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    just read another post from you you are a gift, truly waht a sweet person i know god hears you! just wanted to tell you that laura
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    Thank you for your words of encouragment, they mean so much to me. I just hope that in some small way I may help someone to accept Christ into their life and to follow him. Life is not easy and then when you add all the diseases, poverty that these diseases bring and all of life's other struggles it is so overwhelming. Jesus can lighten the load. He may not take away our burdens or problems for they bring us closer to him, allow us to depend on him and sometimes allow us to live the life he meant for us to have. St. Paul served Jesus even though he had a "thorn" in his side for his entire life. He prayed that God would remove it from him but he also said he accepted God's will. To truly serve Jesus some people must endure a life time of suffering. God allows it, I don't think he causes it, I think we cause our own problems a lot of the time. It is when we truly depend on him that he reaches out to help us. If having a disease keeps me closer to Jesus then so be it. If being poor helps me to serve him better than so be it. My loss is Jesus gain. Maybe I wouldn't be the same person if I didn't suffer loss, actually I know I wouldn't. Praise God that he knows what keeps us close to him.

    Part of changing my life came about when I realized that I cannot control everything, that actually in reality, I control very little. I needed to understand that I need to trust God to live a victorious life. I was faced with having been married for 25 years to a man who was a dreamer and schemer and who loved women, but not his wife in the way he should have. He left me with literally nothing at all. I had a suitcase full of clothes and nothing more. I had no place to live, no place to go. But in that experience I saw God perform miracle after miracle in my life. I had caused the life I had been living by marrying young and knowing that it was the wrong thing to do. Did God cause it? No but he allowed it and in so doing made me a stronger person in him. During the time I had nothing I went to stay for a brief period with my youngest son who lived on Tybee Island at the time. Every day I would get up and walk the whole length of the beach by myself, it was literally isolated and I was alone with God every morning. I walked back and forth and cried out to the Lord. I did this for about 2 weeks straight. Morning after morning he brought his promises to life for me. I needed a therapist and God became that therapist because I had no money and couldn't afford a therapist. God became real to me. My father was a Nazarene minister and I had been raised in a christian home so I "knew" better. But I wanted to escape all of that and didn't listen to the Lord. So here I was 25 years later with nothing but God in my life. He picked me up carried me across the beach morning after morning and gave me hope.

    Since this is already so long I will just say that I was on the verge of killing myself when God intervened in such a miraculous way and I then figured out that He truly loves me with a love I couldn't comprehend. Why did he love me? Because I am his child and he is my father. It is that simple. I would like to say from that day on I followed him very closely but that was not the case. He helped me and I got my feet on the ground but had a very turbulent 3 years after going through a divorce. But again, God reached down and saved me and gave me a wonderful husband who truly loves me and the Lord and my life has never been the same. Yes, I am in pain everyday with my OA and FM. I am a cancer survivor x 2. God gave me my life and he has spared me for a reason and I think that reason is to encourage other people in their walk with him.

    No matter how hard it gets Laura and no matter if you lose everything you have, believe me God will be with you every step of the way. Just as he restored Job to more than he had before his trials, if you stay true to God and hold fast to him he will bring you through to the other side. It may not be today or even tomorrow but He will bring you out. You need to take one day at a time, listen to him, spend time with him, let him become your best friend. When all others around you fail you he is still there. When you feel like you just cannot go another step call out to him, he will hear you. Sometimes things get too heavy to bear and all I can do is just cry, saying nothing to him. That is when I feel the closest to him. He knows my soul. He created me, he knows me better than any other human being ever could.

    Life is tough but God is stronger than it is. Our ultimate goal is to be with him when we die. Don't ever lose sight of that goal.

    You are a daughter of the king Laura and he loves you so very much. He is proud of you when you make an A in math. He is proud that despite your RA and how you feel like just giving up you pick yourself up and keep going. He is honoring you and your precious family by providing for your daily needs. No, it isn't money falling out of the sky, no it isn't maybe exactly what you want but remember God knows every tear we shed, every step we take and HE WILL HONOR YOU. Just remember it may take more time but He will not let you fall. Stay close to him. Stay grounded in him. Your life will never be the same. I know, I am living proof of this.

    You ask for "my story" and above is it in a nutshell. There is so much more but that is the essence and I cannot give enough glory to the Lord for being such a wonderful Father to me. I have struggles every day, I haven't arrived, I am by far perfect. I still stumble and fall but the difference is that I know that God is with me, holding my hand, wrapping his arms around me assuring me that in the end it will be alright.

    I pray for you and your dear family every day and I will never give that up. I have faith in you and I know that God does. Keep fast in your life for God.

    Gentle Hugs, prayers and love,


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    boy did i need to read this today, i dont know when you posted but i needed it today,so thank you, i am trying to keep the faith, and it does seem if i look at the bigger picture that some how we manage to get through another day,sometimes its hard to not look at all we need to take care of and just break from it all. but if i only look at today, we have a roof and food. and we are working but the bills are huge just got a 400 dollar water bill in the mail we obviously have a leak. i will try to pray everyday and just keep getting up and trying, i love school so that is a joy. thanks for sharing with me laurathanks
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    Just hang in there, Laura. You are doing a good job. I am sorry about the water bill. But you know that is the way it goes. When you think you can't stand another thing to deal with, yep, one comes along. I am believing and standing firm that God will be with you and help you.

    Gentle Hugs, Love and Prayers,