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    Posted a picture of my new Grandaughter Lorien on by profile, check it out. She is wearing the dress my daughter worn home from the hospital when she was born.
    Mimi Mary
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    Wow, what a cutie and she is so bright and alert. No wonder you miss her. She looks like she is ready to take on the world. Thanks for sharing with us, she is really beautiful and I know that you wish you could be with her more. How neat that she got to wear the same dress as her mama.

    Hope you are feeling somewhat better. Have a great weekend and rest!!!

    Love, prayers and hugs,

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    I am so thankful for this little girl, you have no idea. I love my other 4 Grandchildren so much also, but this is my first biological Grandchild. My daughter is my only child, the other two our actually my husbands children from his first marriage. I was told at a young age that I would never have children which in turn sent me down a long and very painful path of self distruction. I married the wrong guy for the wrong reasons just to prove a point to my parents that I could and they could not stop me. That lasted 4 months...joke was on me after all...I stumbled and fell for alot of years making alot of wrong choices and turned my back on my upbringing and trust in the Lord. How could he do this to me, the one person who so despartely wanted to get married and raise babies. How could God take that from me so I thought...again I was wrong. When I felt like I just could not go on any longer without the potential for any babies in my future, I was ready to give up and in that, the lowest point in my life I turned back to God and screamed at him, WHY? Well I was dating someone who wanted to get married, but I was to stubborn to believe I could make him happy if I could not give him children so I kept saying NO. One evening I prayed and ask if God could just see fit to give me one child, just one child I would raise that baby in his name and that baby would be loved like no other. (Like you can really barter with the Lord, but I thought I had nothing to lose) Well I was raised to believe that you saved yourself for marriage and had not yetr slept with this man, but again out of resent, or something, I did sleep with him even though we were not married and only did so on one occasion (as the guilt got to me) but when I went to another doctor a few months later to get a second opinion, guess what, I was indeed pregnant. Well the marriage did not last sorry to say, but I meet my now husband soon after and we were married and have raised our children together. My daughter was raised with God very much the focal point of our lives and she knows that I honestly feel God saved my life by giving her to me when he did. She has lived her life for God and will raise her children the same way I am very confident in that. Actually, she meet her husband at 15 years of age at a Summer work Camp with her Youth Group from our church and he was their with his...she came home and told me God had intrduced her to her future husband...well to make a long story short...6 years later they were married and 2 years after that they just had their first child...I will never guestion Gods will in my life and I know that he has a purpose for this disease in my life now, whatever it is I will survive and know that he will take care of me. He pulled me from the lowest point in my life and gave me a baby, he can get me through this now. Sorry for going on, but that is my testament of how I came back to live my life for the Lord and I just wanted to share it with you.
    Gentle Hugs and Prayers
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    That baby is just plain beautiful!!!!!!! I know how hard it must have been for you to leave her when you had to leave. At least you are only 3 1/2 hrs. away, right?
    I have seeen my 4 1/2 mo ganson only once and he lives over 18 hrs away. It is horrible!!!! His sister is 3 and I can talkk to hr on phone and hear her talk to me but it is hard when they are babies. My son did get him to really cooing and laughing yest; on the phone so couod hear it and it was such a joy. My other 2 live here close to me.

    I read your testimoney to Cheryl and had tears in my eyes.
    Oh Meash, what a testimony!!!! I am so happy for you!!
    I wasn't feeling well yest and did not get on boards at all. Feeling little better today.

    Hope you have a very nice weekend. I thinki that is so neat that she got to wear home same outfit as her mother.
    That is a very special picture to have.

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    I was so touched by your testimony and I am so glad that you shared it with me. I feel privileged that you would do so and trust me when I say, after reading it I can see why you are now the loving, supportive christian that you are. God certainly showed you that he does not give up and that he loves you like his daughter!!! It gives me goose bumps to think just how much he loves us!!! Who else could have changed your life and given you your hearts desire??? And I can see why this grandbaby is so special to you. God has certainly given you many blessings.

    I know that through this illness he is trying to teach you something also and you will figure it out, just like I did. It may take a while but it will come to you, just like all the other things he has given to you. He never lets us go through something but what he has something better for us on the other side. If we didn't go "through" it, we wouldn't get to the message he has for us. (does that make sense?)

    I am also glad that God brought you to this web site and to these boards because I feel like I have found a true christian sister in yourself and I hope that we will be able to encourage each other on in our journey. We are after all daughters of the King and therefore family in Christ. I am happy to have you as a sister and proud of you. If nothing else this illness has brought you to me and you have helped me tremendously already in my walk with the Lord and that is what it is about also.

