chest pain day after minor exercise --anyone else?

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    i'm noticing yet another pattern.

    i RAREly exercise (a block walk is exercise)... but i felt the urge to resurrect my poor bicycle (sitting for years in my building basement) yesterday. nice weather and less traffic in town on the holiday. so sad i never ride a bike anymore...

    well, since i had two flat tires, rusty chain, etc.... my exercise was cleaning the filthy bike, lifting it three steps from the storage room (man, my forearms hurt just from that, amazed at how tired that lifting made me so quickly--guess i really still have this dd. lol. after 13 years.). and then i dragged the bike half a block to fill the tires... etc... still couldn't ride it; the chain a mess.

    oh, and i ALSO ended up walking two blocks earlier in the day due to no closer available parking (Chicago! handicapped plates don't do diddly without spaces).

    just with that much exercise... i've had that muscle pain/heart/chest spasm a few times out of nowhere today (following day--and severe fatigue/brain)... comes and goes. got it after laughing a few times today. then it's gone. but this pattern has been emerging over the years always the day or so after i do ANY real aerobic exercise. usually very short bouts of exercise, even.

    i got my heart checked a few times over the last five years... all was ok. i've mentioned it to my doc in the past who thought it might be muscle related, and due to the fibro... i will probably get my heart checked soon again, too.

    anyone else get this?

    i hope i can still try to ride my bike or build up to other exercise and not have to worry or never exercise much. when i was healthy, i worked out, biked, danced, etc... about five days a week. i miss it all the time but pray for the chance to come for a BIT of it again.

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