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    Hi Everyone!
    I am 58yrs old have copd and osteoarthritis and of course fibromyalgia. I am not sure which symptom is from which disease. I have had since March a pain just to the right of my mid chest at which time Dr thought was a chest infection, gave me antibiotics and prednisone....went back to another Dr end of march...same treatment. I still have the pain as well as other symptoms of copd,throat clearing and sob. I find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep and when I awake in am my whole body aches horribly...I have the pain in my chest and my back over shoulder blades and all along my ribs....I get scared could be lung cancer and afraid to get chest xray...but my question is could fibromyalgia be causing this? Anyone else have this? Thanks for reading and any input offered.
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    And I don't know if it is from the stomach problems I have or if it is FMS. Hasn't been that severe to go to a doctor before.

    You are smart to have seen the doctor about this, though. ;-) Do ya think you should just go ahead and get that chest x-ray?

    Hope you'll feel better. If not, that x-ray might be a good idea.


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    but you should get that chest xray probably. I am to the point where I can tell if the pain is FM or not, but if I can't, I go to the doc.


    PS. I know you know you should go though :)