    May you feel God's presence especially close today and know that I will continue to pray for you and your precious family.

    Love, prayers and hugs,

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    Good to hear from you and sorry to hear you were not feeling well, but glad to hear you are better. I have not been online a few days because Sunday and Mondays are my husbands days off and Sunday we go to church and then just spend the day together and go visit are Grandchildren that live close by. Mondays are alittle of the same, but I do not like to get online while he is home because he works such long hours the rest of the week it is are only time together.

    I do not know how you handle your Grandchildren being so far away, but I guess we have to deal with what we have, and with Gods hand to help us along. I know I have already ask for more strenght to handle my Granddaughter not living close, but she is only 3 1/2 hours away for now, so I will go as often as possible and they are coming home for Thanksgiving...Thats one of many things to be thankful for this year. We like to go aroung the table before are big meal on Thanksgiving and just give Thanks for one thing that we are most thankful for in the past is hard to pick just one thing though.

    I have so many things to be thankful for and sometimes I just need a little reminder when I get to feeling sorry for myself.LOL

    One thing for sure is the friends I have made already on ths website, everyone has been so great and it is very uplifting just to know there are people who have never met me who make an effort to make me feel better and I hope I have done the same for some of them.

    Til tommorrow, you are in my prayers.
    Gently Hungs
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    God has done remarkable things in my life and I know I am no more special than anybody else, but when I found out I was going to hav a baby...well it changed my life for the better and I know God is the reason. My husband and I tried for years to have another baby but I guess when I asked for just one...he meant it...LOL
    Seriously though, I realize how special children are and never took my daughter for granted. Sometimes I would sit by her bed all night afraid something was going to happen to her, but again I realized I had to contine trusting in my faith that whatever did happen was God's will. Now that she is grown, it never goes away and now she understands alittle bit more since she became a Mother herself. Boy is that not a great feeling to hear your grown children say that they finnaly understand why you would do or say the things you used to. My daughter used to call me a she laughs and just says OK, I understand and her baby is only 4 weeks old.

    God did send me to this sight and I am so thankful for that because I have made some very special friends here and feel blessed to have you as one of them.

    As I told Mimi, I do not get online on Sundays and Mondays because those are my husbands days off and after Church we just like to spend this time with are grandkids and family and I do not like to get online when we have so little time to spend together.

    I go back to the Rheumi week from today for next treatment option since the reaction to the Arava, so I will be interested to see what he has in store for me next. I really have not been any better and the pain in my neck and headaches are about more that I can handle. I live on pain pills which I have always hated and sleeping pills to try and get some rest, that worked for a few days but the last two nights they do not seem to be working as well. I feel so foggy, more lately than before, not sure where that is coming from except maybe all the pills, but I still do not take as often as prescribed. Lot of trouble with stomach from them. I need to ask him about Fibro, my family dr told me 18months ago that is what she felt was wrong with me, I did not know that you could actually have both Fibro and RA as I have read here on the board, is that true.
    I actually hope he goes to the injectables which at least might help with the stomach issues.

    Well gonna go look at the arthritis board before I get off, neck is a real pain...LOL

    Again I Thank you for your support, prayers, love and for just being there to listen to me vent. Hope you are feeling well, and remember you are always in my prayers.

    p.s. I really wish there was someway for us to actually talk, but I know the rules so I will settle for this. I know you are truly a disciple for the Lord and he has put us together for a reason, if not just to help each other. I do not know all your worrys and concerns but God does and he will hear. I also feel privledged to have met you.
    Tell me alittle more about your life and family, I want to get to know you better.
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    It is good to hear from you once again. I understand why you don't get on the board on those days and I usually don't get on them on Sat or Sunday because that's when my husband is home and I like to spend time with him, too, go figure. I am truly in love with him and he has been my strength since the day we met. Ours is a true love story and I will always be grateful to God for bringing him into my life. I don't know where I would be without him.

