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    Reposted from Co-Cure
    From: Carol Sieverling, DFW CFIDS Support Group

    Cheney seminar to
    include stem-cell therapy
    results on two patients

    The following announcement was made in December,
    but I wanted to update it with an exciting
    clarification. Dr. Cheney will be presenting an
    up-to-date broad overview of CFS with a special
    focus on two key topics as outlined below, and will
    also present detailed info on his four-part treatment
    protocol. As someone disabled for over 20 years who
    is getting her life back, I can personally say this is
    the most comprehensive, effective protocol I've ever

    Dr. Cheney has now given me permission to share
    that step four of his protocol is stem cell therapy.
    (Not every patient will need stem cell therapy. Many
    younger patients, or those ill for a shorter period,
    have returned to full functionality with just the first
    three steps.)

    The first two CFS patients received a series of
    umbilical cord stem cell transfusions over the first
    ten days of February, and the pre and post testing
    done before and after the stem cell transfusions
    shows significant, dramatic improvement. The stem
    cells are known to circulate and continue the healing
    process for up to six months. It's too soon to know
    the full effect and final outcome of the stem cell
    transfusions, but the initial results are very good and
    very exciting.

    One note: the stem cells transfusion is step four,
    and is likely not to be effective without the earlier
    steps in the protocol. Please don't jump into stem
    cell therapy without hearing what Dr. Cheney has to
    say about it.

    The original announcement is below.


    Paul Cheney, MD, PhD, will speak from 6 to 9 pm on
    Saturday, April 25th at the Fairfax Board Auditorium
    of the Government Center in Fairfax, VA (just
    outside Washington, DC, east of Dulles Airport).

    [Note: For more information, including registering to attend the seminar, see ]


    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
    Is Oxygen the Problem and Why?
    A Four-Part Treatment Protocol

    In addition to presenting a broad overview of CFS
    (important principles, case definition, clinical
    findings, objective data, key medical literature), Dr.
    Cheney will present information on his latest
    four-part treatment protocol. His presentation will
    include in depth information on the following two

    Oxygen Toxicity as a Controlling Factor in CFS.

    This section of the presentation will focus on the
    research finding of nearly 100% toxicity in CFS
    patients when oxygen is administered. (96% @ 4
    lpm nasal cannula and 100% at 40% mask.)

    Dr. Cheney will present evidence that patients
    categorized according to increasingly powerful
    treatment protocols were transformed to an
    increasingly oxygen tolerant state. The most
    powerful treatment protocol was also associated
    with significant overall clinical improvement

    The conclusion: CFS is an oxygen toxic state and
    oxygen toxicity status appears to determine
    outcome in therapeutic trials. Therefore, oxygen
    toxicity is a locus of control in this illness.

    These findings appear to force a narrowing of
    potential causes of CFS because whatever
    pathophysiology one puts forth must explain
    universal oxygen toxicity in CFS.

    Dr. Cheney will also present recent evidence of the
    likely cause of this oxygen toxicity.

    Cell Associated Therapy for Chronic
    Fatigue Syndrome: Is this the Next Frontier?

    Dr. Cheney will discuss the use of low molecular
    weight (LMW), mammalian tissue derived peptides
    as therapeutic agents when applied to the skin
    using novel transdermal gels. These LMW peptides
    are known to control gene expression and can shift
    organ function toward normal. Data will be
    presented from a one-year prospective trial in CFS
    using these LMW peptides which produced significant
    improvement in function (KPS>10, p<0.006, N=18).

    Therapy with LMW peptides from cell associated,
    mammalian tissue homogenates appear to offer a
    significant benefit in CFS, especially where it counts
    the most, namely, the functioning of the patient.


    This event is being co-sponsored by the Northern
    Virginia CFS/ME, FMS, OI Support Group and the
    CFS/FM Support Group of Dallas - Fort Worth.

    A 2-disc DVD master will be produced by a firm in
    Washington, and orders will be taken, duplicated and
    mailed out by a DVD fulfillment company in New
    York. DVDs will be available in both NTSC and PAL
    formats, making them compatible with DVD players
    around the world. No pre-orders will be taken.

