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  1. granmama

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    Anyone with chestpains had them blamed on Fibro?

    After my heart cath, which was clean (yea) the Cardiologist said it was due to the fibro and not to take nitro anymore if they happen again.

    Truly, can Fibro cause sudden onset heart-attack like pains? If so, it sure is scary!

    Maybe I have missed something along the way, but I had never heard of this.

    I would appreciate anyone with any info on this subject.

    thanks & gentle hugs,
  2. granmama

    granmama New Member

    Anyone with chestpains had them blamed on Fibro?

    After my heart cath, which was clean (yea) the Cardiologist said it was due to the fibro and not to take nitro anymore if they happen again.

    Truly, can Fibro cause sudden onset heart-attack like pains? If so, it sure is scary!

    Maybe I have missed something along the way, but I had never heard of this.

    I would appreciate anyone with any info on this subject.

    thanks & gentle hugs,
  3. domesticgoddess

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    Hi Granmama

    I remember your post about 'your nightmare' in ER and overnite stay at hospital.

    I've not heard from my cardiologist or pcp since my 'trip to the ER & overnite stay' BUT Hey No News Is Good News LOL!

    Heading out at 5:30 in the morning to New Orleans. Doing Bourbon Street & boarding ship for 7 day cruise with 2 other couples Sunday.

    I just keep on taking my blood pressure, heart & FMS meds.
    Plus I know that Stress plays a large part in my chest pains. So wishing & hoping the cruise will calm me down.

    Good to here 'Heart Cath' test was normal.

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    Lots of people here complain about chest pains and many do see a doctor about it only to be told they're just fine. Unless we have actually HAD a heart attack, we don't really know what the pain is like and everyone's different anyway. From all I've read, the chest pains that us FMers get are in the wall of the chest. If we've never had a heart attack before, we may very well get scared and think just MAYBE it's a heart attack. I've had chest pains many, many times and they used to scare me, but then when I would stop and think about it, I realized that the pain came and went, I had no shortness of breath, no sweating, no anxiety, chances are it was just an FM pain. Normally when someone actually does have heart pains, they have one or more of those other symptoms that I mentioned. Since your doctor said you were just fine, I think you can relax. You will get used to those pains and eventually learn to ignore it like so many of us do! They will probably even stop altogether, like mine did.

    Marilyn :)
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    I know it's scary feeling like this. My primary symptom of fms is chest and lower rib pain. I have had fms for almost 9 years know and there has not been one day that I have not had chest pain. I also get shortness of breath. I have had heart tests, asthma tests etc. and everything seems to be normal. Hard to believe sometimes. I am 31 years old and feel like I'm 80. As long as you've been throughly checked, I am afraid to tell you that it's something you're going to have to live with. It took me a VERY long time to get used to this sensation. Hope you feel better and I wish you all the best.

    God Bless,
  6. Sandyz

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    Chest pain is a fibromyalgia symptoms. I`ve had them almost every day the last few years. Yhe last month, they had been getting worse and worse, so I finally went back to the doctor. I had a pretty good brochial infection going on. So make sure you don`t have something else going on. It`s hard sometimes to know if it`s the fm or something else isn`t it?
  7. granmama

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    No, I have never had a heart attack, and God willing I never will!

    My pain hits hard in the center of my chest, goes through the back and this last time radiated into my left arm. I do not feel pain in my ribs either. I probably would have dismissed it as "coronary spasms" of unknown origin, but when it went into my left arm...well I didn't know what was going on, but the nitro stopped the spasms.

    Thanks for the replies,
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    I do get chest pain frequently, which started about 10 years ago. It is very frightening at the time that it's happening & I definitely do get an anxiety attack at the time, and breathe heavily. I've had two EKG's and nothing was going on. One was done at the time I was having the pain, so I guess it was FMS pain. But, it sure feels like more than that. dolsgirl
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    I've had those pains in my chest that radiate to my back also. This can be quite painful, I would imagine a heart attack would feel like this. It literally takes my breath away. Sometimes the only way to get relief is to burp or have someone gently hit me in the back until the pain goes away. My pain was due to (GERD)Gastroesophageal reflux disease. If you experience chronic heart burn, chest pain, sore throat,hoarseness,phlem,hiccups, sour taste coming from your throat or any of these symptoms on a regular basis; you may want to check with your doctor about GERD. I thought I just had regular heartburn, but it was GERD that was causing all of these symptoms. I saw a Gastroenterologist, she performed an esophogas test for reflux(out-patient in hospital). She diagnosed me with GERD and told me it was really severe. She put me on Protonix, I take one a day. I tried Nexium and Prevacid, but the Protonix seems to control it better. There are certain things I have to do in addition to taking the medicine. Like, not lying down after eating or drinking for at least 15 min., eat smaller portions of food and not to eat at least 2 hours before bedtime. I can tell a difference, I do not have those attacks anymore, but I still have the pain from Fibro in the outside lining of my chest wall and lower rib cage.
    I hope this will help you.

