Cher's Epstein Barr Treatment

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    Is Cher the Fair Name Change Committee's secret celebrity?

    The Fair Name Change Committee's celebrity is going to support ME/CFS when the new Fair Name Change's new web site goes up. Supposedly this person suffers from ME/CFS also?

    Anyone hear when the website is going up or what is going on w/ the Fair Name Change?
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    I think the doctors, researchers, organizations, authors, patients and patient advocates have done a very good job with CFS/ME, but it's going to take celebrity status to really get the word out and to raise real monies for CFS/ME. I've seen the great job celebrities have done such as Lance Armstrong/Cancer, Michael J Fox and Muhamed Ali/Parkinson's, Christopher Reeves/Spinal Cord Injury, Oprah/Obesity, Montel Williams/MS, Jim Carey/Autism, and many more celebrities raising awareness and monies for chronic, acute, and life-threatening diseases.

    We need a strong and sympathetic celebrity that knows are struggles to really push CFS/ME into the public and to demand more to be done than what we've seen in the last +20years by the CDC. It's truly unbelievable how little progress we have in terms of an effective treatment or a cure.

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    homeopathy is the biggest scam ? well you know, there are also a lot of studies who say otherwise, so who really knows?

    and i wouldnt believe it if i hadnt experienced it myself. i was very sick and bedridden last year and now i am strong enough to go to parties again, all due to homeopathy :)

    thats why i dont care what other people say about it as long as it helps me to fully recover...
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    Homeopathy a scam? Spoken like a true medical doctor or AMA officer. Well documented? By whom, the self-preservationist drug lobbyists?

    Hmm, let's see, we have a two choices:

    1. Deal with someone who wants to force deadly chemicals (aka prescription drugs) on us that either don't work or mask problems by dealing only with symptoms while at the same time damaging our vital organs and causing other problems probably worse than our original problem. This person wants us to keep coming back and keep us sick so that he/she keeps making money off of us while we deplete our life's savings.


    2. Deal with someone who attacks the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms via a natural means and enhances the body's ability to heal and cure itself.

    You decide.

    "CFS is not caused by EBV."

    It seems you need to go back and do your research. There are several underlying viruses that can cause CFS and apart from that, several other conditions not viral in nature. Chronic Epstein Barr is one of the viruses that can cause CFS and FM and a very common one at that.
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    As I see it the two choices are:

    1. Go to a medical doctor who has years of study and goes by the scientific method.

    2. Go to a an alternative for a treatment that has proven to not work, is a guessing game at best, and not based on science. That is a scam.

    If you think doctor's don't want a cure because of money it would be just the opposite. If someone came up with a cure they would make a lot of money. What about all the alt. med people? It is a multi billion dollar business on something not proven.

    Doctors are not perfect and science is an ever evolving field of knowledge.

    If you have a diagnosis of EBV you have EBV not CFS. The exhaustion is from the EBV. Same with things like Lyme. If you have a diagnosis of lyme you do not have CFS unless unless there is co morbidity.BR>

    I always thought that CFS is diagnosed when you present symptoms with no known cause.

    You know what would happen if Cher became our spokesperson? People would jump on the fact that she has depression whether caused by illness or not.

    I wish people would go back and read their middle school science books and learn about the scientific method.

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    Thanks for the suggestion but I have read Hillary Johnson's speech.

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    What does cause CFIDS/ME and what doesn't cause it. Many infections appear to trigger our illnesses full blown but whether those infections are "the cause" of CFIDS/ME remains to be seen. There is really very little which can be stated for sure about our illnesses and causation. Patterns appear to suggest there may be relationships between our illnesses and certain infections, especially those which are chronic.

    In fact, no one knows for sure just what FMS or CFIDS/ME really are. There are guidelines which help in diagnosing after a process of elimination. Much research need to be done.

    I know how difficult it is to live with such ambiguity. We struggle to understand and we struggle to find treatments which will help us. Nothing seems to work for everyone but there are usually some for whom even the most obscure treatments will help. The value of this board isn't to argue for or against any one treatment; it's to provide info and members' experience with the various treatments. Everything which has helped me is something I first learned of here from our generous and sharing members.

    BTW, people die from pneumonia all the time. It is usually the elderly and the chronically, or acutely, ill. Elizabeth Taylor almost died from it decades ago.

    Love, Mikie

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    lol chaps! you must be really mad at those doctors. i mean i have also made a lot of bad experiences with doctors concerning my cfs, but fortunately i have found a doctor who could help me , so i forgive them . i mean, they just dont know better.
    what about your treatment? do you get antivirals? or are you treated by a naturopath?
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    thanks for posting this link. Very interesting treatment fascilites and CFS is listed as a neurological condition like MS and treated there!!!!!!!!!!
    Indeed a very interesting option for those who live in Europe and have the needed medical coverage for such a treatment.

  10. DavidJ.

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    you are welcome :) yeah, the needed medical coverage.

    even cher said it was expensive as far as i know, so who could really afford such a comprehensive cfs treatment ?
    and i also heard that farrah fawcett got treated there, but apparently to no avail :(

    r.i.p farrah / r.i.p michael jackson
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    I was a patient of Dr. Cheney's in the 1980's and learned from a nurse there that Cher flew to Charlotte, N.C. to see him also.

    I have no doubt that she has CFS.

    The fact that she has chosen not to become a 'poster child' for this very misunderstood disease is her choice. I certainly don't hold it against her.

  12. questus9

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    I was a patient of Dr. Cheney's in the 1980's and learned from a nurse there that Cher flew to Charlotte, N.C. to see him also.

    I have no doubt that she has CFS.

    The fact that she has chosen not to become a 'poster child' for this very misunderstood disease is her choice. I certainly don't hold it against her.

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    Thanks for letting us know that. I'd have to say that if she flew out to see Dr. Cheney she's probably got ME.

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    Do you think Cher would be a good celebrity advocate for CFS/ME? There is a famous baseball player named Rocco Baldelli who has CFS/ME. He was to be the next joe dimaggio before he was disabled with CFS. i wonder what ever happened to him.
  15. DavidJ.

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    according to wikipedia he is playing again and never had cfs...
  16. There is a way of clearing Epstein Barr or any other virus using Isopathic remedies, and Nosodes, which are made in Germany. Vega testing is used to identify which Virus, Bacteria, Parasite etc. is causing the problem. then the remedy is taken orally with a negative charge which matches the positive in the body, and it will clear competely depending on how long the viruse etc has been in the body. Most patogens will clear within 6 weeks, occasionally it needs a second course of the remedy at a higher potency. I have been treting clients this way in the UK for 15 years.
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    Spectrum --- What are your qualifications? Are you an M.D., N.D., or ? Just curious.