Chest pain from Costochondritis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by donna13210, Mar 11, 2013.

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    It's great, isn't it! There are some books and several websites that go into all the great things coconut oil is good for. I usually only use 1 tsp at a time in my hot water or coffee, the oily taste doesn't bother me. Glad it is helping you!
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    I feel your pain... literally. It's awful, I too sleep a lot in my recliner; hate it. My Costochondritis pain is on my left side from the middle of my sternum around to the middle of my spine. The pain is unbelievable and at time indescribable.

    I have tried and still us just about every thing.

    I have found one thing that actually give me relief, Vick's Rub - sounds crazy, I know, but it really helps.

    Best of luck in your quest,

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    Oh my - you drink it straight?? You're braver than I am!

    I've been heating up less than 1/4 cup of coffee or cocoa until it's really hot, but certainly not boiling. Then I add a teaspoon of C.O. and stir until it melts. Since it's only a small amount of liquid, I can drink it in 2 or 3 gulps. I drink it quickly before it even gets a chance to separate.
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    I just saw your post from a week ago - I missed it somehow! So sorry! And I'm also sorry to hear that you've had this problem for 30 years. I sure hope my Costo doesn't hang around for that long.

    Thanks for all the good info. I've gotten such great support from this site, and good suggestions. I'm doing better, but not out of the woods yet. I can finally sleep in my bed instead of in a recliner (yay!) and can function much better. I still have pain in my ribcage all the way around, especially my back, pain in my neck and still get daily headaches. But my sternum is no longer tender to the touch, so I'm hoping the rest of this pain will be going away soon.

    Here's hoping you never have another flare! Take care.
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    Sorry to hear that you're in so much pain also. I'm sure that people think that we're exaggerating, and Costo could not POSSIBLY be this painful!! That's frustrating. Having fibro & an assortment of other ailments, people think I'm a hypochondriac anyway, so it's really nothing new.

    Thanks for the suggestion about Vicks VapoRub. I actually tried it once on my chest, but it didn't help and I couldn't stand the fumes going up into my face for 3 hours or so. (As I mentioned in a different post, I'm really sensitive to odors).

    I've been taking 600 mg of ibuprofen and also taking Hydrocodone w/Tylenol as needed for weeks now, but I sure don't like it taking them. My liver isn't in great shape to begin with, but after 3 trips to the ER, that's about all they could offer me. They injected me with a steroid once, and though it was like HEAVEN (every ounce of pain disappeared for a whole day, even fibro pain! I was deliriously happy!) my blood sugar levels skyrocketed and I'm a Type II diabetic.

    So I'm sticking to the coconut oil and hope it heals me. I've already made progress, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Have you tried coconut oil?

    Hope you feel better soon. And thanks again

    Donna M.
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    Of course, I also take a spoonful of peach flavored cod liver oil and that goes down easily also. I tried the solid version.....I really gagged and never did that again. You could also melt it and put a few spoonfuls on your salad and I also stir fry with it almost daily, that way my husband is getting some.
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    I'm working my way up to at least a couple of tablespoons, but right now I have to reduce the daily amount because I'm HERXING something awful. I started yesterday with bad nausea, bloating, headache and diarrhea. Just what I needed on top of this chest pain! But it's good that the EVCO is helping my body get rid of the bad stuff. Once the herxing symptoms are reduced, I'll start slowly increasing the amount of daily EVCO. My liver enzymes have been running quite high this past year, so I'm hoping the EVCO will help with that once my liver is "cleansed".

    I don't cook, but I was still wondering if you use EVCO when cooking, if you can taste the coconut flavor in the food.
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    Can anyone tell me if I should stretch the muscles in my ribcage area, neck and shoulders? Or would stretching just aggravate the inflammation?

    Some of you may recall that I had mentioned that my Costo pain keeps moving. It started in the upper right area, moved to the upper left, then the lower left. Well, the only remaining quadrant is now being invaded by the pain! This is not fair. Just when I think it's getting better, it rears its ugly head in a different area.

    Any suggestions for stretching, anyone?

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    I have suffered this and I thought I was having a heart attack!!

    I could not move my body a 1/4 of an inch with the pain.Horrendous!!!

    Might try the CO next time.Thanks for info

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    I hear ya! I did a lot of research on Costo, and many websites stated that many patients thing they're having a heart attack. I've been to the ER three times because the pain was so unbearable, and the first two trips they kept checking for heart problems. But I was due to visit my cardiologist anyway, so he's the first doctor I went to see about this pain. He confirmed that it wasn't my heart, so that was a relief. Unfortunately, he didn't offer any solution to help with the pain. Then the Costo set off a fibro flare, so I was totally miserable for weeks.

    How did you get rid of your Costo, Rena? Or did it just go away by itself?