    I was married at the age of 18 and had two sons by the time I was 23. My husband was a great dad but not so good husband and I knew the day I married him that I probably would not stay married to him. My father was a Nazarene minister and I married to get out on my own. That is the only way he would allow me to leave the house. Of course, he didn't know I didn't really love my ex the way I should have or he wouldn't have agreed to the marriage. My husband started cheating on me after the first year of our marriage and continued cheating until the end. It is a long story, too long to go into on here and after 25 years of marriage he abandoned me and I had nothing but the clothes in my suitcase. But God showed me his love and through his mercy and protection I survived. Another long story. I was divorced for about 4 years and during those four years I was wild. I did a lot of things I am not proud of and actually kind of acted like a teenager in rebellion, although I was 40 at the time. I guess I never really had the chance to do anything on my own and so I did it when I got divorced. Anyway, in 1999 I met my present husband and he is the love of my life. He is the most caring, sweet, God fearing man I have ever met in my life and he along with God truly saved my life. I was on a path to self destruction and God knew it and sent him my way. I will forever be grateful and every morning I awake I thank God for him. God has been so good to us, we had some rough patches, but our love never wavered for one another. I got cancer for the second time in 2000, first being in 1987, and my husband was by my side continuously. I had a rough time with the chemo, almost died and he never left my side the whole time. After the chemo I went on to radiation and during that time I had been working in the medical field in an OB/GYN clinic and I changed so much that I just could not go back. I struggled for several years with work and in 2003 realized that I just could not do it any more. I had been diagnosed with Fibro back in 1991 and had been in remission for a long time but after the cancer the last time it did me in. I just simply could not function in the work place any more. I tried! I would go to lunch and sit in my car in the parking lot and call my husband and cry and he would have to talk me into going back in and finishing the day out. This went on every day for a month and I finally realized enough was enough. My body had been trying to tell me it is time to quit and I just couldn't except it. But I did and I filed for disability and finally received it this year in Jan. after going to a hearing with a judge. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2002 and just recently my rheumy thinks I now have RA as well. I go for my next appt Dec 5th and we are going to do testing and talk more about it.

    I am in constant pain and take pain meds but they only really take the edge off but I have learned to except it and through all of this have realized that God wanted me to slow down and spend more time with him. So I enjoy spending my time praying for others. It has made a big difference in my life and I have received so many blessings from it. I think when you actually start to spend time in prayer for others your own pain, problems become easier to handle. Don't get me wrong, there are days that I feel like screaming in pain, but through praying for others I know that God is using me for His glory and that is what my life is about. I want people to see that God is real, is near and he loves us with a love we cannot ever comprehend. We are his children and he wants us to depend on him.

    If you would like to go into the chat room some time let me know. My father and his wife are coming tomorrow for two weeks and so I don't know for sure what times I will be on the computer but if you pick a time and day I will try to meet you in the chat room.

    I appreciate your prayers on my behalf and feel privileged to have you praying for me. I need all the prayers I can get!!!

    Love, hugs and prayers to you,

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    Thank you for sharing some of your story with me. It is amazing how we both got into our first marriage for all the wrong reasons and now have the most wonderful, truly loving husbands we could imagine. That is the work of our Lord and Savior.

    My first marriage to my daughters Father was a disaster from the start, he changed so much the minute he finally put the ring on my finger and was having the baby he wanted as much as I did. He was controlling, very verbally abusive, and made my life and pregnancy so difficult. As soon as I fould out I was indeed pregnant, I never so much as drank another beer or smoke another cigarette, I was in know way abusive of either, but socially I indulged with my husband and in turn was blind to the fact that he was indeed an alcholic. It took awhile for me to realize that I was not the root of our problems as he tried to get me to believe, if I was a better wife...etc, I painted a picture of true love and happily ever after to both our families because he was such a wonderful person and great with all the kids when others were present, but when we were alone dr jeckle and hyde came to life. I left him when our daughter was 15 months old because I was not going to raise her in a family where her Mom and Dad fought all the time, he also was a good father, but husband material he was not and still to this day has never remarried, but after a few hard months when I left I made him realize we could stay together as he wished and be this horrible disfunctional family or we could go our own ways and share the raising of our daughter. He finnaly came to terms with this and we get along fine now and our daughter was always the cneter of every decision we each made. We shared her for every holiday and birthday etc...and as she got older let her decide how much time she would spend where, I ultimately had full custody, but was open to er being with her father as often as she felt she needed and he always kept my one condition that he never drank around her or before getting her. Once somebody made a bitter remark about him in front of my daughter and I immediately told everybody that I was the only person who had reason to say hateful things about this man. but he was Marissa's father and she was never to hear those remarks about him again from any one. I explained as she matured she would make her own judgement,ifyou will, bout her father and it would come from their relationship not from hateful things she heard about him growing up and she thanks me for this all the time and was a very well adjusted loved little girl who knew that both her Mommy and her Daddy would do anything for her. She figured out his drinking in her teens and asked me about it and I answered her guestions and reminded her that her father had an illness, but that he always loved her, I just did not want that for her. She has had some up and down times with him once she became an adult because she never lets him forget how much she hates his problem, but they work through it and he is still always their for her, we were both their for the birth and he is just as in love with his new granddaughte and through tears thanked our daughter for giving him such a wonderful gift. He seems to be visiting her more often and he and my husband get along just husband has issues with him at times about his drinking and drugs over his daughter but he never voices this to anyone but me, my husband now is also a Godsend and is the best father and husband I could of prayed for. I never knew God made them this well...LOL At my daughters wedding, both her Dads walked her down the aisle per her request and it was wonderful and she has told friends over the years that is is not bad being the child of divorce because you get two Dads to love you and you get two holidays of evey type..LOL again.
    And if her Mommy had never married her new Daddy, she would never of had any brothers or sisters. (She was 2 when we started dating and 6 when we married his children where also 2 and 6 when we began dating, so we indeed raised them together)

