Cheney's breathing exercise to increase oxygen transport

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    I got this from Cheney's article about cfs patients having heart problems that cause many of the cfs symptoms. These aren't what we think of as regular heart problems that would cause a heart attack. It's more like reduced blood flow and lack of oxygen creating more problems with other organ systems. You can read the whole article here:

    Reduced levels of 2,3 DPG can further impair oxygen transport. 2,3 DPG is necessary to allow hemoglobin molecules to release oxygen molecules into the tissues. So blood oxygen levels may be normal, but tissues may still be starved of oxygen.

    There is a breath-holding exercise that can increase 2,3 DPG levels: Inhale through your nose for four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale through tightly pursed lips for eight seconds, creating back-pressure. You should be able to hear the air being forced out of your mouth. Do this eight times in a row, twice a day. If you feel light-headed, just do it six times, or until you begin to feel light-headed, and then build up to eight times.

    The more I do this, the longer I can hold my breath. When I first tried this a month ago, I could barely hold my breath for the 7 seconds, but I can hold my breath longer now. A long time ago, I used to crash from cleaning out the cat box because I was holding my breath too long!


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    Of a better oxygenated body is that pathogens don't like it. They prefer a low-oxygen environment.

    I've done Cheney's breathing exercises and they really do help. Glad you posted this.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Juloo

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    I'm sitting here doing the exercise and typing at the same time. As I get better at it, I won't be as clumsy trying to multi-task.

    Someone posted this or something similar a long time ago, and I printed out a copy to put over my desk at work to remind me, but it got lost in a blitz-cleaning.

    Now I've got another copy -- THANK YOU!

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