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    How are you feeling today? Hope better. I slept in quite late this morning. It is only the 3 of us here today and we are cooking hamburgers and corn on cob ab out 1pm cst and then later hubby is playing golf about 4pm.
    I plan to start a little sewing project if I feel up to it.
    I found pattern to make this little purse, it is small and mainly to use at night to go out or for fun. Has to have 2 7" zippers in it and lining, so we will see. It is in the summer edition of Quilts & More magazine. That is my favorite quilt magazine because their quilts are usually simple and they have other projects also. My sis in law gave it to me when I was in hosp and I have really enjoyed it. I already bought the new fall edition and many projects in there also.

    You be sure and keep me informed about your dr appt this week also.

    I checked the chat room several times and no one was there.
    Unless we set up a time, considering our time differences, to meet there, I think this is the way we will have to go.
    I think it would be fun to meet there though. Have to plan that one out. How many hrs ahead of me are you?

    Hope you find this and God Bless You today with special blessings and hope you feel much better.

    Gentle Hugs to my friend,
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    You know I knew about this board but wasn't even thinking.
    That's the story of my life.

    I envy you that you can do sewing, quilting, etc. I would love to be able to do something like that. I just don't have the talent for it. That's ok. God has blessed me with other

    I wish I could see your finished projects I bet they are beautiful. I was also excited to hear that you are going to go to the quilting show. That will be so much fun. Now, see, even though I don't quilt I would love it because I love to see quilts, they are truly a work of art. In Ohio where I am originally from we have so many Amish communities and I love to visit and see all of their handiwork and also to eat their food. They are wonderful cooks.

    I am sorry I didn't get into the chat room yesterday, I slept the whole day away, except for a few short stints on the message board. My husband had three days off and I took advantage of it and just slept most of the three days. I take a short nap during the week because otherwise the dogs drive me crazy at They are my babies.

    I am 2 hrs ahead of you I believe. I think I would have better luck going on during the day but don't know if this would work for you. I try to stay off the computer as much as possible when my husband is home in the evening. I don't want him to think I am ignoring

    Anyway, if you see this today why don't we try and meet up at 1 or 2 your time. I am on Eastern daylight time so I think I am 2 hrs ahead, right?

    Just put a note here and I will see what time you can get on. If not today we will do it some other day.

    Gentle Hugs,


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    I wasn't even at home today at 1-2pm my time. We stopped on way home and ate lunch at 2:30pm!!!! We were starving to death. My appt was at 12:30; didn't get seen until 1:30 and was leaving about 2:00pm. It is about a 45-50 min. drive from our house to the Woodlands, which is another suburb off I-45 northbound out of Houston. We live on NW side of Houston, even though we have a Houston address, we really are not in city limits of Houston. We live very close to small town of Tomball,TX . Downtown area is really neat with small antique and gift shops and eating places. They just put in a crossstitch shop several mos ago that I have visited 3 times already. Lady orders me patterns that I want.

    Talking about my talent----I really am not talented at all.
    I just taught myself to do all of this myself. I have no ideas of my own, I have to see a pattern and go by it and everything has to be pretty simple, but I love doing it. Now the crossstitch pieces I do are a little more involved. Have been doing that for about 20 yrs.

    It has been really storming and raining here again today.
    Yesterday, when we were ready to cook burgers and corn on grill, worst storm just came up. Had to pull under patio cover and get wet with blowing rain to cook them. That is hubby, not me!!!

    Daughter, Hannah, for her 2nd Psychology class, has to do 15 hrs of volunteer work at hospital, nursing home, etc and write a big paper about how she related to the people.
    She found her place today at a nursing home a friend of hers works at in Tomball and she spent an hour just getting acquainted with the people. That will be her work, just to visit with themn, read to them, take them outside and just talk. They all already loved her because talking is one of her greatest blessings! One lady asked her "so what if you like coming here when you get through with your project, will you keep coming to see us?" Knowing Hannah, she probably will go anytime she can.
    For this class she also has to write her life story from
    conception? thus far through her life and what she sees for herself in future. Another thing she has to do is interview a couple that has been married for over 30 yrs. and write paper about that. This is all due in Dec. so she has to pace herself with this class. And this is not even the hard class she is taking which is Human Anantomy.
    Her dad and I just had our 32nd ann. but she wants to interview someone else, so I think she is going to talk with Dad's parents. My mom and real dad were married 1 yr short of 50 yrs when he died; she and my step dad have been married 9 yrs. I knew him as an infant until now and so really feel close to him just as a dad. His daughter is 2 yrs older than me and we were best friends as children. Now step sisters!!!!