    We always have people asking how can you to stand to spend so much time together, you guys do everything together, and we tell them becasue we honestly love each other and enjoy each others company. We have never ended our honeymoon and never plan too. He is just awesome and pretty cute to.LOL

    In 1999 he was terrible injured in a motorcycle accident while working (he works as a Senior Service Tech for Harley Davidson) and spent 9 weeks in hospital and had 15 surgery's. I took a family medical leave from my job at the time and never left his side, I had worked as a Nursing Assistant for years so if anyone was going to take care of his needs it was going to be me. After he got home he was in a hospital bed and wheelchair for anyother two months before he could walk with a walker. To this day he still suffers pain from his injuries and he is considered permanently partially disabled from this and in 2005 he had a massive heart attack while at work at did not even realize it. He drove himself home thinking he had the flu or something. When he tolf me his symptoms I freaked and made him go to the ER where they said nothing was showing up on the EKG or in his bloodwork and sent him home much to my protest. I kept at the doctors because he just was not getting any better and I knew this man and knew something was not right...he never had missed a day of work other than during his accident and he could not ever take a shower without casping for breath. Finally after a few weeks the agreed to a stress test and scheduled it for 6 weeks away...I was so mad and told them that if anything happened to him in the meantime somebody would pay...they told me they did not feel it was an emergency so we had to wait. He continued to feel bad and get worse and finally the day came and he had the test and they something they did not like so they had him go for a cath...FIVE Min into the cath the DR came and got me and said he was sorry he had not listened to me and theywhererushing my husband into emergency open herat surgery to try and save him becasuse he had indeed had a massive heart attack and his heart was only functioning on less the 2 percent and he had what they call "The widow maker" he had never seen anyone survive this type of heart attack, let alone go for over 6 weeks without treatment...So again God showed his strength and it was not my husbands time on either occasion, but this with his injuries is why I feel so bad that he is working so hard for us right now and I cannot help.

    I have looked for something, but were we live jobs are very scareand do not pay all that great, so my quest continues and with Gods guiance I will find the perfect job that I am able to do and help take some pressure off mywonderful husband.

    Maybe after your company leaves we can hook in the chat room...I have never used a chat room before so you will have to teach me.

    It is so good talking with you for now this way and getting to know each other better. I am certain if we culd meet our husbands would also hit it off.

    Hope you are feeling good today and as always I will keep you and yours in prayer. God Bless
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    Wow, you surely do have an incredible story. Your husband is something else!!! It had to be God that saved him on both occasions for sure and what a testimony for the power of God. I do know why you want to help him and I don't blame you in the least. God helped you through everything to this point and if it is his will for you to work then he will provide just the right job. I will continue praying for you in this area.

    You did such a good job in raising your daughter and I know it must have been tough under the circumstances but I am so proud of you to hear how well you did and how you handled your exhusband and daughters relationship. You are a special woman. Not too many women could have done so well, they would have let their anger take hold and you chose to do the opposite. How wonderful!!!

    I have only been in the chat room a few times but it is not hard so after my dad leaves we will arrange a time and go there.

    I feel so priviledged to be able to meet you and share experiences with you. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? My father and his wife are here, as you know, so we will be having dinner here at home and I am looking forward to it. Today is his wife's birthday so I am taking her to a tea room and afterwards we are going to get manicures. Then tomorrow is my father's birthday and we will be going to Chattanooga to Carraba's restaurant to celebrate with him. I am enjoying their visit. He is 78 years old and you never know how much time you have left. I need to cherish each moment I have with him. We are just alike so it is a big challenge. LOL

    Thanks for writing and I will be praying for you.

    Love and prayers,

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    Hi, hope this finds you feeling fairly well today, or as well as any of us can feel!!! I hope you don't mind, but I read your story to Cheryl and it really touched my heart.
    God really was at work in your life and in the life of your husband, and He is STILL at work in your life and don't forget that. He has a plan. We just don't know it yet.

    I, too, feeel very forunate to have met somany wonderful new friends on this board. Not getting out much at home, means fewer friends here. Seems they forget about you. I have friends from over the years, some of them have moved away and 2 of them and I still keep in touch frequently, but when you have to miss a lot of church and a lot of social activities, you just seem to be out of the loop?

