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    Hi, I am a new one on this site.Question,Im have fibro,lately I have had chest pains with pain in my throat..I been checked for heart problems and I am ok,does anyone know what it may be?Or have it also.Thank you mcpeach
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    The chest pain with FMS is usually called costochondritis (since you have had tests to rule out heart problems). It can hit anywhere (front, back, sides or all three) in the chest-varies from person to person-and is pretty common. It can usually be helped with heating pads, etc and anti inflamatories. Please remember not to just chalk any chest pain up to costo, though, because it could be something more serious, please always have any unusual chest pain checked immediately.

    I have not had throat pain due to the costochondritis, but do have to deal with swollen glands that cause throat pain, and also severe dry mouth-again throat pain. You should also have your thyroid function tested as thyroid issues can also cause the throat pain. Hope you find some relief soon!!!
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    fibro I had before it was whatumacalit;(lol)Have you heart of tourtous aoerta? well, it sounds serious but, doc..said it neant my aoerta was cruved different and it should not cause pain...well.I ain't never had a diagnosis of that,and I had heart check last year and ..I did not have it now I have dig info on that.hey...thank u for the response...mcpeach
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    appreciate your response,I wish They would find the cure for all of our aches and pains esp related to fibro,I too have a back pro,I have a rod c-3 to the t-1.and it has been pretty tough ...the past year.but I think all I go thru...makes me stronger for the blow.take care mable,thanks...mcpeach
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    I had to let you know that I was first diagnoised with FMS in 1987 and it all started with the chest pains. I was at work and they called an ambulance & in ER they were rushing to check me for a heart attack. Once that was ruled out and the pain stopped I went to my family doctor and that started all the test that rule out everything else & my diagnoises of FMS. Of all the years that I have had FMS I have only run across 3 other people that have had the chest pains with their FMS. My doctor, (plus the many other specialists that I have seen over the years), say the chest pains with FMS is rare.

    I was totally surprised when badluck replied to your email and had a name for it. I hope I don't sound crazy but you have to realize that I have had FMS for over 18 yrs and to hear this has really taken me back. It is a bad thing I know but I at least now know that I'm not imagining the pain in my chest and have a name for it.

    Back to what to do for the chest pains; the only thing that I have found to help is a ritual I go through.

    1st) I loosen any clothes that are binding around my chest, (especailly unhook your bra)
    2nd) I get a glass of water because I usually get so dried out during the episode so I want one close by.
    3rd) I take a pain pill, (ex: Fironal - Firocet - Loratab, just whatever your doctor has given you to take extra for when your FMS gets really bad.
    4th) I lay down on the couch or bed and start taking deep breaths, (just imagine how women do during delivery when they have a baby but not the short breaths).

    The whole idea is to try and get the muscles around your heart to relax and really your whole body. I haven't found any other way to ease the pain and sometimes I swear I think the episode is not going to let up but it will eventually. And after an episode, I will be completely drained, washed out, and it feels like a Mac truck has run over me. This will take a few days to overcome.

    When I first started having these my children were still at home and young and it use to scare them until my husband explained it to them then they learned how to help by getting me water and my meds and basically help me through the steps.

    One very rare time I was at my doctors office waiting for my appointment and my doctor got to listen to my heart and he said it was a swishing noise that he had never heard before. He use to and still does tease me about him getting an article in some medical paper by writing a bio about me. (Please understand that we have gone to this doctor for over 20 years & my dgt use to babysit his kids & we have been to their house socially also. His family and ours are close friends.)

    At first I would have no warning of when these episodes were going to happen but then I noticed that sometimes I would feel this pain go up my neck to the top of my head just before the chest pains would start, but not always. I quit driving a long time ago because of the fear of it happening and me wrecking & hurting someone.

    This may not be the answer for you but it is how I learned to live with these kind of chest pains. Now I started having a different kind of chest pain a few months back and I went o my doctor & he sent me to a cardio doc to get my heart checked out and it's fine. So do not hesitate to go to ER if you get chest pains because it is better to check it out. My doctor told me to never overlook any kind of pain and blame it on my FMS. It is better to be sure than to be dead.

    I know this is long but I wanted to explain in detail of how my episodes are and hopefully it will help you.

    Hang it there & I am fairly new to these boards too but I can't tell you how helpful everyone has been on these boards and very supportive. I am so glad that I have found this new family & I'm sure you will be glad too.

    God Bless You,
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    Bless you!I am releived to know that It does happen and each and every one of you are making me feel alot better,I appreciate all who share their expeience with me....mcpeach
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    Back in March, I had several weeks of weird pain to the left of my spine, and it radiated into the chest and ribs... it was awful! By July, I had had a complete cardio work up and chest x-ray (both were normal). I am studying very hard for an upcoming exam (state exam for real estate) and the pain has been just awful since I began about 6 weeks ago. Can anyone relate?
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    so i figured i would copy and paste for you

    I too have awful feelings with my heart especially when i have no medicine or it runs out, I go straight into these anxiety attacks that trigger huge amounts of pain ( in chest and back area) and if i eat when this happens i actually feel as if i am dying of a heart attack, very very exausting and painful, (not hat i know what a heart-attack feels like and don`t want to know!)

    I used to end up in the emergency room when this happens but now i have a doc who says i can call him at anytime of day or night if my meds run out or the pain gets to bad. He knows alot about FMS and diagnosed me within 25 minutes of my first visit. He is an internist. these other doctors took months and still didn`t have a clue, my mother-in-law said this is what it was when i first started to feel these awful feelings. good luck to you all and be strong

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    really bad one time and went to the family doc and she said she thought it was esophagus spasms. She said I could either take meds and go home or go to the hospital. Like a fool, I went to the hospital and it wasn't heart problems at all.

    I guess it is better to find this out, but it was a scary period of time for me. This was prior to having FMS.

    Since you have been checked for heart problems, then it could very well be the FMS.

    Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

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    I have this, and it usually scares me every time. Although I know it is just part of the FMS, it is the one thing that makes me very nervous. I don't usually scare easy, but this will usually cause me to cry and have my husband give me hugs.

    I use heat in the winter, and ice in the summer. I take a vicodin, muscle relaxer, and sometimes I will take a klonopin if I'm really feeling panic ridden.

    It usually doesn't last more than 1 hr, but it seems like an eternity. QVC sells a really large pad that you can freeze or microwave. I have two and put one on top of my chest and the other behind or try to wrap them around me. Here is the item and description if you are interested. QVC: Item Number V20407 - Blue Plaid Aromatic Therapeutic Body Shawl by Grampa's Garden. It doesn't stay cold real long, but I like the weight and size.

    I hope you find relief, knowing it is common, I know I did.

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    can also be a sign of gallbladder problems. After you rule that out and heart problems and costo tack it up to FM. Then you can relax better, maybe.

    Hang in there.
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    i was told by the er doc. that it is chest wall pain, i also thought i was haveing a heart attack, but heart is fine, and than ran alot of test.the doc said that chest wall pain can be caused by strain or lifting something heavy, i did nothing like that, he also said just turning wrong in bed. explained it like this, your nerves in that area, are like bare wires, and that along with muscle causes the severe pain. i am so sorry you have this pain i know that it is very painful. hang in there with the right meds. it does ease up.
    best to you