Chest Wall Pain - painful and breathing issues - Help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. TaniaF

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    I get this costo thing quite often and not always associated with a cold virus. I live with post nasal drip and it drains down my throat and cause junk in the bronchial tubes. My peak flow and pulse-ox are totally normal. Breathing sprirometry tests are good. So, the pulminologist says to just up my steroid inhaler, take guaifenissin and tylenol for the pain (can't take NSAIDS because of tummy issues). He also said that this chest wall thing could be arthritic, although I think it is the pectoral muscles.

    Please, if anyone else gets costochondritis - please let me know how you treated it and if it made you winded a little when walking alot. Doctor says when the chest wall is inflamed it can cause breathing issues too.
  2. Mikie

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    I had sports medicine docs and orthopedic docs. They gave me small shots of steroids in between the ribs where they connect to the sternum. It only took one shot each time to get rid of the inflammation. If you run your finger down the sternum and press in between the ribs, you will find the sore spot. It will be so inflammed that you will almost cry from the pressure on it. That is where the doc will give the injection. It doesn't hurt and will clear up the costo very rapidly. Left alone, the pain and inflammation will eventually interfer with sleep. Inflammation in the body is very unhealthy. Costo is also called Tsetse's Syndrome. If the pain is already going down the arm and shooting out the back in the shoulder blade area, it probably won't clear up on its own. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. SherylS

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    Through the same thing. Mine hurts all the way through to my back and down my arm. I can't take ibuprofen either. But coconut oil is a natural anti-inflammatory (and anti-viral, anti-bacterial) so that is what I use. Put a teaspoon in a cup of hot water and drink it; I do this two or three times a day. Two days and my pain is all gone. Hope it works for you!
  4. TaniaF

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    I have the Jarrow CO in a jar (it's kind of solid). Is this what you girls use? It's organic and can be used for cooking too.
  5. SherylS

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    Yes, mine is solid in a jar. You want extra virgin oil. Mine is Natures Way Efa Gold, there are a couple others. I order mine on the internet
  6. TaniaF

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    I have the CO so I will try taking it as a supplement. But wondering if the costo affects your chest from feeling winded when you walk or do a lot of housework. My lungs are clear, but I think I get bronchial irritation along with the costo.

    SherylS - I get it in the pectoral muscles (collar bone) and also the shoulder area. Last year, when I had a spell, my cardio even did a nuclear stress test - it's not my heart. Either Fibro or some sort of rheumatological disorder. I also have mild upper airway reactive airways. No one has figured it out yet. The spell last year took about 2 months to resolve. Talk about being frustrated!
  7. SherylS

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    Mine is in my chest wall, shoulders, upper back, neck, and down my arms. It does make me short of breath and if I try to take a deep breath, I have a sharp shooting pain. I have also had heart tests and they say its not that. But I don't feel any bronchial problems. I can tell its the muscles. When it flares it can last six weeks---until I started using the coconut oil
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    I have Fibro and CFS/ME and I get the chest pain and I also have mid/upper back and rib pain. They collectively cause the thoracic symptoms that I get. It gave me sensations like I was becoming short of breath and just feel like I was not getting a nice relaxed full breath. I would at times hyperventilate and develope a little bit of panic.

    It is very much better now though. A few things I have been doing is some very gentile yoga, especially poses for the mid/upper back and to open up the ribs. I have also been practicing some breathing exercises first thing in the morning when I wake up to maximize lung volume and hopefully just alter the sensations so that I start feeling normal when I breathe. Overall that has helped tremendously. Antiinflammatories would also be helpful I imagine.

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  9. Mikie

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    Is refered pain from the origin between two ribs next to the sternum. If one has Costo, one will be able to find the horribly painful spot there.

    Love, Mikie
  10. TaniaF

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    I frequently have the sternum pain and adjacent ribs, but I also get pain in the muscular area surrounding the collarbone on both sides (worse on left) and it goes into my shoulders and arm too. Seem like bone and muscles are sore.

    The pectoral muscle ache is what I think gives me the winded feeling. Now, I'm beginning to think this could be myofascial pain disorder. Possibility???

    Yes, I have cough variant asthma, but peak flow and pulse ox is fine.
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    A very high level of inflammation. At that level, the inflammation can cause pain in all kinds of adjacent tissues. It should be addressed as chronic inflammation is harmful.

    Love, Mikie
  12. TaniaF

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    Mikie - I totally agree that I'm dealing with an inflammatory issue. Funny that SED rate, RA, ANA, C-reactive protein tests are always negative. I have some sort of silent inflammation and wonder how it can be diagnosed? And what to do about it?

    I eat a balanced diet - healthy (but not extreme) but not a lot of junk either. Need more information on how to curb the inflammation naturally. Doing a bunch of bloodwork soon for the rheumatologist. Maybe they can put this weird puzzle together!
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so sorry. None of my tests revealed inflammation except the CRP. That was when I was dealing with Sjogren's. I want my doc to run another test just to see whether the inflammation has been reduced now that the peptide injections have ridden me of symptoms.

    Right now, I'm dealing with a fungal rash the size of Texas on my face. See the dermatologist tomorrow to have the suture removed from where they biopsied it. Anti-fungal cream just made it worse. I've been taking colloidal silver and dabbing it on the rash and it's slightly improved. But, I digress...

    Good luck with finding the source of your inflammation.

    Love, Mikie
  14. snogirl

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    I get pains so bad that it's like I will put my hand down on the bed to scoot or something and it literately puts a pressure pain that feels like my chest is Breaking!! Also I get a Pain in my chest along with a Weak feeling and lose my air kinda when it happens Kinda with it feels like my Heart isn't Beating right, Or like it had slowed way down This is all happening with the Chest pains!!!!!!!! I had a Major Sinus surgery about 4 yrs ago and when I woke up from it, the 1st thing I said was my Chest Hurts they said Well you just had a Major surgery, that is why your Chest Hurts!! But it kinda feels the same way as it did after I had surgery. It's a VERY scary feeling and Pain!! Tania F.......I too have Post Nasal Drip and a VERY Bad Touchy Stomach! They say I have a Nervous Stomach! It seems Hardly anything agrees with me. I have a Acid Problem also! Where if I get too much in me I will Vomit for hrs a day or longer. I have Prilosec that I take for it 2 times a day! 1 before I eat in the morning and 1 before I eat before dinner time. 30 mins to hr. BUT the second I drink soda or eat Pasta or anything acidy thats it! The pills won't work.
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  15. skeptik2

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    I was at the ER with it some year or two ago. The prescribed Indocin to reduce the inflammation.

    I find now that I can use a heating pad at the first signs of it and it helps me so much!

    Interesting about the CO and GS...I shall see about adding them to my regimen, just to ward off any more attacks.

  16. RENA0808

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    Thankfully I have not had this for a few years now!

    But when I used to get it it felt as though I was having a Heart Attack!!!
    I could not move my body even a 1/4 of an inch!The pain was horrendous.

    It was only after getting all kinds of heart tests that I knew it was fibro and not something serious.
    It will calm down so do not worry.

    Juat another fibro thing gggrrrrr