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    I do get those chest pains, quite frequently. I went to the ER too thinking I was having a heart attack. After many tests, they diagnosed me Costochronditis. It is imflammation of the rib cartilage and chest wall. Similar to pluerisy. They gave me some anti-imflams, and it eventually got better. But it comes back several times a year. Now I know what it is, so I just start taking anti-imflams. To tell the difference between chest pain that indicates a heart attack and the Costo, I watch for pain in my neck or arms. That is what the Doc told me.
    Good luck! and feel better soon,
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    Acid reflux was my first thought, but I am taking Prevacid daily and have not had any of the other symptoms prior to taking the Prevacid.

    I have had 2 upper GIs and an esophogeal dialation as well,
    with GERD being the dx. I do have a hiatial hernia though.
    Every chest xray comes in normal too.

    So, I guess it is time to just live and let live. If the little demon wants to perk it's ugly head occasionally, it appears there is nothing to worry about. I feel very relieved that ALL my cardiac tests were normal.
    My cardiologist's main concern seemed to be that the iron may have damaged my heart. It was so relieving to hear that it did not. So many persons with Hemochromatsis live with cardiac damage due to the iron overload.

    Thanks for everyone's concern, it means so much,
  12. Jewelz

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    I have had acid reflex.. Mine gets so bad that all I have to do to stir it up is drink a pop or smoke. Even though they tested my gallbladder through c-scan and ultrasound it was normal. I just have serious heartburn!!
    I also used to have tacycardia and Im trying to get someone to look at it right now being the same thing. My blood pressure hits the roof but my pulse goes high sometimes over anxiety and others its on its own. I do know my body well enough that when my pulse goes high I get chest pains. Thats when I know to check my blood pressure. When I was 18 years old I had my first child and when I carring her and delivered it was nothing to see 180/135.. A friend of mine has fibro too and he complains about alot of chest pains, (His symptoms is feeling like an elephant is setting on his chest)he's had tons of testings and nothing showed up.. but he does have alot of other physical problems.

    I also know that when a person is in pain there b/p goes up.

    I hope this helps. Make sure they keep an eye on you because they went forever saying I was ok. I really wasnt. I had a minor heartattack in delivery with my oldest daughter (so they say)..

    Tender Huggies
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    . I just spent the most part of four days in bed the pain was so bad.I have been diagnosed with costocondritis also-take muscle relax.,and antiinflma.It has never been this bad.Have had this for at least three years.Have been to E.R.-and had cardio workup-found nothing wrong-thankfully.But sometimes it is more scarry than painfull.I do have it most of the time to some degree.
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    Hi granmama

    I am pretty new to the board here, and newly diagnosed, but have had symptoms for 10 years or more, blamed on something or other until the recent diagnosis. With the new diagnosis, I began reading anything and everything I could find on FM. A real good book is called "Inside Fibromyalgia with Mark J. Pellegrino, M.D. He is a FM survivor (that's what he writes on the cover)and he shares his research and personal experience in the book - so far I am only on chapter 7, but the first 6 cover a lot of the symptoms and overview.

    I have mitral valve prolapse, and always thought the pain was because of the valve misfunctioning, but Dr. Pellegrino explains that (I will copy from the book) atypical chest pain is usually the first symptom he has noticed in his patients. Chest pain can be of particular concern because patients fear that this may represent heart disease. Usually there is no problem with the heart. Rather the pain comes from muscles in the chest wall and rib areas, that is, the pectorals and intercostal muscles. The ligaments and tendons around the chest area (sternum and breast plate) can become painful. This is called costochondritis and can mimic heart pain. Large busted women and women who have fibrocystic breast disease (painful cysts in the breasts) often have more chest pain with their fibromyalgia. Fear and anxiety triggered by chest pain can make pain worse. He goes on to say that ultimately they received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia with associated musculoskeletal chest pain - and says that he has since come to appreciate how common chest pain is in fibromyalgia, whether it is the initial symptom or develops after the fibromyalgia has already been diagnosed. He also says that the majority of people with fibromyalgia also have Mitral Valve Prolapse - Mitral Valve prolapse (MVP)is a condition when one of the heart valves, the mitral valve, bulges excessively during the heartbeat. It can be diagnosed by listening with a stethoscope for a characteristic click-murmur. The diagnosis is confirmed with a sound wave test called an echocardiogram. Although it sounds scary, most doctors feel that MVP is usually a benign condition. The mitral valve is mostly connective tissue, not a muscle and that is why is is affected by FM.

