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    havent posted in a long time. Things have just gotten worse, i am almost through the quarter though and finals are next week.We are looking into just walking away from our house, i know the reprocussions will be awlful but we may have no other choice, i dont know if anyone will even rent to us be are gonna try.I wish i had better news but.... how are yall doing? would love to hear i feel like i have been in a dark hole, my 17 year old daughter has a lump in her breast and with no health insurance i am trying to get her in to a gyn asap, thats not easy. hope to hear from you two soon laura
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    I am so sorry about all of your financial problems, Laura. I wish I could have an answer but I am afraid I do not. I have been praying for all of you and I am truly sorry about all of this.

    I would think someone somewhere would rent to you but you will probably have to have a big deposit. I just don't know. Is there anyone from your church who would be able to help you find a rental place?? Have you gotten any help from any of the organizations Mimi and I told you about. I feel so helpless for your family. I have been through so much in my life time and I know what you are going through and sometimes you just have to go through it to get to something better on the other side. It may take a long time to get through it and you will have valuable experience from all of it. Someone else asked my why there were going through such a hard time and my answer was that sometimes we are not told the answer, sometimes we just have to go through it and it may take years to understand why. I do know that God will never give you more than you can handle. I know that it does not seem like it now. But he will give you the strength you need to get through it if you just turn to him. He may not save your house for you and there may be a reason we cannot see now. Only He knows some things.

    Just like Job who lost everything in his life and ended up sitting on an ash heap and saying that even if God took his life he would serve him. Job didn't do anything to deserve to lose everything, but God allowed it. In the end God restored Job three times what he had lost. Sometimes we have to just hold on to God!!

    I wish I could spare everyone I know from the desperately hard times but I cannot. Most of the time the best I can do is just pray. I have so many friends really struggling with serious issues. My two brothers have both lost their jobs and have families to support and are at an age that they will be lucky to ever make the money they once made. Neither of them have any benefits for their families. Both of them suffer from health issues so they desperately need insurance, etc. I just don't understand why God lets us go through these hard times except that it brings us closer to Him. That is all I can say.

    I will be praying for you as I have been and hope that you will be able to seek God's face and that he will help you.

    I am doing as usual and don't really have any new pains except for my hands. The more I use them the more they swell and ache so that at the end of the day I can't hardly do anything with them. But God is good to me and I really do not have anything to complain about. He is my anchor, my strength and my friend. I don't deserve his love but he gives it freely.

    I will be praying for a miracle in your life, Laura. I care about what happens to you. Thanks for updating us on your situation.

    I will be praying for your daughter. It is scary to be so young and have a lump. My first lump was discovered when I was 17 also but I had fibrocystic disease and thank God at that time that is all it was, just a cyst. Chances are that is what it is with your daughter also. I am sorry for this added stress at this time in your life.
    Love, prayers and gentle hugs,

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    Did you see my message I left you on our old thread? I think I wrote it yesterday or day before. Can't remember, because since I increased my methotrexate seems like my brain fog is much worse. I am now getting the shots and this week was first week I gave myself my own shot in my stomach and did not feel a think, not even a stick! I was so proud of myself. I had no nausea at all this week and that was great. I am going to like the shots much better.

    I am sorry to hear that your daughter has a lump. My Heidi, who just turned 21, had a lump removed at about age 19, which was benign. It is scary, though and I can understand completely your concern. Do you qualify for medicaid? I can't understand why you wouldn't and why you had your food stamps taken away? I feeel so badly for you and just wish I could give you and your whole family a great big hug in person. I have been through some very hard times during my 53 years of life, some of them have been very good times, but I have had some very bad times that I did not think I could survive, but God brought us out better than before. About 22 yrs ago, we lost a house. Is not the end of the world. Not a great thing to happen, but will not kill you. Have you tried talking and trying to work out something with the mortgage co? There are so many foreclosures right now that some of them will bend over backwards to avoid another foreclosure. Stay in constant touch with them and just be honest with them.

    I am praying that God give you strength beyond measure, strength that you never knew existed and that He will be in your thoughts constantly. Constantly pray to Him. Ask Him constantly for help and courage. I have to do that every single day. Some days or worse than others.

