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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by xbluehens, Sep 20, 2007.

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    Hi out there.

    Anyone experience unexplained chest tightness that is not asthma? I have CFS and one of my symptoms is this chronic chest tightness. My upper airway -- trachea, it seems, not the smaller bronchi or aveoli -- is always to some degree "tight". It's uncomfortable breathing, but I can indeed breath deeply, e.g., lung volume tests are normal. I am sure that it's not asthma, since I had asthma as a child and this isn't it; since asthma medicines that worked fine when I had asthma don't even alleviate this chest tightness whatsoever; and since a methacholine challenge test triggered a hint of standard asthma, but not exascerbation of my chest tightness.

    I think this chest tightness may be chronic inflammation, a "local manifestion" of Dr. Pall's NO/ONOO cycle. Which may or may not be a manifestation of RUDS/RADS. This is my latest theory, anyway.

    Any thoughts on this? Anyone with similar experience?
  2. floridagrl

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    I have fibro/cfs and thought I had a very bad chest infection or heart trouble. Went to the doctor and nothing was wrong with my lungs or heart. Did breating tests at pulmonary dr and went for ekg and electromicardiogram. I also have trouble swallowing. Apparently I am just having trouble with the muscles in that area just like the ones in the rest of my body
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    floridagrl, I was diagnosed with cfs/fibro after a few years of suffering and two months ago I suddenly got tightness in my chest as well as pain. Some of the tightness and pain also are around my stomach and upper abdominal area. I thought it was a lung problem but I too have swallowing problems that started with the chest tightness and it is so relieving finding someone else with the same problem but with no obvious diagnosis aside form it being related to cfs/fibro. I had chest x-rays, abdominal CTscan, echocardiogram, EKG, the works and there seems to be no reason for the tightness and everything. I see your post was a few years ago, any updates on this tihtness and everything?
  4. Shananegans

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    I had this once for about a week before I finally went to the doctor. I found out it was something called Tietze's syndrome. It represents inflammation of the cartilage which connects ends of ribs with the breastbone. It is completely harmless and is usually caused by a trauma to the ribcage (but not necessarily). The accompanied pain is stronger when coughing, sneezing or moving. Different people feel the pain in different ways. Some may feel it only in the chest area, even at two places while others can feel pain in the arms as well.

    All they did for me was give me some ibuprofen and send me on my way. For me it was tightness and an achy pain. Within a month I was good as new.

    hope this helps

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