Cher's Epstein Barr Treatment

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  1. chaps

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    I apologize if this has been threaded before and I missed it, but.....

    I guess it's pretty common knowledge that Cher has Epstein Barr and because she is among the privileged and powerful of the world (which is what it takes to be able to afford the filthy-greedy doctors) she has searched far and wide (apparently as far as Germany) and has found an effective treatment for EBV.

    So, what I'd like to know is what kind of treatment did she receive? From googling the topic, this seems to be a well-kept secret.

    Anyone know?
  2. ladybugmandy

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    she pays huge prices for treatment that probably is just as good or not even as good as valtrex! lol
  3. TeaBisqit

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    The most I ever heard about Cher was that she did some kind of Oxygen Therapy. I don't know if it helped, though. I was always disappointed that she never spoke out about the illness at all.
  4. quanked

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    All these dd's are complicated to me. Is EBV the same as mono and doesn't it lead to cfs?

    My sense about so called "effective treatments"--if there are any such treatments they would be mass marketed so that their developers might become billionaires. What would be the point in hording such secrets?
  5. gapsych

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    I think the clinic is the one Farah Fawcett went to.

    It is so unfair that you have to be rich to go there. This also makes me suspicious whether their protocol is effective. If it is and they are not sharing information, that is morally wrong.

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  6. ladybugmandy

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    there are treatments for many diseases that are effective for some time and need to be repeated, such as stem cell therapies, but these are usually only for the rich.
  7. ladybugmandy

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    there are treatments for many diseases that are effective for some time and need to be repeated, such as stem cell therapies, but these are usually only for the rich.
  8. jasminetee

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    I've read that Cher used Homeopathy which is common in Germany and that that's how she got well enough to function. Keep in mind she has an entourage of people doing most things for her as well which makes a huge difference for us.

    She got sick with EBV in the mid eighties I believe, like I did. EBV is the virus that causes Mono. Many PWCs developed CFS after coming down with EBV like I did.

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  9. DavidJ.

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    ok, i just recently posted the address to her clinic here in germany. here it is:

    they have such a huge variety of treatments there , i think there might not be another clinic like this anywhere in the world. and just to let you know, homeopathy isnt that common in germany. most of the doctors here dont even recognize it as a treatment, so you have to go to naturopaths...

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  10. jasminetee

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    That's very interesting. Their philosophy states: "we treat above all oncological patients with a combination therapy comprising standard oncological, immunological and neurological therapies and approved elements of naturopathy (phytotherapies, complementary medicine, homeopathy) to form a unique synergy."

    I had read that Homeopathy was common in Germany in various health food stores here in the States. I thought regular doctors there did use it. shrug.
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  11. chaps

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    Quanked said:

    "What would be the point in hording [sic] such secrets? "

    As Steve Martin (wild and crazy guy) would say, "you Americans are so naive."

    Here's how the medical profession works in this country:

    They don't want to cure illnesses. They want to sell you drugs and/or keep you coming back for treatments, because as a sick person, you are their income. Curing diseases would mean loss of revenue. Drug companies like any other company in this country have become far too greedy and focused on profits above all else. They have lobbyists who bribe American politicians with cushy $500K/year jobs when they get out of office if they vote on bills in favor of the drug companies and to the detriment of the average American. Our government and the way that it is in bed with big business is just another form of organized crime. We are being fleeced, big-time.

    In this country, they don't want to treat the cause of an illness and get the body to heal itself. They just want to give you drugs to alleviate the symptoms. But all that does is make you worse in the long run, because the disease stays with you, while the drugs slowly kill your vital organs and shorten your life while also bringing on other diseases.

    As soon as a homeopath comes up with some kind of alternative treatment that works, the status quo (AMA, FDA, etc.) tries to shoot it down, damage its credibility, and in some cases even make the treatment illegal. Hell, if they have the politicians on their payroll (just like the mafia), they can pass anything!

    As far as Cher is concerned, I'm disappointed in her for not becoming an activist against EBV the way Montel Williams has for MS and Michael J. Fox has for Parkinson's.

    Thanks DavidJ for the link.

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  12. DavidJ.