    How is your RA doing? You did not mention that. I know all this added stress cannot be helping in that area. Try to stay as calm as possible, and I know that sounds a little stupid, kowing your situation, but it does make a difference in your RA. Believe me, I know all too well.
    Try to find something good to do for your self every single day, does not have to be a big deal, but some little thing, even if it is taking 5 min alone to just pray and be with your thoughts. Please try to contact those agencies and churches we were talking about. I know they could help you out in this time. Your children need a Christmas and I know that they would provide that for your children and food for your table. I know the Catholic Charities in our area help with electric bills.
    Let go of your pride if tht is standing in the way, this could be God in those places trying to help you. Do not be afraid to ask for help.
    I care for you and your family and wish I could do more. I am concerned about your health with the RA and your daughter's lump. Just know that I am in constant prayer for those things and that soon this horrible experience will be over for your family. Don't turn away from God, lean on Him always, He loves you so much!
    Your Sister in Christ,
    Love, Mimi
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    Thanks agian for the prayers it truly is a bad time, finn my youngest will probably keep his insurance since he is under six but not my daughter, we certainly do deserve the benifits but they say reading self employment is hard and even though we havent recieved money for work that hasnt been completed and we cant provide reciepts because it hasnt been done it will still be read as future income at 100 percent profit. the only thing i can do is wait untill we are 1099ed and go back and reapply.I have no pride left so that is not stoping me from asking for help but i am worn out. I have or am selling anything of value we have and working at night and school during the day, i will work with my husband while on break, he is at work still now its 900pm and cold, he left the house at 830 this morning.i am afraid of what those kind of hours will do to him. I am sure my daughter will be ok i thought immediatly of cysts. but ill know wends. glad yall are ok, i will stay in touch laura
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    Hang in there Laura. I know that your are overwhelmed and not feeling well and the stress is probably more than you can handle. Turn it over to God. As mimi said, she has been through tough times in her life time and so have I. I don't think you would be able to find too many people that haven't had hard times in their life. Some more than others. I have had to sell everything I owed at one time or another and have struggled with having no income and not knowing what to do or where to turn.

    Please take into consideration the agencies we talked about. Someone out there will be able to help you. You just need to contact them and ask for the help. Also, remember things are just that, things, they can always be replaced. It is important to do what you have to, to keep food on your table and a warm place for you and your family to live. I know it is hard. But God will be with you. You will become a stronger person through all of this, although it doesn't seem so now, I know.

    Please don't leave God out. He truly cares for you.

    You and your family are constantly in my prayers and I will not stop.

    Love, prayers and gentle hugs,

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    Thanks i really do appriciate the prayers, when you are doing all you can and it isnt enough its very difficult to understand the lesson in this, i could get the lesson if we were on our butts expecting someone to bail us out, but that is so not this case. I did find out a painting i bought years ago at a show, the artist has really taken off and his paintings are now selling for ten to twenty thousand, so i have been in touch with the gallery in new york that carries his work.maybe i could sell it but thats a big husband is leveling concrete as we speak and its 9pm. I have finals mon and tues so i have to study , i am not going to blow all that hard work due to depression, the holidays make it alot harder. love yALL and sweetpotato thank you I have read some of your posts and i know life has been no picnic for you lately either. i will keep yall in my prayers too laura
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    I didn't mean to imply in any way that I think you or your husband have done anything wrong in any way!!! I just meant that going through trials helps us to grow in Him. Sometimes he lets things happen and we don't understand why.

    I am proud of how you and your husband are both trying so hard and I know that it will not go unrewarded. I care deeply for you and your family and I don't ever want you to think that I am suggesting anything other than you are having a hard time. I don't know why. I wish you didn't have to go through all of this.

    I will continue to pray for you and your family.


