Chest pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cred, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. cred

    cred New Member

    I was wondering if chest pain can be FM/CFS? It will hurt right at top of breast bone and is about the size of my fist. sortta stabs and burns. may last a few seconds or gone off and on for hours. Right now i am in hour 2 with this pain. I dont think it is heart related, DR. says he doesnt think it is either. SO>>>>>> does any one else have this type of pain?
  2. levis

    levis New Member

    Yes like you i was quite concerned that i had heart problems etc. I think that i have Fibro in the chest, ribs and neck etc.
    I've also noticed that when it is particulary cold i have bad flare ups.
    Just take lots of warm drinks and use a hot water bottle.
    I hate it too, as i feel so old sometimes- only 27!!!!

    Bye Bye
  3. cred

    cred New Member

    UGH! this brings up another question? I **thought** i just had FM, but does it only affect certain body parts for certain people? I ache head to toe with back hips and lower leg the worst except when chest pain settles in like today?
    this is so confusing, I know I have had these symptons since 98 after daughter was born just diagn this summer. at 38 years old i walk @ 90 on a bad day and 60 on a good day!Will it get worse!
  4. XKathiX

    XKathiX New Member

    About 15 years ago I was working at a laundromat and was doing alot of heavy lifting. One night I started with incredible pain right where you are describing, in between the breast bones.

    I went to the hospital and the doctor said woman are very prone to an inflammation that occurs in this area. Sometimes it can be brought on by a virus. At the time he gave me some muscle relaxers and sent me home and they did the trick.

    Every once in a blue moon I get a flare up but at least I know what it its now.

  5. zreenie

    zreenie New Member

    This is the worst part of the fibro for me. Its always on the right side or in the middle. Doc says it is pain in the muscles of the chest wall caused by fibro and it does have a name but I cant remember it. When it happens it can put me down for minutes or days. There is no rhyme or reason but it happens more often when I bend over and reach for something. The best thing I have used is high doses of Ibuprophen. It works better the prescription pain meds. It doesnt always work but more often than anything else. I can go months without the pain or have it for days on end. Its awful! Its something like chostocron...something. Hope it leaves you soon and stays away! good luck
  6. hunterwillow

    hunterwillow New Member

    Have you been tested for gallstones? Hiatal hernia? Esaphageal ulcers?

    I get pleuralsy in my chest sometimes. I've also had my gallbladder out, lots of relief there!
  7. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    I too get these chest pains at times but there does not seem to be any pattern to when they come nor how long they last.One of my Doctor sent me to the hospital for tests to rule out a heart condition.I know of several other Fibro buddies who also have these pains.I do agree that the Tylenol works as well if not better than the prescription pain pills for this.There are times that I swear that my whole body is one big block of constant chronic pain like I had been run over by a frieght train.Maybe the time will come when science discovers answers for all of us but until they find answers we just have to depend on doing the best we can on any given day and support each other thru the bad.Hang in there Cred,you are far from alone,MaineWeezie
  8. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    People with Fm seem to get costo really easily. I got it after a bad bout with broncitis. You can also getting from lifting, pulling things, etc. It is so painful and miserable. But I also have Gerd and a hiatal hernia so that causes pain bad pain there to.

    Both are so painful. Go to your doctor and find out which it is.
  9. Daffodildeb

    Daffodildeb New Member

    Yes, I do get chest pain, but have been told it's due to my mitral valve prolapse syndrome, not CFS/FMS. Personlly, I think it's due to both MVPS and CFS/FMS.

    Peace and warm blessings,

  10. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    This is a good topic .. because a lot of us have MVP and wonder what is going on with that at the same time .. but I also have a suspicious blood flow problem on the left side of the heart ( from cardigrams while exercising ) .. I am supposed to have an angiogram but I'm still terrified .. I've been putting it off again and again .. what is even freakier is when I get on the treadmill, yes .. a glutton for punishment ... the pulse rate is slower on the left thumb than the right. I haven't discussed all this again with my doctor she just came back after her maternity leave, so we are trying to sort out the basics first ..
    So .. I am always at a loss to judge this chest pain to be either the fibro or a heart issue .. I have been to the emergency twice in almost 6 years about it .. and I'm afraid they are going to tell me I'm crying wolf if I show up again .. especially when I'm supposed to have this angiogram done .. talk about how much of an idiot I am .. add coward to it and I'm a typical procrastinator.
    Fudge in a Flap : )
  11. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    I too have chest pains at times. I even went to the ER once thinking that I was having a heart attack. I have heard that many people experience this pain. There were times when I even had trouble breathing. Mi dr. said that she

    has the same thing happening to her & she doesn't have FM. It will hurt in several different areas. I also have acid reflux & I hear that this can also cause the pain. Unfortunatly, for those who have had fibro for a length of

    time, we know that pain ALL THROUGH THE BODY, HEAD TO TOE can occur. What is amazing to me is that you can experience pain in 1 area for 1 minute or to 1 yr., and then it will go away & you may never feel pain in the same area for

    years. That happened to my elbows, and I thought the pain would never go away. I have not felt that pain for about 5 yrs. now. Amazing how that can happen. I am so sorry to hear about those of you that are so young with this darn

    disease. Also for those that have just been DX. You are in for the long haul & need to find as much info. as possible about the subject. I also am a subscriber to the FM network. It is nice to hear that there is some research being done.

  12. cred

    cred New Member

    Thanks you guys it is graet to not have to save all my ??? for the dr. Thanks!
  13. GwenGlo

    GwenGlo New Member

    Yes, I also have chest pain and that has been my chief annoyance with this affliction for the past 6+ years. I have chest pain probably least 90% of the time.
    I know it isn't my heart as I have been checked out.
    I have been researching a lot on the internet and believe I have hyperventilation as my breathing is often totally out of rhythm and chest pain is one of the symptoms. Sometimes I become conscious that I am not breathing.
    Unfortunately, I do not have a good doctor so I am on my own to try to control these things.
    I do know that when I take regular rests several times a day I can reduce the severity of the chest pain.
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