Chest and Lung Pain in the Morning

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MissyG6614, May 9, 2005.

  1. MissyG6614

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    Hi there. I am a newcomer to this site and looking for some help with something. I have been diagnosed with FM and but have had no luck confirming that one of my symptoms is "typical." When I first wake up in the morning mu chest and back are so tight. It hurts to take a deep breath and feels like the pain is in my lungs. Has anyone else ever experienced this?
  2. MissyG6614

    MissyG6614 New Member

    Thank you so much for responding. It is so hard sometimes to accept that what you feel is really just a part of the FM. You start to worry that there is something much more serious that they are ignoring or haven't found...

  3. naturebaby

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    Hi Missy,
    I do experience this from time to time but luckily not on a daily basis. I had chest xrays and a stress test to rule out other causes. Mine is caused by spasms and is related to my fibro.

    Please talk to your doc, as chest pain of any kind is nothing to fool around with. With fibro, we have to be extra careful not to chalk up new pain or symptoms to the FM when it could be something more serious.

    Anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants have helped me. Good luck and keep us posted! Wishing you well, nature
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  4. lease79

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    I get it too. Worse in the mornings. Not sure if it's the reflux, the ulcer that's healing, the fibro or a conbination of all of the above. I have been having terrible trouble with this kind of chest pain lately, but unfortunately if I do too much throughout the day mine gets really bad. Like now :(

  5. cilli

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    It is very normal to me, I wake up every single day of my life just like that. The first time it happened was many years before I was diagnosed and I went to the hospital, thought it was a heart attack.

    The Dr. said it was swelling in the chest wall. back then it only happened occassionally and was very severe. Now many years later it is every morning and I can't move or breathe well until after I have been up for awhile and/or the pain killers kick in.

    My morning usually consists of waking up and crawling to the medicine cabient and sink for water to swallow the pill.

    It sucks to start everyday of life drugged, but that it how it has to be for most of us.

    I have had my chest x-rayed, my back x-rayed, and suggest you do the same before chalking it up to this DD.

    Love and HUgs Cilli
  6. MissyG6614

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    Cilli - Thank you for your message. Best of everything to you.
  7. Gael

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    Hi, Missy. I'm new here, too. While your pain could be from your FM(I mean, is there really anything TYPICAL about fibro symptoms? Ha) it can also be something which your dr. should look into. Have you been tested for lupus? Sometimes pleurisy(inflammation around the lungs) is a result of lupus acting up.
  8. lillorilea

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    Mornings are horrible, I too start my day with a handful of meds. I've had the pains in my chest and lungs for years now. I do see a respitory specilist every six months. Chest Xrays show swollen lympth notes around my heart.

    I also have had asthma (mild) since I was 12 but I am a smoker which of course has made things worse. I cough a lot in the mornings, partly from this and partly from smoking. Of course all the doctors tell me to quit smoking. My husband quit cold turkey in December 04 but I find it hard right now. I just need for some things in my life to settle down. Dealing with the constant pain from FM and my depression(I'm waiting to get into a appt at the mental health clinic)also fighting for my disability pension. Soon I will be able to focus on just me and quitting smoking is the first thing that I plan on doing. I just feel if I quit now I will lose it. I already have panic and anxiety attacks.

    But anyways, I do have chest and lung pain and my doctor tells me its from the FM.

    Good Luck and Take Care....................Lori
  9. jef40

    jef40 New Member

    not every day, but it seems that I get it when I sleep really deep and I am told that I do not move anything except my legs.

    They told me at my sleep study that I did breathe enought to keep my satuation up, but my chest didn't expand. Then when I go to get up and try to expand those muscles, it's like an old thick rubber band that doesn't want to stretch.

    It really can hurt for quite a while, but I find that once I get to moving and get in the shower it starts to ease up. I'm not sure sometimes if it has to do with my kidneys since sometimes it is really low in my lungs and in the kidney area. I don't know for sure, but be sure to talk to your MD about it.

    And welcome...

  10. Sandyz

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    I have had chest pain for a year. It hurts ever time I breath. THey checked my heart and other things and couldn`t find anything. They never did do a chest x-ray. Three weeks ago, I had another round of broncitis. I demanded a chest x-ray. They found I had walking pneumonia in my left lung. I had no fever with it.

    I`m really wandering how long I`ve had this. I wasn`t taken serious at all with this chest pain because of the Fm. Most of the test they did, I asked for.

    If you haven`t had a chest x-ray get one done. What tests have they done on you, if any? Yes, fibro could cause your symptoms but so could many other things.
  11. GwenGlo

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    ...especially while I'm sleeping. I don't wake up but I'm aware that my chest really hurts, feels like it will explode and I am totally exhausted. In the morning I feel like I've run 85 miles, my chest feels raw and my legs won't support me when I try to stand up. I feel like I've had the flu for a week.
    For those (including doctors) who feel we are phonies I wish they could have just one episode of this.
    On the other hand I'm not sure I'd wish this on anyone!
  12. darude

    darude New Member

    Just had one done and was abnormal having another one will let you know
  13. tanyasue

    tanyasue New Member

    I have a couple conditons.

    One of them is helped by heat. I have to make sure that my chest doesn't get cold in the middle of the night. My doctor had me start sleeping with two shirts on (sleeves don't matter, but the neckline has to reach your neck). Also, try adding a heating bad at night and in the morning. It really helped me out.

    Also, when I get up in the morning, I take a warm shower and let it hit my chest and back. When I am letting it hit my back, I bend forward a little bit and stretch the muscles. The heat helps it stetch without hurting.