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    Has anyone ever had this happen. Before I go on I've had a heart cath and all the tests, a few blockages but doc said not all that bad. 30% blockages in three main arteries, I've had high chol for years. Having fibro taking statin drugs seem to make my muscles worse.

    Anyway, here is what happens to me and it seems to be a bout of it once in awile. Started back in Nov. I am trying to go to sleep and I will start with chest pains, kinda like a deep pain in center of chest, then as I'm drifting I get a jolt in the brain where it feels like my heart stopped beating and I will jump up. Has anyone experienced this type of episode? They seem to act up for a few days or weeks on & off then go completly away for awile. It also happens during the day if I'm laying down trying to rest and close my eyes to try and fall asleep. I do have costochrondritis (rib stuff) but this night time thing is scary, actually this whole year I've had some weird stuff that started happening in Nov. If I was going to have a heart attack I think I would of by now. My ribs hurt alot during the day, chest wall pain when you press.Thanks for your replys..

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    I have MVP and there most definately is something that goes haywire when I lie down. That is when the pain and crazy heartbeats start and yes! it is scary!. This will sound strange but if you lay on your right side it helps a little. I'm glad you've had testing done. It helps with a little piece of mind. I had a two year bout with constant chest pain and had all the tests done. This was before I was diagnosed with FM. I think there is a huge connection there. But, that doesn't mean to ignore any symptoms that worsen. Take care of yourself!!!
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    I get similar symptoms and have had my heart and lungs checked thouroghly...negative results. I also get the feeling when I lie down, like my breathing stopped and I jump up. I get it for a week at a time and it won't bother me for months. I have been told that anxiety and panic do this even if you're not stressed out. The body usually reacts to this when you try to rest. I also have costchondritis in my chest ribs and lower ribs. It is the most annoying symptom of my fm. As long as you get checked out don't worry. I have had a year of hell as well. New and scary symptoms. Take care, Tes.
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    altho I don't know how related any of this is.

    When I used to have real bad allergies in my late 20's and 30's I was also in a very stressful marriage. So I'm not sure what caused this. But I would almost be asleep and would feel that I had stopped breathing. I would slap on my chest to see if I was still alive. This happened to me a LOT then. I was always scared to death of it.

    That was over 30 years ago. Now, since I've been diagnosed with FMS/CFIDS (or whatever it is) I get a lot of distress in my chest area, especially when given different meds to try. I have settled on Vioxx as the only thing that will quell some of the pain in my head. I have not had as many of those episodes of being asleep or almost and suddenly feeling as tho I have stopped breathing but I've had a few. I get pains in my chest and can never figure what it's from - maybe old age, huh? Grin.

    But I do identify any time someone mentions feeling like their heart has stopped, get dizzy, have trouble breathing and the like. I attribute it to whatever ails me - don't think it's serious but when I find a new doctor maybe this one will be more interested in what I have to say.

    I also have to prop myself way up sometimes to get any rest. I do believe if your actual bed is raised or you use some sort of device to prop you up other than pillows it is supposed to be more helpful. Oh, I also drink coffee - maybe that is part of problem? Just an idea - can't seem to do without it.

    I doubt this is of any help but sometimes I find it comforting just to know that others experience things similar to what I am going thru.
    Am interested in all the replies on this subject.

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    Hi all.....I've had this happen too and it does help to lay on the right side. I also get a burping sound too if I'm on the left side. I asked the Dr. and she said there's a pocket of air on the left side that can cause this. I've had a echocardiogram and wore a heart monitor and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong besides a little extra beat now and then. It sure feels like more than now and then. Sometimes it feels like my heart is doing a dance in there. This all could be related to Acid Reflux which I have as the pain seems to be right in the center. We can't chalk everything up to FM but it sure is tempting sometimes.
    Take care.....M.A.
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    Bump, hoping for more replys, thanks to those that did.
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