Cher goes to Germany for EBV treatment

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    On Entertainment Tonight (ET) this evening, Cher admitted that she recently went to Germany for treatment after she relapsed with EBV.

    Cher said that she had over-exerted herself (over-worked) and she had a relapse. Cher said that is what happens when you over-exert if you have EBV . . .you have a relapse.

    Cher also said that she went to Germany because the health care providers offer alternative treatment methods that are not available in the U.S.

    The ET reporter mentioned that Cher went to the same clinic that is treating Farrah Fawcett for cancer.

    According to the people magazine website, Farrah has been receiving treatments at the University Clinic in Frankfurt along with alternative healing treatments in Bad Wiessee in southern Germany.

    Does anyone have any more information about the clinic in southern Germany?
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    I tried a search on Cher, Ebv and Germany treatment. I was unable to find anything. I would be curious to know what kind of treatment she received and was it all alternative. I do agree with her about the over-worked and having relapses. It seems like the people on this board are or were very active people. I believe one of the lessons of this disease is to take life at a slower pace. I am doing that now because I have no choice. I want to be well and choose to live life slower. I don't think we were meant to go 90 miles an hour. I hope Cher is not taking on too much with this new Las Vegas event.
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    Hi Cindy and CCT!

    Here is what I found...

    There is a natural spring in Bad Wiesse. The focus is on sulfur and iodine - present in the spring waters - thought to be healing and therapeutic.

    It makes sense to me - sulfur is an anti-inflammatory (like MSM) and iodine kills bugs and is helpful to those witha slugglish thyroid. Sulfer also kills lots of infections too.

    I don't know if this is the reason these celebs go there - but the mineral springs are thought to be curative for many conditions.


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    (thanks to the heads-up from earlier posters on earlier time-zones!)

    She spoke very plainly about having an EBV relapse due to over-exertion.

    What's interesting is that I'm not sure if main-stream doctors believe in "chronic EBV" anymore than CFS. So, I have to conclude that it took some gumption for her to even mention EBV as to what ails her.

    Whether she assigns her health issues to either CFS or EBV...I DO wish she would actively become more of a proponent for research in this area.
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    But I don't think he and his family are currently in touch with her. Everyone says she is such a sweet person. Prayers for both her and Cher for recovery.

    Love, Mikie
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    it's too bad cher didn't want to be a spokesperson for CFS...she could have really helped us earlier on.
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    Thanks to everyone for all the great information!

    pjsmonster . . .Thank you for the additional information provided by the T.V. transcript of the conversation between Billy and Cher. If Cher recommended the treatment in Germany to Farrah for her cancer, then Cher must have been familiar with the German clinics. That might mean Cher has been receiving treatment for her EBV from Germany for awhile.

    Mikie . . . Perhaps your SIL could talk to someone who knows what the name of the clinic in Bad Weissee? I know that I cannot afford to travel to Germany, but I know a couple of PWC who could. Maybe we could find a few people to give the alternative treatments at Bad Weissee a try.

    wishing everyone thae best,

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    I googled - EBV treatment German - and came up with one person's post about micro-immunotherapy - it was posted by a native German now residing in US, she didn't say whether she'd ever been dx'd with it or treated with it for anything, but she said she had chronic EBV, and this was her explanation of the therapy:

    "I know a treatment that is used by some doctors in Germany to treat people with Epstein-Barr-Virus and guess what? It works. But please, it is no weared(?) treatment with mirracle medication or what ever. It is called "Microimmuntherapie". People over here don't know it. I haven't found anybody so far. What is this therapie? Well, difficult to put into only a few words - especially in English. I'll give it a try:

    "highly thinned substances (cytokine, specific nucleic acid) will be given sequentially to deliver concerted information to the immune system. Through this, a defected immuns systme learns to react naturally and effectively."

    I googled 'micro-immunotherapy', there is a book written in the 1980s, Treatise on 'Dynamised Micro Immunotherapy' by O. A. Julian; he seems to have been a homeopathist, altho I couldn't find anything that said micro-immunotherapy was specifically homeopathy. In fact it appears to be talked about as a specific complementary treatment... but I couldn't find anything else.

    I wonder if it is something like EPD (enzyme-potentiated desensitization, originally formulated for UK) aka LDA (low dose allergens, formulated for US) and defined as:

    "Low dose immunotherapy is a method of treating food and environmental allergies. The original form of low dose immunotherapy, enzyme potentiated desensitization (EPD), was developed in England in the 1960’s.

    "While trying to eliminate nasal polyps by injecting them with the enzyme hyaluronidase, Dr. S. Popper serendipitously discovered that patients’ pollen allergies were eliminated, although their nasal polyps remained.

    "Further research showed that an enzyme which was a contaminant the hyaluronidase, beta-glucuronidase, plus extremely low doses of allergens, was responsible for the desensitization. After Dr. Popper’s untimely death, Dr. Leonard McEwen developed injections of very low doses of allergens combined with the enzyme beta-glucuronidase (an enzyme normally present in the human body) and called the shots EPD."