    I wish you lived near me and I could work with you and teach you some of these simple things and when you felt like it, you and I could have fun. Would love to go to the quilt festival with you, both of us in our electric wheelchairs, wouldn't we have a blast?? And the money we would spend!!! Last time I went, my husband handed me $350.00 cash to spend for the day. You better believe that I spent every penny!!!!! But you know, I am ab out to make some quilts with some of the fabric I bought that I have not used yet! It's still good!

    I would love to go to the Amish country and see their works and eat their food. I am very interested in their quilts as well.

    I did leave you note on Arthritis board about dr visit which would legally go on that board! So always check each board every day to see if messsages are there and I will do same.

    I will be home tomorrow at 1-2my time if you want to get on Chat Room, just let me know. Thurs, though I will be at Dr for a long time between visit and the infusion.
    Then will probably go home and to bed.

    How has your day been today? Did your extra sleep yest. make you feel better? Better, I hope.

    Gentle, Gentle Hugs to my friend,
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    I also wrote a note on the arthritis board. I am sorry, we are actually one hr ahead of you, not two and I figured you were at the dr. One of these days we will be able to hook up in the chat room I promise you. I usually do nothing but stay around the house but this week is unusual for me. Yesterday I did laundry and tried to rest as much as possible. Getting prepared for my neices visit.

    Today I go to the dr at 1 but will go to Chatanooga early to do some shopping and we are going to eat out. Isn't it sad when the highlight of your week is seeing the dr and going out to eat???lol. I am just so tired from this flare I am in right now. It just saps the energy out of me. Then on top of it my family calls with all their problems and I just don't want to listen. I am surely a bad

    I think it is so neat that your daughter is taking nursing. I always wanted to be a nurse, but instead ended up in the administration part of health. I am sure the people at the nursing home will hate to see her leave. I hate nursing homes. My grandmother was in one for years and I hated to go see her there. I loved my grandma, that wasn't it, it's just that I think it is sad that so many people just dump their loved ones there so they don't have to take care of them. Here in the south I have been so impressed the way that people take care of their elderly. Anyway, we tried to take care of my grandma in our home but with five children my mom just couldn't do it. She had had several strokes and she couldn't move around and I can remember when I was 11 (I was the oldest of 5) my sister and I would try to carry her into the bathroom and one day we dropped her. I felt so bad but would get so frustrated because I really didn't have the maturity to realise she couldn't help being the way she was.

    Anyway, sorry about all that. Yes, we would have a blast together. I can see us know having wheelchair races! We would knock everyone out of the way that's for sure. When my husband and I went to the mall on Sat. this older guy just about ran me over. My husband was so mad. lol

    As far as you teaching me quilting, sewing, etc. it is hopeless. When I got pregnant with my first son, my best friend who was like a mom to me she is in her 70's now, tried to teach me how to knit because I wanted to knit a baby blanket. She got so frustrated she finally said one day why don't you just leave all the stuff here and I will knit it for you. Now mind you this woman has the patience of Job. We still laugh about it.

    All our kids except for one of our son's live in Ft. Worth. I don't know if I ever told you that or not. I wish somehow I could get your phone number. I have 5,000 extra minutes on my cell phone and I would enjoy talking to you. BUT there is no safe way to put it on these boards. So I will be content to talk this way.

    Hope you have a great day. If I get some time I will post some more on here after my drs. appt. If not please rest today in preparation for your appts. tomorrow.

    Gentle Hugs to you my friend,

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    Hope you have a wonderful day in Chattanooga with dr appt and eating out. Know what you mean when highlight of week is dr appt and eating out. That is the hightlights of my life right now!!!! Isn't that scary?????

    I, too would love to talk in person. I have unlimited or no long distance on home phone so could talk all the time.

    Hope you have a good day and will be anxious to hear about your appt.

    Gentle Hugs,

    P.S. You sound kind of down. Did I detect that in your writing?
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    Boy, you are a good friend. Yes, I am kinda down today. I am just in so much pain I can't stand it. You know how some days you just feel like you just can't take any more??? Anyway, I saw my Rheumy and I posted it on the Arthritis board.

