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    Hi, (sorry, just read this back through and kind of dis-jointed bouncing around - i'm not too clear headed this morning)

    When we started on the Babesia, it was Artemesiae - 5 days on, 5 days off. On day 2 of it, I got so sick for 8 days I was actually scared. I called their office on like day 4 of that and they suggested lemon water and Quercetin. I couldn't handle the Quercetin, it upset my stomach - says "supports immune function, supports healthy histimine levels" on the bottle. I'd read about herxing but actually had no idea it would for Babesia treatment (thought just lyme) nor that it would make me so sick.

    Had another 8 days of heck starting 28 days later - at my 6 week consult I told Dr. H when he asked if it was as bad as the first herx I told him yes it was as bad, the only thing that made it better was that I knew since I didn't die the first time I wasn't scared along with it. (he has a sense of humor) I also never felt at any time during those days that I felt as good as I did prior to starting treatment although that wasn't "good" it was better than what I've been feeling.

    Although he seemed happy I had herxed and another at 28 days as it's the lyme cycle?, he felt the artemesia hit me too hard and was also thoughful about the 30 someodd dollars a bottle and a bottle was done in 5 days....that we'd go at it with something else that wouldn't be so hard on me.

    I'd started azithromycin/zithromax on day 30 of the supplements to get my stomach able to handle meds which was in the middle of the artemesia pulsing and have been on it this entire time.

    He changed me to Mepron and Enula. Mepron is a prescription "antiprotozoal agent" working up to 1/2 teaspoon 2xday. and Enula is a liquid herbal thing to get up to 30 drops morning and night. I think Enula is new in Babesia killing - I saw some people talking about it on's lyme boards.

    I was expecing another 28 day thing but when I started the Mepron I had another herx a few days later - it was not as bad as the other two -- I do think as he said, not as hard on me and also because of the detox kit.

    It is PEKANA Basic Detoxification and Drainage kit. It has 3 bottles in it and you take 1/2 teas of each 2xday. (they are sending me another as I believe it really did help -- could also be that I'm not herxing as bad with the Mepron/enula stuff?? It says on it "apo-HEPAT drops promote proper liver and gallbladder function, the ITIRES promotes superior lymphatic movement & drainage, and RENELIX drops support the kidney and urological systems to ensure proper excretion of toxins."

    Anyway, I hope this is what you wanted to know as I can't go back and read your post while doing this. OH, and there was a thread on here that was really helpful about herxing -- I tried some of those things and they helped as well the end of the first herx and 2nd one when I didn't have the detox stuff.

    Take care, and let me know how the I think Plaqunel? medicine goes...

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