chiari 1 malformation

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RexRox, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. RexRox

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    Has anyone heard for this? If you have this, does your dr think it is possible cause for fm and cfs? Thanks, Lisa
  2. lenasvn

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    that Chairi M can be misdiagnosed as FM or CFS? Chiari stands by itself as far as I understand it, but many syptoms can be similar with FM and CFS. Just my 2 cents.
  3. RexRox

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    I think it could be very possible. I am waiting to get into a neur. to see what he says. My MRI suggests I have chiari 1. I have been told I have fm and cfs. I have all the pain in shoulders and neck. Pain all over. Very bad headaches! My memory is terrible and the fog in the brain. I don't know which would be the better to have!?! I think both pretty much stink! Thanks, Lisa
  4. Dinee

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    Did you have Chiari I surgery yet? It seems as if you have all the same diagnoses and symptoms I had (43!). I had the surgery done by the excellent neurosurgeon, Michael Rosner MD, in Hendersonville NC on 5/10/06. Although the MRI showed that I had only a mild compression, it turned out that in the surgery he found that my brainstem nerves were so "mashed" that they were white! Dr. Rosner deflated the cerebrular tonsils and removed part of C1 vertebrae.

    My bad shoulder/neck pain and headaches (3-4/wk) went away immediately as well as most of my symptoms. I still have a neurogenic bladder and bowel, overall pain and fatigue, but I'm living again ~ doing all things in moderation. I'm not sure if the pain and fatigue is still FMS or some effects of 60 yrs. of brainstem compression. I've maxed out on the amount of Ultram I can safely take, so my primary doctor is removing Cymbalta so that I can start on the trial run of Savella.

    Wellness is hard work. I also recommend prolotherapy injections which have kept me out of a wheelchair these 15 yrs. and Egoscue Physical Therapy clinics.

    Best wishes,