    I am going to go to bed for the night because I have to stay off of my feet for two days and I need to rest. I am just worn out from the pain. How in the world am I going to stay off of my feet with a 3 year old coming tomorrow???

    Just please pray for me so that I have the strength to do what I have to do.

    Maybe after your drs appt tomorrow we can chat some? I forgot what time you said that you go. Please get some rest so that you will be prepared. I know that this will be a double whammy with seeing your PCP and getting your injection.

    Gentle Hugs and thanks for caring,

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    I know you won't want to hear this, but I think you should tell your family about your dr visit and that you are not suppposed to be on your feet. They can cook or you can bring food in and maybe at least you can sit in living room and visit with them and prop up your feet and legs.
    Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do and would never do otherwise. Especially if you are a gracious hostess which I know you are. This is just my suggestion, of course. I would never order you to do anything!!!!!! you know that. I am just very concerned that you will undo what the injections can do for your pain.

    I am worried about you, really. Wish I was there to help.

    Gentle, Gentle hugs to my friend,
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    I really needed to hear from you. I just got up for a minute and thought I would check the boards real quick.

    I really hate to do it but I think you are right. I was lying here wondering how in the world I am going to do everything I need to do before tomorrow evening and I really was starting to panic. My husband said I better not say anything but I can't help it. I really am not feeling well. I normally would just let it go but I have been in pain all month and if I don't give these shots a chance to work I am going to be in pain longer. I just hate it. At 55 I am not suppose to be so decrepit already.

    Anyway, thanks for your advice I really needed to hear it.

    Have a good evening and please let me know how your visits go tomorrow.

    Gentle Hugs to you also, my friend.

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    I am getting ahead of you sorry. I emailed my neice last night and told her I had to stay off of my feet and she emailed me back and said that is alright, that they decided to leave earlier so they would be here sooner!!
    Oh great!! My husband has to do the shopping after work tonight so I am really in a pickle. I guess I will tell them to please stop and eat before they get here. I feel so embarrassed. I am usually the "perfect" hostess. Oh well. My dad is so mad. He thinks they should not be stopping here at all because of how I feel but that she is being very selfish and not really taking me into consideration. Oh well. Sorry to vent. I know that you know what I mean and so I feel very comfortable talking to you about all of this.

    If at any time you get tired of me please let me know!! You are going through enough.

    I will try to get back on here tonight to see how your drs visits went.

    Gentle Hugs and prayers for you today.

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    I am shocked!!!! I totally agree with your Dad. Don't take this personally because I don't know your niece at all, but She is being very selfish. You emailed her that you were to stay OFF your feet and she sends back email saying that's ok, were coming sooner? I don't get that at all. Doesn't make any sense to me. Makes me angry because you do NOT need this extra work or stress added to you at this time. I know I would be so upset if my family did this to me.

    Even when my son and his family came, he knew I did not feel well, and he did all the cooking. They took care of their own breakfasts and other meals or snacks as well.
    Believe me, on any of their other summer trips, this was not the way it was. I would get up every morning and make very big breakfast, bacon, eggs, bisquits, gravy, or pancakes and sausage, etc. Something different every
    AM. They ate frozen wafflesa and cereal this time!

    I think your niece and family are just looking for free place to stay, excuse my frankness. I have had this happen to me before and was not pleasant.

    Hope you are not mad at me for being so open and plain about this, but your health is very important to me and it neeeds to be to you. If you do have RA, which sounds like it to me, this will only make you worse. THose shots will help you for several weeks if you do what dr says.
    Ok, I will get off my soap box for now.

    How has your day been today otherwise? Any relief yet from any of the shots? That was quite a few shots to get at one time.

    My dr appt went well with PCP> My blood pressure was low.
    That is odd. It was low in hosp but we thought it was from the pain meds. He lowered dosage on one of my BP pills, I take 3 different ones!
    Then I went to other door and went to get my orencia trmt and that went off without a hitch. She got my vein first try and didn't even feel it. Was out of there before no time. Meds make me feel real tired and weak first day and a little headache. Think I am about to take something for it and lie down for a little while. Pretty pooped.