    If it were not for God, my husband, who has been so great about taking care of me and helping around the house and doing chores, and my family, I would go crazy!

    I talked with my new grandson on the phone yesterday!!!!
    I have always talked with Jordyn his sister by phone from very early age and would say "Hi, Jordyn, this is Mimi and I love you very much" I wanted her to at least know my voice so when we would be with them she would recognize me. It worked with her and we are actually much closer than she is with her other g.mother who gets to see her at least once a month! Last night my son put the phone to his ear and I said the same thing to him and he just started blabbering to me. It was the cutest thing!!! Blake got on phone and said"Did you hear that" and I said I sure did, he is talking to his Mimi!!!!! He is the cutest baby I have ever seen!!!! Of course, all Grandma's say that!!, But he really is cute, when he smiles he has a dimple on both sides of his mouth!!!
    Hope you are feeeling better and getting some much needed rest.
    Talk to you later,
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    It is so good to hear from you today also and I am actually not feelig to awfully bad today, it could always be worse, so I am thankful for today. I do not mind at all that you read my post and I am glad to share with you along with Cheryl. You two seem to be the ones I have connested with the best so far on these boards and I am truly blessed to have found you both.

    It is wonderful that you can talk with your grandchildren on the only problem with that is both my daughter and her husband only have cell phones and most times she wantes me to wait until after 9pm to call so it does not use up all their minutes and make them pay a higher bill. So it has been tough getting in touch with her right now with the new baby, usually by 9pm she and the baby are both getting ready for bed for the night so it is hard for her to talk, but she does call me on the week-ends and we talk for long periods while the baby naps and her husband is at work. She is going back to work the Monday after Thnaksgiving, she works as a private Nanny for 2 1/2 year old twin girls. Their Mom is a doctor and their Father is a Lawyer so she does pretty good. Her husband is Manager at a big food store chain near their home. She is working towards a degree in Early Childhood and Sign Language and has about a year to go since she took 1 year off before she got married to establish her residency in another state so she would not have such high out of state college fees, since she lives in Ohio and we live in West Virginia. Once the twins Mom has another baby, which they plan to try for in the near future, she is going to stay home for awhile and not work, so my daughter wants to open her own Christian Daycare, this way she says she can raise her own children and still be able to work. It is going to be hard on her to not have the twins she loves them so much, but her and the Mom have become really good friends so I am sure they will stay in touch.

    I do not know how much I am going to be online next week, my husband is off on vacation but he will be hunting during the day (deer season here) and this in one of his favorite activities, so I might be able to steal some time while he is in the woods. We own 25 acres, so he just takes the 4 wheeler on the back side of the hill and has a hunting hut there to sit in since his heart attack and cannot walk the hills like he used to, and is not supposed to be out in very cold weather so much. So this way he can still enjoy his sport.

    My daughter and her husband are also coming on Wednesday, so I will get to have all my kids and grandkids together for Thanksgiving and with that I need nothing more. We eat dinner at my In-laws home which is very close around noon, and then we drive to my Mom's home about 45 minutes away for another dinner later n the day. We have done this for years so that we can spend time with both families. Then we bring home all the left-overs...LOL

    My daughter and her family have to go home though by Friday evening because her husband has to work the week-end so I am thankful I will have them for a couple days with us at least. My husband has not got to see the baby yet because of his work, so he is really looking forward to it also.

    I pray you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you can feel the best you can and do not eat to much...LOL

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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    It is so great that you get to spend this time with your Father and his wife. You are so right in not knowing how long we have on this earth, so we must try to make the most of the time we have.

    My Mom will be 69 in February and is still working 3 days a week. She owns her own Beauty Salon and has been a haridresser since I was 2 years old. She is in great health and very active. Actually my step-father passed away 2 years ago and my Mom has recently starting seeing a gentleman friend and they are so cute, but she is never home anymore, I tease her she needs to slow down, but she says at her age you do not have time to slow down, must enjoy while you are able. I guess she is right. He wants her to retire and sell her home so he can take care of her since she has worked her whole life, of course she is alittle afraid of getting married again. They are taking it slow about that for now. As long as he is good to her and they are happy, than I say go for it. I know of him, his wife passed away last year also after a 8 year battle from having a bad stroke and he never put her in a nursing home, he took care of her himself at home. He is a wonderulf person, so I know he would be very good to my Mom and I would love to see her retire and be able to take it easy and just travel and relax.