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    I never ment to hurt your feelings i truly wasntalking about you at all! i have had several comments on how stan could go work at mcdonalds blah blah blah and it could come to that but for now the work he has (if he can finish it) pays alot more, i would never ever be hurtful to you, or never mean to be. i am tired and frankly losing hope. i am so sorry that i came across that way!!!!please excuse me and know that i love and appriciate you two so much, i am just dicouraged laura
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    Dear Laura,
    I understand all too well how at this time depression could set in. This kind of thing is hard to go through at any time without depression uring its ugly face, but at Christmas time it is really hard, I know. I won't go into all the details, but we are fincially suffering right now as well, and we will not have a Christmas this year either. My youngest is 19 and has a very good job as well as going to college, so I really don't have to worry about small children, but I DO understand how hard it is right now. I want to be able to give to my family, even a small gift. I have always loved Christmas shopping for everyone. I have 2 sisters younger than me and we all exchange gifts. One has 2 children and one has 1 of her own and a stepdaughater that we consider a true daughter. So it is a very hard time on me as well. Promise me you will not give up. I promise you the same, OK? We must pray for each other at this time. I am hurting so bad some days I don't think I can make it, but I pray, pray, pray and it does help. But knowing someone else is going through same thing can sometimes help as well, maybe a little. We have to keep each other going, OK? You are a very strong lady, my friend, to have all this going on and going to college and having RA. I don't know how you do it all? It is strength from the Lord, that is what it is!!!!! You are awesome and don't forget that!!!! I mean it!!!! Will you please pray for me, too? I need it also. I can't even buy my 4 grandchildren gifts, and that hurts so bad. We have come close to losing our home during past several mos. as well. I tell you these things, hoping to help you know that you are not alone and that it is not only happening to you, OK? Not for any other reason. I have not shared this so far, just keeping it to myself, but when I read your last posts, God just started putting these words down here for you. Please know that I love and care for your family. We will make it with the wonderful loving grace of our dear Lord and Savior!!!!!!! Think positive, it's gonna get better!!!!
    Love you, dear Laura and family1
    Love, Mimi
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    ITS FUNNY YOU ARE THE SECOND PERSON TODAY TO SHARE WITH ME A VERY SIMALAR PROBLEM, sorry for the caps lock, i never ment to be snappy especially to yall, i am tired and not sleeping well, worring about my daughter, having those weird shaking episodes and my poor husband is working himself to death. he broke his finger day before yesterday, and is out there working hidious hours (he got home last night at 3am) I got in touch with legal aid about my house, maybe they will help because we do have a subprime mortgage. I will pray for you, everyday, i am so sorry Mimi i know it hurts you want so bad to give your children gifts, sad that Christmas can be defined by gifts. Who knows maybe something will change for us in three weeks, I am going to cook what i can and listen to carols I will not let the lack of money kill that part of christmas!! love you laura
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    Laura, I am sorry about your situation. I didn't think you meant me, I just wanted you to know that I do not blame you for any of your circumstances and I guess I am just so frustrated because I wish I could help you and I just do not know how to do that. I have just been unindated by so many friends and family members going through such hard times and the best I can do is pray and sometimes that does not seem to be enough, you know what I mean?? It is just hard for me to see so many people that I truly love and care about having such rough times.

    You can't do more than you are doing and I am so proud of you. You are a wonderful woman and doing more than I could I will tell you that. You must not give up hope and yet, I know how hard that is to say that and then to do it is even harder. I just need to pray harder than I have been and need to just bombard the heavens with my prayers for all of my loved ones. I know that God can help and I know that He will but sometimes I want it done sooner than what He wants. See how human I am. LOL....

    I am praying for all of you. It seems like the harder you work the less it helps and I know that feeling also. I guess, my problem during the Holidays is seeing people struggle so. There have been times when I would just not know what to do and then miraculously God would send someone our way with money and presents for our family and I am praying the same happens for your dear family.

