chest pain fibro or heart problems?

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  1. I am having alot of new pain in my chest. I am having alot of stomach problems{ibs}The pain in my chest is more to the right side.Sometimes it feels as if I pulled a muscle and other times I feel shortness of breath with it. Can anyone tell me if pain like this sounds like fibro?RUthie
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    I don't know if this is your problem or not but having ribs out of place can cause these exact symptoms.If you can get someone to press straight down on your upper back just off the spine, between the shoulder blades as you lay flat on your stomach, you may hear a sort of popping sound as they go in.If no ribs are out no harm done. Just don't press in the neck area as you don't want to put that out.

    It's surprising what having ribs out can cause depending on which ones are out. Some can cause sleeping problems others shallow breathing which leads to anxiety and even panic attacks. It can even pinch a nerve and cause chest pain mimicing a heart attack. Also weakness and numbness in arms and other stuff I can't think of right now.

    All this info is from experience and having the greatest physiotherapist ever whom I see weekly along with massage therapy. Without these two people and pain meds I would be bedridden.

    If you try this and it doesn't help please see a doctor as chest pain could be serious.

    Very soft hugs, fibrogran

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    a message about this to chilene.The heart dr. blamed it on FM.
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    could be either, but better safe that 6 feet under. Chest pressure is what sent me to the ER and got the FM dx ball "rolling". I also have costochondritis in one spot that has plagued me for years. All FM related.