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    you are welcome :)

    1. yes there are also common doctors, who use homeopathy. but they are very rare. i have the luck to have found one who was also educated by a naturopath.

    2. chaps , that makes sense.
    here in germany, if you have a private health insurance they pay you the treatment costs at a naturopath, which is wonderful. what about america?
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  13. quanked

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    put everyone out of business. It is the same in every domain in this nation and I suspect this is also true abroad to varying degrees. The USA does not have the corner market on corruption. I mean the USA has been exporting capitalism for what seems like forever.

    When I worked for the government I went into it believing that we were going to bring about change and improvements to people's lives. It took awhile but I finally got it--the purpose was not to improve much of anything or anyone--it was to keep the organization alive. If any significant change/improvement were to come about then the organization would cease to exist. I was such a silly person.

  14. DavidJ.

    DavidJ. New Member

    what do mean, she did not have ebv?
  15. jasminetee

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    In Time Magazine during the late '80s Cher did a long interview. She described coming down with EBV in detail and I recall that she had experienced it the same exact way that I had. We both even got well enough to work out again after about 6 months or so.

    Check this out:

    and: "Cher is especially determined to pull off a dazzling show after recovering last year from another debilitating bout of Epstein-Barr virus.

    "I was sick a long time," she says. "I went to Germany for some medicine and treatment. They have things overseas we never dreamed existed. When I was first diagnosed in the late '80s, I had doctors telling me I was crazy. I was sick constantly and almost died from pneumonia. You never lose it, and it really takes the life out of you.""

    I'm sure she has problems getting people to believe her just like we do.

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  16. ladybugmandy

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    as CFS progresses and the immune system weakens, they probably can have a severe case of pneumonia. anyway, i am sure she was exaggerating for the camera in saying she "almost died".

    i really wish someone like cher would campaign for CFS. it would change everything in a second.
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  17. DavidJ.

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    thanks for the link nofool, i didnt know that.

    however, i remember reading an interview of her, where she was asked if her disease comes from depression. she replied that it doesnt , but that ebv can cause depression. i will try to find it.

    i think its obvious that every severe cfs patient battles with depression, do you guys concur?

    i mean who would not get depressed as a bedridden person?
  18. DavidJ.

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    here it is:
  19. chaps

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    CFS, FM are autoimmune diseases. This means that your immune system is not functioning normally, and it does not fight off the chronic EBV virus as it normally would. The immune dysfuncton also can cause allergies that affect the sinuses and the respiratory system. This is probably what happened with Cher when bacteria entered into the mix and developed pneumonia. The joint problems that come along with FM are again probably due to immune system dysfunction. From what I understand, rheumatoid arthritis is caused by immune dysfunction.

    I saw Cher interviewed on television recently and she commented about her sickness causing her to cancel some shows in Vegas in September. She said that building construction was going on in the area that involved digging deep into the soil to pour the foundations. This caused some rare kinds of spores (possibly mold of some type) that normally stay underground to be released into the air and this raised havoc with her respiratory system.

    This makes perfect sense to me because when I first experienced my Epstein Barr CFS symptoms, I had what felt like asthma or bronchitis. It was during the fall allergy season. The doctor (the same ignoramus that said there was nothing wrong with me and that the fatigue was all in my head) gave me a very strong antibiotic (what an idiot) that after 14 days did absolutely nothing. A few weeks later when the fall allergy season was over, the problem resolved itself.

    After finding a doctor who was more competent, I have been on antivirals to combat the EBV. The next fall, I did not develop the same symptoms because my immune system had begun to right itself to the point where I didn't have this allergic reaction. For me, it was oak trees causing the problem. They shed all kinds of crap in the fall.
  20. jasminetee

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    I felt like I was dying of pneumonia last winter. We can get just as sick as anyone else, although there is a subset of PWCs that don't seem to catch colds or flus. Others of us catch everything.

    I fight depression constantly now that I've relapsed so badly. Cher and I seem to be on a similar track. I had a lot of really great years between '86 and 2000. I've read that it's very common for CFS to go into a remission-like state for about a decade only to come back with a vengeance. I read that after it happened to me btw.