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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by iamhueyok, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. iamhueyok

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    I have had OS and fibro for many years. Lately I have had some scalp problems that seem to be related to shingles although I have not been diagnosed with that. If the chicken pox virus stays in your cells and can escape at times of stress and cause shingles, could it also be the culprit causing alot of our problems? Has anyone with FM or OS NOT had chicken pox? Maybe the new vaccination for it will save alot of our young people from the afflictions we all have. Just a thought.
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    A few years back, a unknown entrovirus was found in the muscle tissue of FM patients. This virus was in the same family as Chicken Pox. I haven't heard of any further studies into this virus.

    Personally, I sometimes lean towards believing FM difficulties are the result of a "mutated" vaccination or antibiotic. Many FM sufferers are sensitive to chemicals...and, after all, vaccinations and antibiotics are chemicals (in a combined form, at minimum).

    Just a thought...
  3. Alyndra

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    I wish I could say I've never had them - but I've actually had the Chicken Pox 4 times now.

    My sister, cousin and I have been the only ones to have it more then once it our family. For me I had them at 4,7, 9, and 15. Since I turned 16 I've been vaccinated for it twice a year, and haven't had it since.

  4. minimonkey

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    I have most of the symptoms of FMS, and have never had chicken pox. I was tested for immunity to chicken pox virus, and came up negative, so I just had the vaccination for it yesterday. I'm a little scared about the vaccination -- it can cause symptoms in some folks (so far so good, but the symptoms can show up in a couple of weeks) -- but decided it was worth the risk since adult chicken pox can be so serious.
  5. victoria

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    If you can take it, it does actually stop or hinder the shingles, you can look it up at Life Extension Foundation under 'health concerns' - 'shingles'

    it also helps the immune system, it's a very interesting read.

    hope this helps,

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