    My family will be all together for Thanksgiving (kids and grandkids that is) we will ear at noon at my in-laws home and than drive 45 minutes to my Mom's for another meal later in the day. Sooooooooooooo much food...LOL

    Next week my husband is on vacation for hunting season so I will try to sneak a few minutes online if I can. I told him our freezer is almost empty, so he needs to get us some meat to put in it. Our oldest son also hunts and we process all the meat ourselves. All of our kids and grandkids love eating deer meat, it is all I have cooked for the last 20 years except chicken and fish and an occasional pork roast. Our son makes jerky and him and his Dad have made sausage, bologna, and summer sausage out of it. Nothing goes to waste that is for sure. We own 25 acres of land and my husband hunts on the back side of the hill where he has a hunting hut with a heater, since he is not supposed to be out in the cold with his heart and he drives the 4 wheeler over the hill since he cannot walk it like he did when he was younger. Not that he is old by any means he just turned 48 and I will be 47 in February, but since his accident and heart attack, things are a little harder for him, but he loves to be outdoors and hunt and watch the wildlife. Sometimes when he comes in after being out he has great stories about his day. If he watches any wildlife to long, he is not able to bring himself to shoot it. Personally I do not see why someone would want to get out of bed so early and go out in the cold to sit if they did not have to, but that is just me...LOL
    I do own 2 of my own guns for target shooting, but have not done that in awhile. I will hand those guns down to my oldest grandson someday. I taught Nicholas how to shoot my 22 rifle when he was just 4 years old, this boy is a good shot, and he is blind in one eye. You have to teach them from day one about gun safety and show them the damage guns can do, not like on cartoons and tv. Of course everything is locked up tight. My husband has guns from his grandpap during WWI.

    I will pray that you continue to have a great visit and that you are able to be as pain free as possible. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and do not over work yourself.

    You are a great inspiration to me from what I have read and look forward to sharing more of our family stories about our kids and grandkids and the rest of our families.
    We can set up a time after your company leaves to try the caht room and maybe get Mimi to join us there, I enjoy sharing with her also.

    In christian Love
  14. cheryl888881

    cheryl888881 New Member

    It is so great to learn about your family. I did not know that you are and your husband are so young. Too young to have all this happen to you that is for sure. I will turn 56 in December and my husband is 58. He is in good health but then he refuses to go to a dr so who knows??? He is so stubborn. He makes me go all the time but as for himself you tells me God will take care of him. I worry but there is nothing I can do. I have gotten him to go a few times but when they put him on meds he quits taking them so it does no good. He gets a thorough physical every year through work and his cholesterol is high and he has moderately high blood pressure. I just put him in the Lord's hands it's the only thing I can do. We are both overweight so that does not help.

    Your land sounds so beautiful. I think it is good for your husband to do his hunting, although I never understood it at all because I couldn't force myself to kill a deer or anything else for that matter. When I was married to my ex I did target shooting and bow and arrow but haven't done that in a long time. My husband is very passive and doesn't do any hunting but I think it is just because he hasn't ever had anyone to do it with. Our grandson who is 10 and lives in Ft Worth just got back from his annual hunting trip to Wyoming with his maternal grandfather. He also owns two ranches in TX where he hunts all the time. He got his first gun when he was four also and he has about 1/2 dozen now. They are all kept locked up tight in his grandfather's vault on the ranch. He knows how to handle guns that is for sure. He absolutely loves it. He does really well and I know that they watch him very closely. He loves to eat the meat and the only thing he doesn't like is gutting it. He is so funny. I am proud of him. He has had a rough time in school and they had to hold him back a year and he is very sensitive and last year all of a sudden things just clicked in and he is doing so well and now he is mentoring two handicapped children that are in his class. The teacher told his dad and mom that the other kids make fun of Andrew because he helps the handicapped children but it doesn't phase him. He totally ignores them and has grown as a person during this year already. The teacher is so proud of him and we are all also. My granddaughter who will turn 14 in December is very athletic and she plays soccer, volleyball and does cheerleading. I think that they keep her too busy but that is up to them and I don't ever give any advice unless I am asked. I am proud of her as well and she is so beautiful. She is our princess.

    Sherrie, my dad's wife and I went for tea at a little tea cottage here in town and because it was her birthday she received a little gift and they brought a dessert with a candle in it to the table and sang Happy Birthday to her. Then I took her for a manicure and I got one also along with a pedicure. She doesn't like people touching her feet so she didn't get one but we had a good day. Today is my dad's birthday so we are going to the mall for some shopping and then taking him to his favorite restaurant, Carraba's. He was really grumpy yesterday but today so far is doing much better. He is so funny. It is hard when they get older because they become like children. I can't do anything to please him, never have been able too and so it makes it difficult but everyone's prayers are helping me and I am doing a good job so far.