    Well, I sure do hope I didn't blast you to much. I wasn't blasting "you", I was upset with your family for taking advantage of you in your health situation. It was out of love for my friend, understand?

    Gentle Hugs for my friend,
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    You know what??? You sound just like me and no way could you ever make me mad!!! It is kinda weird because I feel a connection to you that I don't feel with any one else on the board. It is fine for you to tell me anything. I will not be offended at all.

    You will be pleasantly surprised, as I was, actually I was shocked, but when they got here my neice was just very, very sweet. She actually took care of everything and they had cereal for breakfast, sandwiches, potato salad cole slaw and chips for lunch and then we ordered pizza and wings for dinner. The first night of their arrival they had stopped and ate before coming. So everything worked out well. I know it was because I had you and my dad praying for me!! Their little 3 year old is so adorable and he talked nonstop. He made me laugh so hard. He is a little cutey and he did really well also. Her husband is a very sweet guy and he actually helped cleaning up so on!!
    See God still does perform miracles!!!

    Isn't it neat that He cares about the little details also??? They actually left today at 7 and so my husband has already cleaned the house and now he is mowing the lawn. I will probably spend much of today in bed just resting. My thumb joint is doing a little better and my foot is not as swollen but if I put any pressure on my toe itself it feels like it is broken, so I will continue putting my foot up for a few more days. The cortisone injections usually work well for me, we will see what happens this time. I am thinking positively. I wish he would have given me a course of Prednisone but he won't!!
    If I don't feel better in a week or so I am going to call him back. I start PT on Tuesday so will see how that goes.

    I am so glad that all of your drs appointments went off without a hitch!!! I am sure you are relieved. Please take care of yourself this weekend and do not over do!!!

    I will try to get in the chat room tomorrow afternoon sometime, depending on how I feel.

    Gentle hugs and love to you my friend,

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    Hey friend,
    I am soooooo relieved that your few days with family went so well. Yes, I was praying for you constantly. I was a little worried I didn't hear from you, thought, Oh no, she is upset with me, but then I kept telling myself,"she is so busy with her family she hasn't been on board and I didn't see any other posts from you so was also relieved.
    I just didn't want to lose you as a friend!

    3yr olds are a breed of their own, aren't they? My little grandson Logan that lives here near me is a mess, real sweet when I have him here by himself, but when his Mom is here, he is a stinker!!!!

    Then when my son was here with Jordyn, she will be 3 Oct. 9, we had such a special relationship. She is so sweet.
    complete opposite personality than that of her cousin.

    I keep waiting for my orencia to kick in, but so far it has not. My knuckles at my hand at swollen and hurt real bad. I was out yesterday at JoAnn's for about 40 min. and my feet started hurting so bad. I guess it is because I was so behind in the trmt that it might take longer and may not fully work until I get the next one on Oct.4th.
    They are every 4 weeks. I could take pred.for 2 days, just on my own advice, and see if that would jump start it I guess. What do you think?

    I, too, feel this connection with you. I know if we lived close to each other we would be such good friends and get together and talk and do at least what we could for the day. I have always been that way. The one good best friend I have ever had, I think I mentioned her, that moved next door to us in one of the houses we lived in when my baby was 18 mos. old. She was pregnant at time so her daughter just turned 18 this summer. Her little boy at the time was same age as my Heidi who is 23 now. I remember when her daughter was born I was taking Edward to the hospital to see he new sister and I am driving on busy I-45 at work hour traffic in Houston and he asked me "how do you know if it is a boy or a girl". Karen and I still laugh about that to this day. He is in med school right now to be a P.A. Him, my son and Heidi played together constantly the whole time we lived by them. She and I still talk about every 2-3 mos. I call her because of my phone sit. She now lives in Sydney, NE. Have not seen her in years.

    To me, we have that kind of friendship, and you just know it when it happens. It also has something to do with our same belief in God and prayer. That pulls us together.
    I have really been praying for Fairydust's husband and for her also. That is such a sad situation. Feel for her so badly.

    What are they going to do with you in PT? That sounds painful to me with the way your joints are right now.

