Chest pain

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  1. MadMenfan

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    I keep having pain in my left and right upper area, since Wednesday morning it has been constant. I have been having it on/off since March this year (2012).
    I'm only 21 (female) and I am also fit and healthy.
    If anyone could tell me why this is I would be very grateful for it.

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  2. TwoCatDoctors

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    ProHealth does not provide any doctors here. Besides, no one on the internet can do a hands on physical and testing to provide the necessary evaluation you would need to provide you with the answer to this health problem.

    I never mess with chest pain. You can have heart problems at any age. My uncle was fit and healthy and on a great diet per his corporate doctors and he came in after mowing the lawn, sat down and died at a young age.

    If you are unwilling to go to the Emergency Room, then immediately call your doctor and talk to him. My insurance carrier provides after hours nurses to call and they will talk to me about any problems, and you may have that avenue. But with my insurance carrier, if the after hours nurses tell you to go to the hospital Emergency Room and you don't, and you have a heart attack at home--they may not cover everything because you failed to take the medical advice provided to you when you were having an emergency.
  3. MadMenfan

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    Thanks, it hasn't been to bad today (so far).
    This morning it was sharp but slowly died down. But I am getting really worried, my brother said it could be stress?
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    Is your brother a doctor and did a physical and testing on you? Why are you avoiding a doctor to actually find out? Some Walgreens have clinics where you can be seen if you won't go to an E.R.

    You are a new member, and now you're saying you're even more worried (about what is happening medically to you). No one on an internet site can be responsible for your medical health--we are not medical professionals and don't know what's happening with you so we can't tell you what's happening. Seek medical care right away.
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    If you are waiting for medical care because you don't have money, go to the top posts on this HEALTH BOARD and there is one by me that is LOW COST/NO COST PRESCRIPTION/MEDICAL. On that site are various resources, but continue down and you will find sites for free health care.

    Don't wait and call and explain the pain. From what I understand most PUBLIC hospitals must take you whether you have money or not--but private hospitals do not have to take you.