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    Chest pain(s) of all sorts and light-headedness/dizziness have been with me since the onset. At times, it is almost intolerable.

    I recall reading a book before I was diagnosed regarding panic attacks. Yes. I do suffer from these but it is like the chicken or the egg scenario. The pain in the chest area starts, then I will have panic like symptoms (usually). Dr. Lapp did have me on tenormin when I was diagnosed by him but I have since stopped taking the drug (about a year ago). I am not sure if the drug had any positive effect as I really don't feel too differently than before.

    My pain and dizziness effects me the most while standing or trying to talk. Yes talk! I have a difficult time talking without feeling very light-headed and out of breath.

    EKGs, MRIs and stress tests have all been performed. Nothing out of the ordinary! Are there any other physical possibilities? Nerve, heartburn (although I'm not sure if I have truly had this), lung? Thyroid? Stroke?

    Any type of exercise definitely makes it worse.

    I would say this is my number one problem these days. And it is a scary feeling.

    Interesting side note: I am going to a clinic on the 7th to be examined for a "lump"/"knot" on my back below the rib cage. It has cause some intermittent pain, but there is definitely something there - as I had to convice my doctor! Seriously. She said it was my rib cage. The next time I visited the office - a different doctor examined me (mine was out of the office) and said that "we need to look at that", hence, the clinic. I do not work nor do I have insurance so I am going to a clinic for, hopefully, a cheap visit/procedure.

    I did not mention CFS to the doctor who agreed with me that I had a lump. Hmm. Is this the procedure I should use while visiting the clinic? Do not mention CFS, just other symptoms? Also, do they every look at previous records from someone like Dr. Lapp? Seriously. No one ever references his findings . . . and when I do bring up CFS, they run their own "tests" which are just for my symptoms, and, unfortunately, nothing shows up. Sigh.

    Oh, I was diagnosed in 1996 but have had it since Oct 1st, 1994.

    I think I need a hug :(

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    Have you had an echocardiogram to determine whether you might have a Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP)? 75% of FMS pateints have one and it can cause this sort of thing. Also, you might want to see if you can get them to do a tilt-table test to see if you may have Neurally Mediated Hypotension (NMH) or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS),call common with CFS.
    You can go to the top of the front Message Board page and on the right it says "search previous posts". Type in any of those three conditions (MVP, NMH, or POTS) and you should get many previous posts dealing with them. The treatments are all different. You can also do a websearch and find lots about these and the testing that is done to confirm them.
    I don't know how much these tests cost, except the last one was about $400. It is very important to know if you have an MVP or not, in order to take antibiotics before any procedure involving blood, even dental cleanings. Maybe they will let you make payments?
    Best of luck,
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    I did have a tilt-table test and I tested positive (back in 1994) but the doctors said it was a border-line case, as in, they had to induce the drug in the IV (something like epinephrin - sp?) before I tested positive. I do recall my blood pressure going down to "40" and that I was extremely wet from cold sweat and I didn't even know it.

    They prescribed florinif but it didn't make me feel any differently. Doseage too low? Not sure since none of the doctors even want to address this issue! Again . . . previous medical records mean . . . what exactly? Not to sound bitter but at least one doctor seemed to think that I should have had that test and the fact that I tested positive is a red flag for subsequent doctors? Me confused.

    I have not taken florinef for a at least a couple of years. The reason is because I wanted to see if I felt the same as I did while taking the drug. My answer was yes at the time, so in a sense, I saw that as a victory. If I am taking one less drug but feel the same . . . that's how I rationalized it.

    I'll look at some posts regarding tilt-table tests, etc. Thanks for the tip.

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