    My husband and I went over yesterday afternoon and saw my daughter's new house since she got it all put together. It is real nice and much bigger than our first house that we bought! They are so proud of it. She took off this whole week from work as vacation to spend at her new home and get it together. She was needing the break from work also. She is the one who, at age 22, was given job of front office manager at the huge pediatrician's office. Has 7 people under her. They love her work and she is known downtown at Texas Children's Hospital, which owns Texas Children's Pediatric Associates, which this practice is a part of. This particular office has 4 different locations. She has been working for them for over 3 1/2 yrs. parttime. She has worked every position available at every single office. She knows everything about the business. All the Drs. 22 in all, love her. I see office administator in her future. Her immed. boss is that office adminstr. and she told her that she was administrator material!!!! I am proud of all my children and what they have become as adults. Two of them, oldest 2 are in ministry, then Heidi is doing that work and Hannah, my baby, is going to be RN. Can't wait until she really starts studying medical stuff, but I love learning and I will be studying with her!!!!!!

    Well, better close out for now since I wrote a book.
    Hope you get lots of good rest today and that your foot gets much better. Will pray for that specifically.

    Hugs and love to my friendm
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    I just woke up and thought I would do a little browsing. It is good to hear from you. Don't ever worry, if I am not on here it is just because I don't feel well, which it seems is happening more and more. I hope at PT they will be able to help me learn how to get around better and some helpful aids for my daily living. I am also going to do aquatherapy so we will see how it goes.

    The swelling in my foot has gone down some but it is still painful so we will see how it goes. I wish I could take a course of Prednisone. My dr, I think is too conservative. But then again, I can't take hardly any meds without some kind of crazy reaction so I know that he is really hesitate to do anything to me unless he feels he absolutely has to. If I don't feel any better in a couple of weeks I am going to go right back in to see him.

    Yes, it sounds as if you have done an excellent job with your children. You should be very proud of them. Unfortunately my two sons and families do not attend church and it bothers me tremendously. They are both really good boys and take wonderful care of their families.
    I just pray that maybe some day some one will be able to reach them in a way that I obviously can't and that they will see their need for God in their lives. Both of them were raised in the church so they really have no excuse. I pray for them constantly and talk to them but don't over do it because then they back away from me and I don't want that. I know that God has someone out there that can help them.

    I think you need a scooter for when you go out. It would probably make a world of difference. Do you know if your insurance would pay for any of this. That is another reason I am going to PT. I hope they will be able to help me with that sort of thing also.

    Maybe you should call the nurse on Monday and just ask her about your ornecia not working. It probably does have something to do with going "without it for so long". It probably has to build back up in your system and that may take quite a while. I don't know too much about the RA drugs, but have a feeling I will be learning soon. Have you taken the Prednisone along with the Ornecia before?? I just don't want you to do anything that will "mess" you up.
    Just off the top of my head I would say take it but I wish it wasn't a Sat so you could check with your doctor.

    My poor husband is running around all over creation today. He just went to do grocery shopping. I don't even know if I will go to church tomorrow because if I feel tomorrow like I feel today I probably won't and I hate to miss!!

    How is your chest feeling?? I hate it that you have so much to cope with. It wears you out sometimes doesn't it and yet you always seem to have such a good spirit.

    I hate it for fairydust also. I was shocked when I read her post. I am glad that she is able to be closer to him and able to spend time with him. It would probably be easier on them both if he would just give up. I hate to say that but you know he would finally be out of pain and with Jesus. How much better could it be??? I know that it will be so very hard on her. I have two very close older friends who have lost husbands in the past few years and they are just lost without their mates. They both do well, they are strong women but the lonliness just gets too them. One's husband was a Baptist minister and the other has been a friend to me since I was 12 years old and is a precious Christian woman. I love them both very much.

    Anyway, I really need to get off of here and rest for the rest of the day so maybe I can venture out to church tomorrow.

    Thanks again for all your prayers and please take care of yourself.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    Hope you can get a lot of rest today so you can go to church tomorrow. I have not been able to go since I was in the hospital. Will see how I feel tomorrow.

    You say you are feeling "bad". Does that meana extremem fatigue? If you do have RA, I know from my own personal experience, that that somedays is my worse enemy. Even if my joints are feeling better, I have such severe fatigue.
    If you do have RA, this could account for some of that.

    I am fortunuate to have a very non-conservative RA dr.
    She does not want me to take steroids on regular basis even at low dosage because of my heart issues and stomach issues, plus I have really bad osteoporosis and that is bad for that disease. But she already told me to take one pill for 2 days if I had flare up of pleurisy again, so I thought that if this didn't get better, maybe it wouldn't hurt to take one for 2 days. Also if I have bad asthma attack I am to take it for 6 days, 10mgfor 3 days and 5mg for 3 days. But I probably should as you suggest call nurse first. Will listen to you!!!!