    We will all get together in the chat room when they leave. It will be neat to be able to communicate that way.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Rest, Rest, Rest!!!


  15. meash

    meash New Member

    Your grandchildren must have the hand of God on them to work with children who are less than perfect...but by who's standards do we determine perfect...we are all God's children and it is wonderful he can do this and not let his peers affect his working with them...that takes a special child indeed. Your granddaughter sounds like my our middle daughter who is only 5 months older than my daughter and was very much into sports when she was in school, my daughter, Marissa, did volleyball and was in band from 5th grade thru 12th, and she played softball, but it was hard on her because I am not sure if I mentioned, but my daughter had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and sports was hard on her, but she gave it her best shot. She was always drawn though to helping kids find thier way if faced with difficult decisions, in middle school she would come home upset because some girl had told her her boyfriend (too young to have boyfriends )wanted to have sex and she was afraid of loosing him if she did not do it, Marissa would call her on the phone and talk with her and get her to read scripture about sex before marriage and pray with the girl if she would let her. She had a group she stayed close with, the kids that where in her youth group at church always used to say that they had each others back and if ever faced with a difficult decision all they had to do was get together and the othres would pray for the one needing guidance and offer their support. When most middle school and high scool kids where running around with boys, drinking, smoking,drugs, sleeping around, these kids got together for bible studies and did community service to help the seniors or who ever needed it. They are still very close even they have all went their own ways with college and such. Marissa's one best friend since childhood though lives right next door to her with her husband. Marissa and her friend always said they would marry best friends like them and live next to each other and raise their children together and her best friend is married to her husbands best friend and it makes me happy to know they have each other to depend on like this.
    When my daughter came home from that mission trip with her youth group and told me she had met her husband I thought probably like most mothers of a 16 year old, yea right, but then I thought this could be good, her boyfriend living 4 hours away, not bad. They had their struggles with the distance but they never wavered with the fact that they felt God had brought them together and he had amazing things in store for them as a couple and so far they have been right on. I could not of asked for a better son-in-law if I had picked him myself, he always puts Marissa before himself in every decision they make, I ask him what kind of pie he wanted while I was out their and he said choc cream, I said that is funny that is my daughters favorite and he just smiled and said she deserved a choc cream pie after just giving him a beautiful daughter. He told me right after the birth through tears that his wife had always been his hero, but with what he had just witnessed, she was indeed his superhero. Watching them together when I visit brings tears to my eyes sometimes because they are so intune with each other and never have anything bad to say to one another and I know that now my grandchildren will have a wonderful christian home to be raised in and it calms my heart and fills me with joy. It reminds me how truly blessed I am to have had her and I Thank God every hour I am with her for that special gift.
    Here I go again rambling on and on...LOL

    I could talk for hours about my family, they are a joy and a blessing.

    I hope you continue to enjoy your visit with your family and remember your father loves you even if he acts like you do nothing right. I will continue to pray for you and your family and pray for me now I think I might be getting a cold or maybe just a sinus infection, but either way I do not want to be sick when my daughter and my new baby come to visit on Wednesday. I actually got online today to check for some natural cures for cold and sinus before it gets out of control. I have the vaporizer running with vapor steam and slept with a humidifier last night so I hope it goes away soon.

    Love and prayers
  16. mimimurch4

    mimimurch4 New Member

    I'm back!! My husband and Ihave decided to go on to his parents house in Georgetown,TX this Tues.AM and be there alone with his parents until Thurs when all our other children,except our son who lives in AZ, and his sister and her husband come up. We were going to stay afterward, but my daughter has this boxer and doesn't want to leave her alone overnight so she is coming up Thanksgiving AM with her sister and her husband; they are bringing their dogs with them because they are smaller and older and not as hyper as Maya. They have 2 Boston Terriors and have a new puppy that is a mix of boxer and rotweiller. They want this dog to be their guard dog!!!!! The two boston's
    sleep with them under the cover and are def. not guard dogs. Maya might be big and has a large bark, but she is a scardy cat!!!! It is hilarious!!!!!
    I have a Dr's appt on Monday for clearance from my gout issue in order to be put on yet another rx to reduce the amount of uric acid in my blood which causes gout. My toe has been hurting some last 2 days and I hope it is all the way healed, I do not want that pain ever, ever, again!!!!!!!
    I plan to take some crosstitch I am working on for myself, it is a large Lavender and Lace pattern "Angel of Grace" & I am doing it for my entrance hallway. I hardly every do anything for myself, always giving my projects as gifts.
    I also do quilting, which I love to do; really just a beginner, but still love it. I sew them on machine and then I love to do handquilting. I can't do it if my fingers are flared up though. Crosstitch is not as hard on my hands as quilting is. I just love quilts!!!!!!!
    I am like you, I could talk an talk about my family. I love them all so much and miss my kids so much in AZ. His mission is there and feels God has him there for a reason so I don't ever look for him to move away from there.
    My husband and I would like someday to live in Albequerque,NM. He is from Roswell, NM; that would only be a 6 hr drive from them. But then we would be away from the girls????? It's just not fair, is it? Who knows where they all may end up though in their lives either?
    I'm gonna try to not eat too much, but you know how it is on those "food" days!!!!!!! But I seem to always get full too quick and can't enjoy everything that I wanted to. I think we all just fix too much food is the problem!!!!!!!!
    Well, have a great week next week and enjoy your family!
    I might get to holler at ya again before I leave, if not, you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    Mimi Sherry
  17. cheryl888881

