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    I have been couging up green phlegm and the pain when I do is really bad.I have to get on my knees near toilet and thump my chest a bit to get it up(sorry)and the taste makes me nearly vomit yuk!

    I remember having this 2 years ago but I did not go to docs for a few weeks so I made it worse.It lasted for ages and I could only eat soups.

    I need antibiotics but cant get to see my doc til monday,I am thinking of going to the E.R to get something cos I dont think this is just flu....I have not had flu for years now,

    I was thinking maybe I should have flu jab as a precaution when I am over this episode?
    My temerature is usually low(35.3 to 36. UK temp)
    and it is 37.3 which is high for me.

    Any advice?


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  2. kgangel

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    coughing up large quanities of green or yellow puss, could be Bronchitis. I would get to a doctor as soon as possible. I don't know how serious that is but, it could probably turn to pneumonia too.

    I am not a doctor though so please understand I am only telling you from what I have read. I have never had bronchitis, though I have had pneumonia it is no fun!!

    Take care and keep us posted
    Get better soon!!

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