    Again there is controversy over this for allergies, too... of course. But I wonder if something similar can be done with EBV or other viruses-- after the fact of course, not a vaccine.

    I would bet Cher also got low dose HGH... there is a subset who respond well to it who have CFIDS or whatever they want to call it.

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    I do wish she would go public with her CFS and treatments.

    I would definitely fly to Germany for a treatment that really helped.

    I also would like to know how she keeps her weight down and is able to work out with this illness.

    I took HGH injections for about 6 months. For the first month or so I felt "cured" of CFS, but that went away. It also made me very puffy, water retention I guess. Other "normal" people lost weight on HGH.

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    he live in southern germany and feels he now has cfs as well as fm.

    this tx is similar to ones my son and i had in the uk; this was based on similar principles and originated in germany. my tx helped with my mcs; it was the doctor who treated me with these who also gave me the course of iv vit c which made a big difference.

    my son really benefitted from his tx; fortunately i knew about this doctor before he became ill. he had ebv and another particularly nasty virus - he cannot remember which one and i'm not inclined towards pushing him to find out since he's been doing his best to move on since making substancial improvements.

    when i see all the posts expressing grave comcerns about herbs and supps, i wonder if they look for evidence of their efficacy in other countries like germany, india, china + + +. i certainly came across german references to them in my research; japan is also keen on research into the efficacy plant/food based remedies and looking for new ones.

    i hope more information can be gathered on cher's tx. although they will be tailored to her specific needs, such info would still be helpful to those who sx are a result of acute or reactivated ebv.

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    I keep googling to try to find the name of the clinic with no luck. I hope someone here is able to find it.

    I will hop on a plane ASAP. After recently undergoing hip resurfacing which was being done in Belgium and India and Britain, long before it arrived in the US, I'm convinced they may have better medical techniques for CFS as well.

    If we can find the clinic where Farrah Fawcett was treated, that should be the place?

    I wonder if Cher's friend, LeeAnn Rimes went there too?

  12. This honestly sounds a bit strange. Having EBV isn't synonymus with having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and that's what annoys me. You hear of celebrities saying they have EBV when 90% of the popultion has as well? Why can't they just say CFS or Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome?

    The crux of the matter is we don't know the exact role infectious organisms have in this illness, hence why it is still being investigated by Montoya etc...

    The Dubbo post-infectious study was very interesting in my opinion; they concluded that this might be some kind of brain injury effect inflicted by an infectious organism in the brainstem -similar to post-polio. To me this sounds like a very plausible hypothesis, one I hope will be further investigated.
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    I emailed the University Clinic in Frankfurt germany where Farrah Fawcett had her cancer treatment. I asked if they had any EBV/ME/CFS treatment programs or doctors. So I'll see if I get any response.

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    they won't get work, especially films and insurance wont' cover them if they have ME. Simple as that I believe and why they 'just have a virus'.

    There was an interview recently with Michael Flatly (I know that isn't the right name or spelling, but the chap who was famous a few years back for the Irish dancing thing - River Dance?

    Any way, he talked about having caught a virus and had been ill and off work for a couple of years. Basically described ME and it's relapse. He kept refering to it as a virus that he hoped doctors would one day be able to treat and cure. It did annoy me that he was another one that wouldn't come right out and say I have ME.

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    and i'm pleased to see that cher's illness is described as being related to ebv rather than being referred to as me/cfids/cfs. though for a short time cfs was thought to be chronic ebv it's now known that's not the case.

    when observing young people who become very unwell with ebv, and the have classic prolonged sx afterwards, their experience was different from their peers who fitted the original criteria for m.e.. they are different illnesses.

    however, centres like the one referred to here, have a different approach to treating diagnostic labels than conventional medicine does.

    the centre my son and i went to did not claim to cure anyone, but back then (late 80s to early 90s) they were recommended by patient support groups because feedback confirmed they were more successful than most at bringing about some degree of improvement.

    tc, tansy

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    Was admitted to Frankfurt University Hospital for treatment.

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    Didn't Cher have diverticulitis?
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    I'll always be really disappointed that Cher didn't take on the cause of CFS. She used to be a rebel rouser back in the day, but with this, she just ignored it. I think I remember her mentioning it briefly on Oprah years ago, and even then, she was still calling it EBV. And it wasn't really even touched on. It's a horrible shame she didn't stand up for all of us.
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    in the past i have read about cher and her ebv. obviously she always referred to whatever she had as ebv. some ppl think it sounds more credible than cfs. but i also always read that she got better with homeopathy meds. but this was at least 6 yrs. ago. it sounds like she may have relapsed recently again, since she is talking about it now. i also wish she would come out and speak on our behalf. but i guess, like was already mentioned, that she doesnt want to jeopardize her career. same thing with mary tyler moore and her diabetes. she only recently became a spokes person for her diabetes, when she had it for yrs. joanierav
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    Here is the link the "Medical Park" in Bad Wiessee:

    So what they offer as alternative treatment is:
    Osteopathy and "manual Therapy"
    F.X. Mayr Diet
    Neural therapy (

    The latter one makes sense to me and could be what Cher was referring to.