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    Do you know that chocolate can reactivate the viruses we have? Stay away from chocolate of any kind, nuts, corm, and sugar. Our viruses like to feed on these.

    Hi I copied the above statement that you wrote to me. I never knew this. I eat tons of nuts! I thought they were good for me and helped add more protein into my diet, esp. as a mind snack!Where did you learn or hear about this? I love chocolate too!

    Dr. Charles Lapp's "Dealing with Relapses and Flares

    Also where can I find this article?[This Message was Edited on 08/07/2006]
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    Dr. Lapp has an excellent site:

    In my research in several places, I ran across the foods to avoid if you have any of the Herpes viruses. They love arginine(sp?) rich foods. I found that when I was in acute CFS, chocolate would make it so much worse, so I can vouch for that.

    I also read, interestingly enough, that when you are recovered, make sure your NK level is high enough before you eat chocolate again.

    There doesn't seem to be a magic bullet, yet, for CFS, but every little bit helps.

    Good luck.

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