    Love and prayers to you all,

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    cheryl, if i thought for one minute i hurt you i would die!you have been a great source of strength and i am so grateful, it seems like i have always been able to weigh the bad and good see some good and go on. Or at least seperate myself from all the stress and get on with my day as best as possible. But i cant find good now. School has been a haven for me and that is ending i am scared to have no distractions from my home life.Where is god now?, my benifits that i fought for and deserve have been cut which affect my financial aid at achool, my daughters lunch at school, her college apps, my husband has a broken finger cant go to the doc, my daughter has a lump, my car tags are expired, and i have a 800 car insurance payment due CANCELLATION ON DEC 14TH) its over whelming. I know they wont take my house unless you are 90 days late so i have a little time, i swear i am going to hold christmas in my heart and sing and bake and watch specials with my son on tv and decorate as if we have a millon dollars! i love this time of year i have always adopted a family for xmas and bought toys and clothes for them, i am that family hurts so much that i ball up when everyones asleep and cry.i did find out today that the degree i am going for is in high demand at uga, they pay 50,000 a year for tech support jobs i gotta get through,We have taken in 4 children over the years that needed, helped countless charities, taken in 10 stray animals but when we need we are alone.I have cooked at the homeless shelter, cut hair at the shelter and here we sit.I cooked thanksgiving for 8 years for friends that couldnt go home did one person call me this year no, i am feeling sorry for myself i know but.i do have a very expensive painting that i am trying to sell, the artist is hot right now and i am hoping i can find a would be a great investment for the right person. his work has jumped from 3 to 7 hundred to 20 thousand in ten years, so wish me luck. I know you have your own stuff anmd thank you for constantly being a sounding board for me, i so look forward to the day i can see you hug you and buy you lunch, if i can get my car straight , i will come to atl. I will try to hold the true meaning of christmas in my heart, love pure and true, not presents and marketing.please keep reminding me of gods love because i am losing that.I have wonderful children and the hardest working husband who loves me that you have ever met.I hope for you that you ahve a wonderful holiday, filled with hope and joy, miracles do happen dont they?I will pray for Mimi too as she is much stronger than i, holing on to her troubles and reaching out to me, i feel so bad for bombarding her with my stuff while she too is suffering.I just walked out on the porch and looked up and had a talk with god, i need him to show me a path,a glimmer of hope now. anyway enough i love you and know you are a permanent fixture in my heart. love laura
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    Thankyou so much i need all the prayers i can get! and thank you for taking the time to think of me. you are never butting in to send a prayer hope i can return the favor to you, my need is so huge its scary. I need a guide some answer for why a family, who works so hard can have this happen, we are good people facing a mountain. Thanks again laura
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    Dearest Laura,
    I am no stronger than you by no means!!!!! You are the strongest woman I know. Doing all these things and suffering with pain that I know all too well myself from the RA. You have been a blessing to me and I want you to know that. I will do the same as you on Christmas Day, bake some goodies, sing carols all day and my husband, daughter and I will play games and do things together.
    My son and his family in AZ will not get to be with us this year, and that hurts also. My other married children will be with inlaws on that day. But we have to stick together, ya hear? God is in control and He will take care of us, at the perfect timing. He knows everything and He knows when everything is due. I understand what you mean about helping other people at Christmas and other times. We have done the same thing. Adopted a family and given gifts. Given money. When my husband had his onw company many years ago, they always adopted about 3 families and provided food and very nice gifts for everyone in the family. Understand fully where you are coming from. It is not the gifts that is the meaning of Christmas, but it is the spirit of giving that we miss. Not that we, as adults would miss getting a gift, but we miss that nature of giving to our family and dear friends. It is just a part of Christmas, because the wise men came to see Baby Jesus and brought Him gifts out of love. Don't be too hard on yourself. We are all human.
    No, dear, I am not stronger than you. I, too, need your prayers and would relish them.
    We will get through this time together, OK?
    Love in Christ,
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    Mimi i will make this short but thats for being a part of my life we will get through this together . giving is what gives me joy i love the feeling of getting that perfect gift that wasnt expected and seeing that look!I remember one year my husband and i adopted a family that didnt even have a refrigerator we bought the whole dinner even a tree and gifts for all the kids as we were leaving the grandmother grabed my husband and wouldnt let him go, that was life changing.I will remember that,and hope for those times to happen again. I love you lady, you hang in there, my ra is terrible right nowenergy is zero, but you have truly helped me, thank you for that, i am watching elf with my son and explaining santa to him, he's only 3 and a half so it magical to him, i wont take that away, love in christ Laura
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    I am so glad that you are holding on and that you will go forward even though it seems impossible at this very moment. I want you to know that I admire and respect you and am proud of you. It may seem like the end right now but as long as you are holding on and trying to do what God wants you too He will provide. I know that he will. Somehow, someway, He will provide.

    Trust me when I say that for all the things you have done when you were able God knows and he will give back to you. He has never failed me yet. I have been without any money, a place to live, etc, etc, I could go on and on but he never left me alone and even sometimes I would think I just might as well give up and die, he came through. Sometimes it was the very last minute. He loves you with a love that no one else has for you and I know that he will take care of you and your precious family. He will supply your needs.

    I am so glad that the courses you are taking will qualify you for a good job. You can't go wrong when working in the field of computers and it sounds as though you have made a wise choice.

    Remember we are praying for you and will keep you before the throne of God. Let us know what happens with your daughter. We care and love you.

    Love to you and your family,

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    Laura, I have been praying for you and your situation many times throughout the day. I truly know how you feel because I have been there, and I am also in the same situation regarding lack of for Christmas.

    Your plight is close to my heart and I am praying and believing God will provide for your family. I am praying for people to reach out to you, never give up hope.

    You are doing all you can and God knows that, I will keep praying.

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    Just a short note to let you know I am praying for you as you study for your finals and take them this week. My daughter has her starting tomorrow as well. Prayers are going up for you that you will retain what you have studied and do very well on your finals. Love you girl!
    Hand in there! You'll do fine, I know!
    & Gentle Hugs
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    I am right with Mimi praying for you this week as you take your finals. I am sure you will do well. Also, am praying for your daughter and her exam this week.

    Please let us know what is going on with her when you have time.

    Love you and am praying for you.

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    hi guys thanks for the support, i got through one exam, my English final a bugger of a test. writing an essay that the topic was given to us this morning, and proofreading someone else's essay. I got a 93 on the editing part which was the bulk of my grade, my teacher told the class that he in five years has never had an a on his final so i feel pretty good.I have a math final tomorrow, i studied today at the Academic support center, cause my 3 year old makes it impossible to study at home, i also have my computer final right after my math, hope it goes well. Its so hard to concentrate on this.I am praying for the motivation to just survive another day I am thankful for the stories of hope you have given me, and I am sorry for the trials that you are suffering.I just wish for a glimmer, to know i have the chance to finish school. I will write tommorrow and let you know how it went, it means alot to me that you are interested as my friends haven't even called. love you laura