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    I have read a lot of messages posted to this board & noticed that there have been a lot of people here that have gone to the hospital thinking they were having a heart attack. I too had the same experience last November & the hospital said all it was, was an anxiety attack. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the FMS? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Shirl

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    Yes, the anxiety attacks seem to haunt us with Fibro. I had one today, if I didn't know any better I would have though I was having a heart attack.

    I felt weak, my heart was palpitating strangely, I was shaky, had a hot flash, then was freezing, I finally went to bed for hours. Now I am fine. But my chest is still feeling sore.

    I finally took a low dose of Xanax, and I again felt alright.

    If you think you have something wrong with your heart, go to your doctor and have it check out. It could be something else. But we are prone to these attacks.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have been to the hospital several times thinking I was having a Heart Attack, the hospital Dr. never could figure it out, but my Rhummy said it was Heart Spasms. She said it can be commen in people with FM.
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    Hello all.
    I too have the terrible anxiety attacks. I have cfids and fibro. About a month and a half ago I was on the phone with my husband, when I suddenly had this crushing pain in my chest and down my arm and in my left jaw. For just one second, I thought, "Great, another anxiety attack." That's it. I fell to the floor and barely remember the sound of the phone bouncing off the table and to the floor. It turned out that I was having a heart attack. It was so scarey to me. These dr's have got me believing that it was always going to be anxiety, so I ignored the obvious. Now I panic everytime I have an anxiety attack thinking, "What if." If your unsure, go to the ER. If you have pain in the left arm or jaw area, run to the ER. I'd rather go and be wrong than not make it there at all.
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    I'm new to the boards and wanted to toss into the ring another possibility for chest pains.

    For several years I have had CRUSHING chest pains that start in the middle of my chest and radiate up into my jaw and neck. They are disabling and really scary. No left arm pain, though. And they never occurred with physical activity, usually just sitting at work or at home. Well, apparently they are not related to my heart but probably related to DIGESTION/REFLUX PROBLEMS. I found out accidentally that if I drink ice cold water right away the pain dissipates immediately. (Thought it was a possible heart attack, didn't have the nerve to CHEW an aspirin (yuck) so I swallowed one with water. Geez, where are my priorities?).

    After having several heart tests, all of which came up clean, my PCP suggested I increase my reflux medicine to twice a day. That was a month or two ago, and I haven't had a chest pain since! Pretty wierd, huh?

    As they say in the commercial for the purple pill..."I didn't know...." (smile)

    Take care, all.

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    I've had quite a few now, but I had one major one a couple of months back.
    I think that the anxiety started whilst I was in the car driving to my MIL's place.
    I got my eldest daughter out the car, & I was feeling 'spacey & jumpy'. When I got inside I tried to do some work on her computer, but I was having trouble breathing & the dizzy, wozzy feeling in my head got worse. I felt like I might pass out.
    Suddenly I couldn't breathe at all, I was having tight pains in my chest, so whilst feeling extremely hot & faint I managed to get into the bathroom & splash cold water on my face.
    I sank back against the wall & my heart started beating a million miles an hour.
    I had to lay down on MIL's bed for at least 1/2 an hour, as every time I sat up my heart took off again :(
    After the 1/2 an hour MIL drove myself & DD home,
    It was the scariest experience of my life & I was SO sure I was having a heart attack.
    I ended up in the ER about 3 hours later, pulse was normal by then & so was BP & oxygen levels ;)