chest pain day after minor exercise anyone else? (reposting)

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  1. Chilene

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    (i thought i'd repost (no past responses), as this is very curious/important).

    i'm noticing yet another pattern.

    i RAREly exercise (a block walk is exercise)... but i felt the urge to resurrect my poor bicycle (sitting for years in my building basement) yesterday. nice weather and less traffic in town on the holiday. so sad i never ride a bike anymore...

    well, since i had two flat tires, rusty chain, etc.... my exercise was cleaning the filthy bike, lifting it three steps from the storage room (man, my forearms hurt just from that, amazed at how tired that lifting made me so quickly--guess i really still have this dd. lol. after 13 years.). and then i dragged the bike half a block to fill the tires... etc... still couldn't ride it; the chain a mess.

    oh, and i ALSO ended up walking two blocks earlier in the day due to no closer available parking (Chicago! handicapped plates don't do diddly without spaces).

    just with that much exercise... i've had that muscle pain/heart/chest spasm a few times out of nowhere today (following day--and severe fatigue/brain)... comes and goes. got it after laughing a few times today. then it's gone. but this pattern has been emerging over the years always the day or so after i do ANY real aerobic exercise. usually very short bouts of exercise, even.

    i got my heart checked a few times over the last five years... all was ok. i've mentioned it to my doc in the past who thought it might be muscle related, and due to the fibro... i will probably get my heart checked soon again, too.

    anyone else get this?

    i hope i can still try to ride my bike or build up to other exercise and not have to worry or never exercise much. when i was healthy, i worked out, biked, danced, etc... about five days a week. i miss it all the time but pray for the chance to come for a BIT of it again.


  2. tfrisbee

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    Yes Helene I have chest pain at times with my fibro. They call it non cardiac related chest pain. It does scare you a bit, I have gone by ambulance to hospital before with 5 nitro's and it hadn't helped. Check with you doctors and see what they have to say...they might have some ideas too.
  3. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    thanks for your words. i will research the costocondritis and try to make sure i follow up with doctors sooner rather than later.

    by today (two days after exercise), the chest/heart area intermittant spasms have gone, but the extra fatigue is definitely still here. i forgot how bad brain fog can get from exercise. actually, i was able to do a big errand today and walk a tad... but my mind/processing is like i'm drunk. so weird how that can be.

    man, it stinks that all i did drag my bike a block and lift it up two steps and clean it, and THAT was too much?!... it's so disheartening.

    i'll try to be grateful that i can get out, i guess...
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  4. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience. i will keep observing and also mention things that you and others have shared with the doctors.

    ;) helene
  5. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    hi just to say i have these chest pains after i exert myself mainly when i know i am too tired to do something and push myself.

    it may be that you have a virus as many of us do in your system. this can get into the heart and cause heart problems. fibrosis dr learner has done some heart biopsies and this is shown here.

    also many of the top dr's are discussing mitocondrial failure (the power house cells like batteries) it may be that these run out of energy when you have overexerted yourself

    check out the old posts here there is one recently that discusses the heart problems in cfs/me.

    dr julia newton in newcastle england has also done some great papers on this

    dr myhill's website has a good page on this which explains it well

    i take hawthorn which strengthens the heart i find it takes a bit but i really notice the difference. there is a research paper in the library of this site on hawthorn for the heart

    cod liver oil is also very good for the heart but research it you need to take quite a lot higher than the normal recommended dose

    q10 is good to feed the mitochondria and i believe for the heart, magnesium can also be low so you may want to try magnesium citrate.

    i hope that this is helpful i know it is frightening dr myhill's page explains it very clearly if you have brian fog

    the usual tests for heart probs don't show the problem often times so look for the post recently on heart probs which talks about impedence testing

    good luck take it easy
  6. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    yes, for me it seems clearly to come after over-exerting myself. (but dangit, it takes so little. grrr... wonder if i can build up to more exercise without as much trouble?).

    wow, thank you SO much for all of your wonderful thoughts and advice and listings of articles, websites, people and supplement information. very glad you listed supplements versus drugs, since i react less to supplements and much prefer them as an option.

    many, many thanks!;)

  7. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    you are more than welcome i only hope that it works for you i really rate hawthorn

    i notice that you said that your brain processing was like you were drunk.

    i get that feeling after exertion. like i speak clearly and think clearly and then i walk somewhere and when i get there i can't remember why i was there and can no longer think straight or sometimes talk in coherant sentances. i go back to normal when i've rested a bit. sometimes people do think i'm drunk when my speech is slurred.

    i think it's to do with reduced blood flow to brain after exercise.

    Any way if you feel bad with your chest i find it's good to get lying down or at least with your feet up the heart has to work less if you are on the flat.

    good luck
  8. Jayna

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    I just put a pinch of loose herb in my teapot and drink it all evening.

    Also agree with the folks who say to lie right down and put your feet up - it clears up the ache faster and helps get blood back to the brain quickly.
  9. schaken

    schaken New Member

    Please get your doctor to check you out this problem.
    I had pressure on my chest, slight dizziness, and fluttering in my chest.

    I ended up in the ER and ICU for aterial fiburlation (sp)

    Now on am on heart meds and blood thinners. I was asked why I didn't go in sooner.

    I responded I didn't hurt any more than normal.

    So please don't just assume that it is FM

  10. kat0465

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    i have had the chest discomfort thing & wierd heart beats since thhis DD started almost 15 yrs now.
    several yrs ago they found what they called a thickening heart valve, said not to worry it probably wouldnt be a prob for years & years! but i have noticed over the past few years, symptoms are getting worse!
    Specially when i over do, which i tend to do when im having a good day or my pain isnt too bad. like clockwork the next day is terrible for chest discomfort, irregular heart beats, sometimes it feels like it's beating too slow, other times too fast,also skipping beats.
    i know i need to get it checked again, since it's been quite a while, just scared of what they will say!
    BUt keep in mind, most of us do have heart discomfort & wierd things going on, then they run all kinds of tests & dont find a thing wrong with out tickers, which is wierd too!!
    i know it's hard, when you feel like doing something, but take it slow next time & build up Gradually. i have been taking coq10, Grapeseed, Magnesium, for a couple months now and i have noticed a difference in my heart. if your not already, maybe try some supplements, cant hurt.
    Good Luck, Kat