He says that the dyastolic dysfunction is really not treatable. There is a possible treatment which is in the testing phase now that involves taking bone marrow from your back and injecting it into the heart ventricles. He believes this will actually cure the diastolic dysfunction and all its symptoms. His present treatment protocol consists of ampligen in the early cfs stage, antibiotics for bacteria from leaky gut syndrome, immune modulators esp kutapressin or immunovir and then whey protein, msm,klonopin. I think I am missing some things right now. I will go back and add them. I tried to take notes butI couldn't so I just listened. He does say that cfs people are in stage one diastolic dysfuntion. He's never seen anyone go to stage 2. I am going to order a tape for my cardiologist. He diagnosed me correctly and is really interested in what Dr. Cheney says although he doesn't agree with some of it. Dr. Cheney says that most cardiologists will miss the diastolic dysfunction or tellyou there is nothing wrong. If anyone else has seen the tape please add to this or correct what I have mentioned. Jess
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    I hope someone can help you out here.
    Sounds like some valuable info.
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