Chewing gum and sinusutus a help!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hikagranma, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. Hikagranma

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    I came upon this quite by chance - you know how 10 year old chew sugarless gum - at least my grandaughter.

    For years [AT LEAST 25 YEARS] I would get sinus 'pain'/ 'discomfort' - starts at the left [always the left side] eye - gradually goes goes to the sinus [maxuallary] in the cheek and will end at the top gumm line. IT also hAs worked itself up around my ear - and on down to the neck - ending about l inch below the ear.

    I have had several Cat Scans done - no polyps, etc. [at this time] only a lot of scar tissue in the max. sinus. This past winter - the pain/disconfort was there for weeks at a time - Darvacet did not help. - I had almost one continous sinus infection.

    Several weeks ago my GD gave me some gum [she thinks I am the only 80 yr.grandma who chews gum -maybe I am?!} I noticed that as I chewed it - the discomfort subsided! It sometimies did go away w/o any help - so I didn't think too much of that at this time. Then I would notice it again and again - and each time the discomfort would lessen - OR go away!

    My daughter has sinus problems - and she tried it - and yes - it helped her too.

    Of course I don't stop w/ just i stick of gumm - I like a mouth full [maybe 3-4 sticks] I try to chew by my self - cause I do chomp away at it. I even reflavor it w/ a sugarless mint.

    I did pull out one inlay - I think from 1949 - so I will just have it put back - I feel it would have come out anyhow.

    This is a true story! Marian
  2. victoria

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    wonder if the chewing action moves the bones in the skull somewhat allowing and maybe stimulating drainage of the sinuses???

    Sounds like an easy thing to try except I hate to kick up my old TMJ/jaw problems doing it.

    Did you find every time you chewed it lessened the sinus pressure/pain, only to come back until you chewed again? Did it eventually totally go away?

    Just Wondering,
  3. Hikagranma

    Hikagranma New Member

    I think just about every time - but you should see me chomp away. My daughter didn't want to believe me - but she tried it - and hers started to [pardon me] drain profusly!!
    I haven't checked with her since then. I will.

    If you chew more gently it my not cause your old Jaw problems. That probaly would be worse than the sinus - from what I hear!

    let me know how it works - I also am using drops of Coloidal Silver.

  4. tansy

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    another one to help clear sinuses is to take a deep breath and then humm and to do this several times. The vibration helps clear the sinuses, it's not unlike the sounds used in some forms of meditation. I find this is especially useful first thing in the morning.