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    so i worry is this going to be a family thing?
    my dads mother had too...along with diabetes..she had a triple bypass and still we lost her like 6 years later..
    medical bills eat you up and can not get help when you need it . only in americia can people have a hard time getting their disibilty threw..why we work pay in and then
    what..diabetes is a pain but fear of chf is different..
    insurance can't help me now...
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    Hi me again, I do not want you to be scared but it is important to take action. That is why we need to try to keep our weight down and blood pressures and diabetes under control. It is hard to do if you have CFS too but many of us as we get older will have these problems on top of it. I was just diagnoised with diabetes this month and have lost about 7 lbs. but have high blood pressure too. All of it runs in families actually and it comes on sooner if overweight which many of inactive ones tend to be. With little ability to exercise it is a double whamy. Anyway, it does not sound real good that you have the swelling in legs etc. and that you are experiencing breathing problems. I am not saying it is CHF but the sooner you know the sooner it can be treated if it is. The longer you go without treatment the worse it could get. You can live a long time with it depending on the damage done to the heart. I think water builds up in the lungs and it is important to get directics from the doctor to improve that. I am not sure but I do know medications are needed. It is not a condition you can treat yourself really or that you can wait on. I do not like given advise but since your doctor recommends the echocardiogram then it must be important to do so. I don't know the state you live in but here in Fla. they have a medical needy program that might help if your income is low enough. Talk to someone who might help you in your state figure out a way to pay for the test or like I said go to emergency treatment for not being able to breath and they might do the test and it would be a bill. Would cost more that way though. Sounds like you need to talk to someone who knows though and not just us here on the message board. You are young still and it could be anything but staying on top of things will help in the long run. Maybe start a disability case if you haven't already. I don't know your circumstances except that you state you have no insurance coverage. You need the test and it should not delay. Then you will know what you are dealing with and can cope better. Knowledge is power they say and we all know that concerning CFS. We worried it was all kinds of things until we found out and got information the helps us cope. So don't dispair and fight for you health. I never understood what high blood pressure and diabetes could do to a person until my friend had this happen. I think one like us that have CFS need even more encouragement to take care of ourselves and get needed medical care. It is so much harder for us then even most. Do not panic. Get strength where you can and somehow get that test and take charge of whatever it is that is causing your breathing problems. Don't wait. Dr. Dean Ornish, who wrote books on diet and heart stuff, says improvement can be made . I am encouraged to continue losing the weight I need to and do better myself. Diabetes is a wake up call. I hope you get some relief very soon.
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    Diet and Exercise (150 minutes each week of moderate exercise, such as bicycling or brisk walking) can definitely reduce your risk. There's also lots of research going on. (You might want to look up nanobacter on the internet.) Good luck, and DON'T QUIT!