    All my children are not in church. My third child, Heidi, who is the office manager, and her husand do not attend church. She says she is a Christian and believes in God but thinnks that there are too many hypocrites in the church. When we lived in AZ for 3 yrs., I think something happened with some girls her age (16-19) was her age then, that changed her. She has not been the same since. She doesn't seem to want to talk to me about it much. She probably has talked with little sister, they are EXTREMELY close. I am so glad that they are close and they are close to their older sister, Heather. If something were to ever happen to me I know they would all look after each other and make sure Hannah was taken care of.

    Your husband sounds just like mine. Before I got sick, he had only just stopped at grocery store to "pick up an item or two". Now if I don't feel like going with him, he will take my list, redo the list to his liking according to where they are in store lol, and has even learned how to pick out good meat and produce. He has certainly changed. Also learned how to make himself a sandwich, iron a shirt, etc. Things that I would have normally done for him. He has not complained at all.

    I feel for Suzan on this board whose husband said he would not take care of her. I wonder how her day is going today. This is the dayher son is moving her out.

    Did you say you were 55? or did I make that up? I will be 53 next Sat, 15th.

    My mom might not get the pain management thing put in yet.
    Neurologist she went to wanted another MRI done of his own and she saw him yest. and he was shocked at results. Told her no wonder her lower back and hip and leg down to knee was in such pain. Said MRI showed spine was "in a mess".
    She has already had 2 surgeries for this before. Thinks surgeon will want to do one more surgery, maybe a little more involved, but would give her lots of relief. I will have to pull strength up from bottom of my toes when this happens to go and be with her and stay night at home with my stepdad. Also be there with her when she comes home from hosp. They have a sofa there, can't pull out the bed part--no room--but I can sleep pretty compf. on it just plain. Take enough pills and I can sleep anywhere!!!!!
    Hasn't always been this way. Before I got dx with RLS, I could not be still at all during night. Walked the house for hours. Now meds let me sleep good, unless shoulders are in flare up. I am thankful right now they are OK.

    I sure do seem to be a chatter box today!!!! That's what happens when you aren't on for a few days!

    Know you probably won't see this until tomorrow after church. I might write more before then, you will get tired of reading all this stuff!!!!

    Hugs for my fried for now,
    Mimi (Sherry)
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    Well, how is your day going so far? I went to church. My husband barely got me out of bed at 8, we leave at 8:30, so I dragged myself into the shower and got ready. Needless to say I looked like a disaster but I don't worry about it. At least I got out. Everyone told me I looked terrible. I already knew that!!! I said, yep I could use some prayer, huh??!!! Anyway, glad I went.

    I am 55 will be 56 in a couple of months. Sometimes I feel 76!! HAHA!!

    When I say I am tired it is because of my FM. The only way I know how to describe it is to say I feel like I have been hit by a Mac I just don't have any energy at all. Usually when I get the cortisone injections they make me hyper for a couple of days but this time I was in so much pain that it worked the opposite. My problem with my dr. is that I have such a terrible sensitivity to drugs that he just doesn't want to take the chance that I will have an allergic reaction to anything he might give me so he doesn't want to give me anything at all.

    I am glad your dr is aggressive. I had one like that but it was to my detriment. She almost ended up killing me. So my husband and I figure, conservative is better than being dead!!!lol. Just at times when the FM and OA are flaring at the same time I feel just wiped out. Now if you add RA into the mix I am really going to have fun. The shots took the swelling down but I still cannot use my thumb because every time I bump it I go crazy. My toe seems to be doing a little better but I have not walked too much, so we will see how that goes.

    If your dr told you to take the Prednisone, then I would think it would be ok without calling her? I don't know. It's hard to know isn't it? I am so sorry that you have so many problems from your RA. It sounds just terrible and yet you sound really good. I am glad you are coping with it well. I know it is not easy.

