chest pain and anxiety

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gumama, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. gumama

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    My Fibro is caused from the HLA-B 27 Gene... that is to say, that its the contributing factor.... most of my pain is in my upper body....

    my questions is..... how many have chest pain AND then Anxiety, or is it the other way around..... my daughter has Fibro and Lupus as does my husband, I take care of my husband and my 87 yr old Mother lives with me, and requires full time care.

    While I understand that Stress ( ya think) can really cause a flare. I'm just curious to see how many of you have the anxiety and chest pain and which comes first... mine goes through to my back and I have the tingling etc...

    I can go for a long time with no anxiety, and then WHAM. it comes out of no where, and then your body just reacts before you know it.


  2. Mamalovinit

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    I have it all by itself most of the time. Or if I get scared all of a sudden. My dh and kids play pranks all the time, sometimes I accidental end up the victim. lol

    It also happens sometimes if I get excited (happy) over something. Strong emotion must have something to do with part of mine.

  3. Risk

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    Hi Gumama and M. Totally relate. For me, it's usually experiencing a chest pain, that sets me up for panic/anxiety. And little things can also trigger anxiety, sometimes a loud startling noise, like M, mentioned, or if the door bell rings and it scares the crap out of me. Out of all the fibro symptoms, for me, the chest pains are the worst because I think the worst is happening. Yes, I've had more heart tests that I care to remember and all were normal. So, it's part of the Fibro, and there are days that I forget all about it, while others, I think about the chest pains constantly, whether they will return or when and what if I'm out, etc. That sets me off on the anxiety rollercoaster.

  4. RC2thfnsh

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    I have been to the emergency room more times than I can count for chest pain and feeling like I couldnt catch my breath. The last time I went my left arm,hand and fingers went totally numb.I thought I was having a heart attack. Ive had every test avaliable. My heart is fine. Diagnosed with Panic disorder. Was diagnosed in April 2004 with fibro. I guess its all part of the fibro.
  5. Cookie3

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    I experience chest pain first, then the anxiety. I think that besides stress, my pain is associated with bad discs in C-5 and 6, and C-7 and 8. They too will cause severe chest pain and neck pain. So be careful and make sure that it is not your heart. Good luck, Cookie
  6. fivesue

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    go hand and hand...and have forever with me. I have an anxiety disorder and sometimes it just happens. Right now, my life is a mass of stress, and I feel it dad is dying and I don't think I'm handling it too well plus being sick and all of life's other little jabs.

    So, anxiety is right below the surface and takes nothing noticeable to pop to the surface. Glad for anxiety meds.

    Take care...

  7. lvjesus

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    please accept my sympathy about your dad. It is very hard to go through. I pray that you will have peace while you go through this awful time.

    God Bless,