    cheryl888881 New Member

    Wow, it is great to hear that your daughter and new grandbaby will be coming to stay with you. Take care of yourself the next few days so you will be able to thoroughly enjoy them. I am sure you will have a great time. How long will they be staying???

    I am glad to hear that your daughter has such a good marriage and good friends right beside her also. God is good that is for sure. Life is so hard these days and I think getting harder. You need Godly friends to help you get through.

    I am so glad to have met you and you have really helped me by sharing your life with me. I will be praying for you that the cold will not become anything too serious and that you will be feeling well during their visit.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and will talk to you after if I don't get a chance to talk to you again before.

    Love to you,

  18. meash

    meash New Member

    Just got on to have a quick look and see if either you or Cheryl had been on, I miss not talking to both of you when we canot get to the computer.

    I was feeling pretty bad over the week-end with either a cold or sinus issues, but this morning it seems to have turned the corner and I feel alot better, so I will keep praying for healing and not to have anything contagious when my new grandbaby gets here on Wed evening.

    I hope your trip goes well and you are able to enjoy your time with family, sometimes I think that is medicine enough to make you feel better, just spending time with loved ones.

    I will talk with you when you return, love and prayers and safe travel to all.
  19. meash

    meash New Member

    You do not know how exicted about them getting her on Wednesday evening. Her husband works til 6pm so they will leave their home about 7pm and if baby sleeps it will take them 3 1/2 hours to get here.

    Hope you visit is going well. Spending time with loved ones is my favorite activity. I just love to visit and spend time with family anf friends, it is such a blessing to share our time and lives together.

    Marissa, the baby and her husband have to leave on Friday sometime because he has to work on Saturday, so short visit, but I will take what I can at this point.

    I felt pretty bad over the week-end with this cold or sinus problem, but today it seems to be alittle better, not so much pressure in my face and headache is gone for now, so that is great. I will keep praying for healing of this and hope it is gone by Wednesday.

    Husband is in the woods now, and I am going to go put on a pot of Mexican Chili for when he comes in out of the cold. He packs his lunch and takes it with him, so I porbably will not see him until evening unless he gets one on the first day.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers and I will talk with you again nect time I am able to get online...I need to try and get something done around this house before Wednesday. Just need to dust again and run sweeper, but that can be a real chore as I am sure you know, my feet and knees have been really bad and my hands are alittle sore right now also, see rheumi tomorrow for his next treatment plan, so we shall see. I am not sure if he will start me on anything until this cold is gone...I have not had a fever, so that is good.

    I will try to get on after I get home tomorrow afternoon, after Rheumi I have to go get a my Mammogram I have been putting off also, so yeah...long day.

    Love and Prayers
  20. cheryl888881

    cheryl888881 New Member

    I know that you are so excited about your visit with your precious little granddaughter. I know you will be in Heaven with her there. Just spend every minute you can holding and kissing her. I am sorry it will be a short visit but it is better than no visit at all. Do all of the kids come to your house for Thanksgiving?

    I hope your husband has luck in getting a deer for your freezer. I know it helps! Especially since meat is so expensive any more.

    I am having a good visit with my dad and his wife. We started decorating the outside of the house for Christmas because we had 75 degree weather today and tomorrow more of the same and then it will be dropping to 50!!! YIKES! lol So I want to get everything done outside before it gets colder. We are off to a good start but have more to do.

    My husband is on vacation this week and it is so good having him home. I wish he could retire and we could be together every day but that time will come.

    I have to do some shopping tomorrow and then I hope I can rest for the rest of the week. I am so tired and ache so badly!!!

    I will be praying that you will over come your cold and feel better for your visit.

    If you get time let me know what happened at your Rheumy visit.

    Prayers to you,