    It looks like fairydust's husband will not make it much longer. I feel so sorry for her. It will be so hard. It would be nice if we could bypass the whole death thing and just vanish into heaven wouldn't it? It's hard because if you are a christian then you are happy for your loved one but because we are also human we are sad for ourselves. I know it was extremely hard when my sister and mother died. Then my nephew, the one that his mother died, and his wife just had a baby and they named her after his mom, my sister and she died after 10 days. She had a genetic diseae and talk about sad. They buried her next to her grandma. It is especially hard when it is a child.

    I don't really read too much on any of the other boards because I used to go to the fibro board all the time but it just got me exhausted because so many of them just like to argue and fight and I don't need that. I haven't really read any on here either, although I did read about Suzan since you mentioned her. It is sad what some people have to go through. I went through a lot in my first marriage but it better left unsaid. I try not to look back but keep my eyes focused on today and the future. God has been so very good to me and for the first time in my life I am truly happy. My husband is a God send for me and I love him dearly. There is nothing he would not do for me. He has been through a alot with me. The year after we got married is when I had the second bout with CA and it was horrible. I almost died and he stuck by me through every minute of it. And now with all of this he has been so good to me.

    Anyway, enough of all of that. I am sure you are getting tired from reading so much.

    I will check later and see if you are in the chat room.

    Hope your day is going well.

    Gentle Hugs,

  16. mimimurch4

    mimimurch4 New Member

    I had a long message already typed out to you and my computer just went off. It is going to die any day, I just know. It is my husbands laptop and it is old.

    Will try again. Have no idea what I said before!
    Am glad you made it to church. You did better than me, I did not make it today. Feel bad now. Should have made myself get up but didn't.

    That is so sad about your sister dying and then your nephew's newborn daughter dying after 10 days. That is just awful. Know she is in hands of God and her dear grandmother, but it is so sad for the parents. Did this happen recently?

    I am here alone right now. DH is playing golf. Hannah is at work. She had to open the store this Am at 9 and will close it at 6pm. I don't know how much longer she can continue to work and do her college work also. She is only working on weekends but this weekend she had to work Fri. ngith and close, Sat 2 until close, all day today and she has to work Mon night because it is girl's night out and everyone has to work those nights. Last weekend she did not have to work at all on Sun which made it nice.

    Did I tell you that my Mom may have to have another back surgery instead of the pain management thing being gput in? She had another MRI and the neurologist said he could not beieve the mess in her back. I am sure I told you this, but this is my memory acting up.

    I tried to see if you were on the chat room but you weren't there. Will try again now.

    After that, I am going to try to start one of those little purses that I am going to attempt to make. I have stuff to make 4 of them. Hope they turn out!

    Hugs to you my friend,
  17. cheryl888881

    cheryl888881 New Member

    Us missing each other in the chat room is starting to get comical. I am home all day today so if you see this let me know when you want to go in and I will meet you there. I don't have much to do today so I will check occasionally. Sorry I missed you yesterday, I went in several times but was all

    Yes, you did tell me about your mother. Sorry I didn't respond, my memory is so short it is pathetic. I hope she will do well with another surgery. She has had so many already. Bless her heart. I will remember to pray for her about this, it seems after a while they would stop doing surgeries wouldn't it??? I can barely recover from the anesthetic, I can't imagine how she does it!

    Do you enjoy your time alone? I do sometimes, but sometimes I would rather my husband be home. I love to read so I buy books when they are on sale. I found a really good web sight for christian books and get them from there.

    I would love to see the purses you make. I imagine they are quit nice.

    I hope your daughter will be able to keep up the pace. When you are younger you really don't realize how much you are doing. I know I never even thought twice about it. But I really think it affects you when you are older. The body can only run full force for so long. I know that you are excited to join in on her discussions about her classes. It will be interesting to see her evolve into a nurse.

    My neice how was just here is going parttime to school, she has one quarter left, she will graduate in December and she has made the honor roll every time and was on the Dean's list the last quarter. All this and raising a 3 year old. She has both sets of grandparents near so they split up the baby sitting time between them. My brother, her dad, just loves his little boy!!!