    Ordering information will be posted as soon as it is
    available, which will be some time after the

    Carol Sieverling
    CFS/FM Support Group of DFW

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    Obama to Lift Ban on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to issue an executive order soon on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research said White House adviser David Axelrod on Sunday.

    "We're going to be doing something on that soon, I think. The president is considering that right now," Obama adviser David Axelrod said on "Fox News Sunday."

    This would lift an eight-year ban imposed by his predecessor, President George W. Bush, who limited federal money for research on embryonic stem cell to those stem cells lines that came into being before the cut off date of Aug 9, 2001.

    Stem cell research with cell lines from embryos destroyed after the cut off date received no federal funding however federal rules do not restrict embryonic stem cell research using state or private funds.

    This ban was in line with conservative Christian supporters who regarded embryonic stem cell research as research that destroyed potential life as the cells were extracted from human embryos.

    Obama during his presidential campaign had said he intended to overturn this directive and in his inaugural address last month promised to return science to its proper place in the United States.

    Scientists believe stem cell research has unlimited potential to cure a variety of diseases including Parkinson's disease, diabetes, heart disease and spinal cord injuries. Stem cells are the body’s master cells from which all the tissue’s organs and blood develop and embryonic stem cells are considered the most powerful of the stem cells as they can develop into any type of cell in the body.

    Last month the U.S. Food and Drug Administration went ahead with the first trial to see if human embryonic cells could be safely used to treat humans. This trial is going to try to use stem cells from already existing lines to re-grow nerve tissue in patients with crushed spinal cords.

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    Adult Stem Cell Human Trial Reverses Parkinsons Effects

    Dakota Voice
    By Bob Ellis on February 17th, 2009

    LifeNews reports on yet another success for adult stem cell research (unlike embryonic stem cell research, which has yet to achieve a single success).

    UCLA researchers published their results in February issue of the Bentham Open Stem Cell Journal which outlines the long term results of the trial.

    “We have documented the first successful adult neural stem cell transplantation to reverse the effects of Parkinson’s disease and demonstrated the long term safety and therapeutic effects of this approach,” says lead author Dr. Michel Levesque.

    The paper describes how Levesque’s team was able to isolate patient-derived neural stem cells, multiply them in vitro and ultimately differentiate them to produce mature neurons before they are reintroduced into the brain.

    The team was able to inject the adult stem cells without the need for immunosuppressants. Unlike embryonic stem cells, adult stem cell injections don’t cause a patient’s immune system to reject the cells.

    The adult stem cells were highly beneficial for the patient involved in the study.

    “Of particular note are the striking results this study yielded — for the five years following the procedure the patient’s motor scales improved by over 80% for at least 36 months,” Levesque wrote.

    There are somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 successful treatments developed from adult stem cell research so far.

    Yet some in South Dakota value research grant dollars more than human life, and want to repeal South Dakota’s embryonic stem cell research ban. They have brought forward SB 195 to do that.

    Unlike embryonic stem cell research which destroys a human embryo, adult stem cells are taken from tissue (such as dental, nasal or other) and use to stimulate healing. Embryonic stem cells also have problems with tissue rejection (just as any organ transplant recipient deals with), and the growth of tumors due to the treatment.

    And not a single successful treatment has been developed from embryonic stem cell research.

    Meanwhile, adult stem cell therapy has resulted in successful treatments for brain injury, stroke, retina regeneration, heart tissue regeneration, angina, diabetes, bone cancer, nerve regeneration, cerebral palsy, cartilage regeneration, Parkinsons, kidney damage, liver cancer, lupus, multiple sclerosis, leukemia and more.

    There is simply no reason to sacrifice our humanity–by destroying innocent human life–when there is another similar field of research which does not destroy human life, and is so much more fruitful.

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    You make good points, but I'm not here to defend Cheney.

    I just posted this because I thought it was newsworthy and thought members of this board might find it interesting.

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