Chigger bite reactivates Lyme...

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    Wow, I wouldn't have expected this.

    And -interesting that a Physician's Assistant Journal/site (Journal of the American Academy of Physician's Assistants) gives this treatment information:

    A Chigger Bite Activates a Dormant ?Infection in an Outdoorsman
    December 06, 2010


    ? Mycobacterium marinum is the most common atypical mycobacterium to cause infection in humans. Infection usually occurs as a result of trauma to an extremity that that has made contact with aquariums, saltwater, or marine animals, such as turtles and/or fish.

    ? The incubation period can be 2 to 3 weeks, but because of the slow-growing nature of M marinum, infection has been reported as late as 2 to 4 months after contact.

    ? A combination of antibiotics is often required for 6 months and possibly up to 25 months or more. These usually include rifampin in combination with ethambutol, tetracycline, TMP/SMZ DS, clarithromycin, and fluroquinolones. Continuing medications for up to 4 to 6 weeks after resolution of symptoms is recommended.

    ? The prognosis in healthy populations is excellent for full recovery without major complications. In the immunocompromised host, deeper infections, osteomyelitis, or systemic infections can occur.

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