    I hope this helps relieve any anxiety you may be feeling - please let me know if you would like any other information - I will be happy to share anything I can look up in the book. If you want to get the book yourself, I ordered it online through but I know Barnes and Nobel also carries it. It is part of a course listed in University Suite101 on coping with Fibromyalgia - they have three books - I can pass on that information too - this book looked like the most helpful. The course is actually taught on line to give all sorts of insight and advice to people who have this by a person who has it also -- I will look up the info and post it separately for anyone who is interested. Currently they have a "quick" course where you pay $5.95 - yes five dollars and ninety five cents - and the course material is available to the person to download for 30 days - to use with the accommpanying books which take 2 weeks to order online. The extended course is $9.95 and has unit exams and discussions included. I haven't registered for either course because I am exhausted right now, hoping to feel better soon and go through all the lesson plans and then share with whomever wants.

    sorry, I have rattled on - not really like me - hope this helps

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    Duff's story and mine are so similar we could be the same person, LOL!!! I have been to the ER so many times for chest pain it's not even funny - was diagnosed with costochondritis 3 years ago (BEFORE I was diagnosed with FMS) and even with anti-inflammatory drugs, it still won't go away. I've had several EKGs and stress tests done and the doctor says my heart is in perfect shape. But I am awakened many times with chest pain and think I'm dying of a heart attack. It's unfortunately gotten much worse and not any better, so I'm just learning to live with it. Nothing else I can do.

  17. LynneH

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    Costochondritis is very common in people with fibro. I also thought I was having a heart attack and was diagnosed with costo. You can tell it's that by pressing on the area that the pain is radiating will hurt!!!!!
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    Sitting at my computer one night, had sudden sharp SEVERE, take-your-breath-totally-away chest pain. In the ER, I explained to the physcian, the pain shot upwards from my chest up and through my ear canal. Chest xray, EKG, treadmill test, Cardiolite treadmill test, echocardiogram, resting Cardiolite study revealed not apparent etiology. Not to such an extent, the chest pain happened enough for me to narrow it down to possibilities. ENd results---would you believe, it was gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) trigged by caffeine!!! Now, it was the very sudden onset that threw me off, as I never experienced an inkling before that sudden attack. And that reflux was so severe, it affected of course the eustachian tube which is why my ears were involved.

    Second type is the little (ha) nagging discomfort all around the rib case and chest wall. With myofascial release treatments, this no longer bothers me too much extent, and I can "release" a good portion of the fascia myself using the physioball. It is the only way I have found that works. I cannot get the door-frame stretch to work at all. That big physioball is one of my best friends.

    Wishing you pain-free. Fondly, June
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    Hi, I have just recently started having chest pain and shortness of breath. I have been hospitilized twice in the last two weeks, tested for everything from heart attack to lung problems, drug allergies and anxiety. I can actually feel my chest muscles tightening around my wind pipe and feel like I cannot catch my breath. Taking a muscle relaxer and a clonipin or xanax seems to help. Returning to doctor this week to get them to try a different (long lasting)muscle relaxer, such as baclofen. This is sooo scary, not feeling like you can breathe. I just know that it is from the fibro.
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    It has been a good 12 months since communicating on this chat line. It is always good to hear that others are can relate to my symptoms, even though I do not wish it upon anyone.

    CHEST PAINS: On occasion when full of energy I take a little run as I am unhealthy but fit. I get so despaired with acute and extreme pain in my chest and down my left arm. Breathlessness overwhelms me. After every test and visits to two Cardiologists the result were disheartening so to speak.The first doctor said nothing wrong but the second opinion said he has had a few with FM/CFS and they too have suffered same. He claims the minor arteries must be blocked, but due to their location at back of heart and size of minor ateries they do not show on xrays.

    All I know is is terrifying and so amazingly painful that I am convinced I will die. I am not sure of this diagnosis and still wonder what is wrong. It is just another question to puzzle over with this cursed illness of ours.

    Heartfelt empathy for all concerned.