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    Hi, I just read your comment in Lisas post about the sunburn feeling you get. I get this too, mainly when I am in a flare. I have had it a lot over the last couple of years and have posted several times on this board and others asking whether people have this symptom or not and have always gotten a complete blank!
    It must be an unusual symptom, but I get it to the point of absolute misery and it's something that I get just after I wake up and then it starts to wear off in another hour or so.

    I had a lot of nasty seizure activity, anxiety and panic attacks when I first got sick and my doctor put me on Lamictal and it has worked really well with no side effects except that my mood is much better and no panic attacks or seizure activity :). I still get anxiety and use xanax instead of Klonopin. The Xanax gets rid of the burning too so it's a good combination for me.

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    The burning feeling is the virus irritating the nerves. Herpes viruses do this, and I imagine I may have CMV or HHV6. My CFS doctor seems to think so. Other viral diseases can do the same.

    I'm glad the Xanax is helping you. I've just started klonopin .5mg and it helps with sleep and anxiety.