    My nephew lost his baby in June of this year. It was a sad time for sure. They want to try to get pregnant again, but are still awaiting the results of the genetic testing that they are doing on the baby's body parts. Then they each will be tested to see if it is something that they carry. If it is they will not have another baby. So we are really praying that it was just a "fluke". It was hard on me because you know God does not make mistakes and I kept thinking of the bible verse about how we are wonderfully and marveously made in His image and I kept asking myself God made her why does He allow things like this to happen? It is so hard to understand. I know that there is a purpose to everything He does. It was especially hard on Matthew because when his mom had cancer he was convinced that God was going to heal her and when she died he turned from God and was angry for years. Then this happens and I just feel so bad for him. I hope that he does not turn away again. All I can do is pray for him. He is very close to my father which is good. His dad is a real jerk. He had affairs their whole marriage and acted like a real bum during the funeral and announced he was going to tear the house apart and start living like he wanted too. Like my sister would never let him. And his mistress came to the showing at the funeral home. A week after she was buried he called me and announced he had suddenly found someone and wanted to get remarried and asked for my blessing. This is from a man who couldn't take my dying sister a glass of water when she couldn't even get out of bed. I would have to call him long distance and threaten him because she was so bad and he refused to take her to the dr. It was a nightmare. I just let him have it and told him that he never needed to call me again because he was a liar and I was sick of him. She had three boys and they all have had trouble. They took care of her the whole time she was dying. They have turned out ok but the youngest got a girl pregnant and just got married and so on and so on. I am glad my sister is gone from all of this. I know she is in a better place.

    Wow, sorry for all of that. I will check in the chat room today throughout the day.

    Gentle Hugs,

  18. mimimurch4

    mimimurch4 New Member

    Well, I did something wrong the the first purse. I was working on it earlier today and I sewed up something that wasn't supposed to be so I will have to rip out some stitches. I started on some fabric that I don't like especially, so I can learn on this one anad picked out fabric that I like for me two purses and my sil had picked out some of my stash that she liked for her one. I just have the get the idea down on this one before starating the good ones.

    Still hurting. Have a little more energy today. Am about to rest awhile after I check the chat room to see if you are there. Yes, yesterday I probably went in there 6 or 7 times and no one else was ever there. We can have our own private conversation whenever we actually make it there together!!!!.
    Will check now.

    Gentle Hugs,
  19. mimimurch4

    mimimurch4 New Member

    I was just in chat room and waited about 7 min to see if you came in. Will go in again in a few min when I get done here.

    Yes, I do sometimes like to be alone. I didn't use to, right after all the kids got into school. Even after I got sick I didn't like to, but lately, I enjoy the time that I am alone, I guess because I feel I can do whatever I neeed to do without any one saying anything about it. Family is getting much better about all the naps and stuff I don't do that I used to do. This has only been dx little less than a year, so we have gone through lot of changes. I have felt very bad though for many years and just had to put up with it. Got so bad though, that that just wouldn't cut it any more.

    That purse is just really aggravating me. I am not going to be able to rest until I get that thing figured out. I know I don't need this added stress, but once I figure it out and make it work, I will be so happy with myself and proud (if it looks good) that I think it will make up for the little stress.

    I am anxious to start new quilt. Have several I could start. Have to decide which one. Decisions, decisions!

    Will check back in chat room. You are going in Arthritis chat room, right?

    Gentle Hugs to my friend,
  20. mimimurch4

    mimimurch4 New Member

    Are you going to be home tomorrow? I will be home all day tomorrow. Can we set up a time, say 1pm my time which would be 2 pm your time. Is that right?

    Can we try that? If tomorrow is not a good day, then we can set up another day.

    I will be gone all day Wed. with my sister to go see my mother and step dad and get our hair cut. The lady that used to cut both of our hair when we both lived in Lake Jackson, TX, where my mom and stepdad are in assisted living home, is the only one we can find to really give us a good hair cut. Does it out of her house. Have known her for years. I got my hair cut here several weeks ago and it was horrible, then I cut some on it so it is really bad now. It will probably be real short by the time she gets it fixed on Wed. I have lost so much hair during this past year because of my illness it is not even funny. It is so thin and has no body. I want to get another perm, but will prob. have to wait until Oct. since it will be so short this time. Have you lost any hair?
    I told my reumi at my first visit that I was losing hair and she said that was a symptom of RA and Lupus. Then I guess taking the Metho makes me lose more! I will need a wig pretty soon. That might not be a bad thing!!!!!!!!!
    Just wash hair, dry and put on nice looking hair!!!!!
    May add up all my birthday money and check into that? What do you think?

    Hugs to my friend,
    Sherry P.S. What is your middle name?