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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by meagain, Apr 6, 2003.

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    Has anyone ever had a bad aceh in there chest right behind there left breast. I woke up this morning and I had a bad ache for about 3 hours there. Have no idea what it could be caused from. I've had heart tested in the past. All the tests from holter to the last one heart cath one year ago. Nothing found except pvc's and pac's. I have sarcoidosis and what there calling fibrocitis. I have the symptoms of fybromyalgia, but no tender points. I have had a problem with chest pains before and thats why my heart was tested, but not this specific pain. Can anyone relate? Thanks and God Bless!!
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    If you do a search, you'll see that there's been a lot of discussion on chest pains. I too have occasional chest pain and had a heart cath with normal results. We've chalked it up to the fibro. But this is something not to be messed around with, so I stay in close touch with my doc about it -- recommend you do so, too, because women can have very nontraditional symptoms of heart disease.
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    I experience the same chest pain that you are referring to. I was diagnosed with Costochondritis after several heart tests to determine it wasn't my heart. Six months after the Costo diagnosis I was diagnosed with Fibro because of all the trigger point pain. I find that repetitive movement such as vacuuming, weed eating, mowing the lawn, mopping floors and reaching above my head is the worst for bringing on the chest pain. If you are able to, try to keep your arms close to your sides when having to do any of the above as it does help some. I apply a heated rice bag when my pain is really bad and it does give some relief but haven't found anything else, natural or over the counter meds that help for any length of time. I also go to massage therapy every two weeks for an hour and this is very beneficial but is expensive. Before knowing what the pain was I used to get anxiety attacks with the pain as well and my heart would flutter do to this. IF you have had any heart problems ruled out I would mention this pain the next time you're at the doctors. If the heart tests have not all been completed I would contact your doctor as soon as possible. Any new pain is something that should be recorded in your records and reported to your health care provider. You can do a lot of reading on the internet about Costochondritis by simply typing in that name and reading up on it. I hope this was somewhat helpful and puts your mind to rest a bit. It can be very scarey when the pain is in the chest and you wonder, now what? Keep well, Brenda