chest spasms due to acid reflux?

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    I am having problems with chest spasms. I have sometimes had them due to anxiety but other times I don't know what could be causing it. My doctor suggested taking Zantac for a few weeks and that is what I'm going to do but was curious if anyone else has this problem. I am 38 years old and dr.s don't think it's my heart but haven't seen a cardiologist either. I really have no other symptoms other than the spasms; no sweating, no nausea, no dizziness.
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    Hi Bre, There are four things to consider here with this type of pain. Trigger point pain can cause it.
    GERD causes it. Hitial Hernia. Gallbladder attacks.
    I have them all.

    I have been to ER thinking it is my heart, I am 56. Age does not matter with coronary problems. I had an EKG (heart monitor test) done just to find out it was the gastroesoghageal reflux disease causing it that day. Other times it is a gallbladder attack, which the pain can flare into the upper back, really bad spasms in which I can hardly breath. Other times it is caused by trigger point pain, feels like a heart attack without the crushing heavy weight feeling on chest. The pain radiates into arm, right or left. Gets scary! My doctor checks my heart every time I go to the office. If in doubt get it all checked out.

    When having chest pain ER personnel don't fool around and there is no shame in going there for chest pain of any kind. It is best to be sure. You will have SOB (shortness of breath) if it is truly a heart attack and a feeling of an elephant sitting on your chest.

    Sometimes my neck and shoulders cause spasms in which it radiates to the chest, any part of it. If I can reach the spasmed spot I apply pressure to the area with my fingers and hold it there about 10 seconds, then release and do that several more times. Sometimes I use a heating pad on the area that hurts. It helps some. Usually I take Norflex if it is persistent. I took Acifex for a few months until I developed a rash from it. Now I take Reglan for the acidic stomach and GERD. You might get good results from Zantac and have fewer spasms. The Reglan helps me the most. Take your other meds about an hour before the Zantac, otherwise the Zantac may inhibit your other meds from working properly.

    Hope this helps. Goodday
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    I'm at a loss for what to do. I don't like going to dr.s and would have to REALLY be dying for my husband to think it necessary that I go to an ER. Yes, I have a husband who doesn't consider what I have to be any big deal. I've told both my gp and my rhuemy about this and will go ahead and give the Zantac time to work but will get back with my dr. if the spasms continue. I definitely want to make sure it's nothing serious. Thanks again.
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    I have the same symptoms with anxiety and with acid reflux, but regardless of your age your doc should do an EKG & a stress test to rule out any cardiac problem. dolsgirl